Legislature(2001 - 2002)

2001-05-07 House Journal

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2001-05-07                     House Journal                      Page 1643
HCR 19                                                                                            
The following was read the second time:                                                             

2001-05-07                     House Journal                      Page 1644
    HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 19                                                              
    Suspending Rules 24(c), 35, 41(b), and 42(e), Uniform Rules of                                  
    the Alaska State Legislature, concerning Senate Bill No. 176;                                   
    prohibiting certain coercive activity by distributors, relating to                              
    certain required distributor payments and purchases; prohibiting                                
    distributors from requiring certain contract terms as a condition                               
    for certain acts related to distributorship and ancillary agreements;                           
    allowing dealers to bring certain court actions against distributors                            
    for certain relief; and exempting from the provisions of the Act                                
    franchises regulated by the federal Petroleum Marketing Practices                               
    Act, situations regulated by the Alaska Gasoline Products Leasing                               
    Act, and distributorship agreements relating to motor vehicles                                  
    required to be registered under AS 28.10.                                                       
The Speaker stated that, without objection, HCR 19 would be moved                                   
to the bottom of the calendar.