Legislature(2001 - 2002)

2002-04-08 Senate Journal

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2002-04-08                     Senate Journal                      Page 2657
SB 4                                                                                              
The Finance Committee considered SENATE BILL NO. 4 "An Act                                          
relating to a mandatory exemption from municipal property taxes for                                 
certain residences and to an optional exemption from municipal taxes                                
for residential property; and providing for an effective date" and                                  
recommended it be replaced with                                                                     
          CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 4(2d FIN) "An Act                                                  
          relating to optional exemptions from municipal                                            
          property taxes on residential property and limiting an                                    
          optional exclusion or exemption to the assessed value                                     
          of $10,000 for a residence in a municipality with a                                       
          total bonded indebtedness that equals or exceeds                                          
          $15,000 multiplied by the number of residents in the                                      
          municipality; and providing for an effective date."                                       
Signing do pass: Senator Kelly, Cochair, Senators Wilken, Austerman.                                
Signing do not pass: Senator Donley, Cochair. Signing no                                            
recommendation: Senators Leman, Ward.                                                               
The following fiscal information was published today:                                               
 Fiscal Note No. 4, Department of Revenue                                                           
The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.