Legislature(1999 - 2000)

1999-02-08 House Journal

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1999-02-08                     House Journal                      Page 0163
HB 83                                                                        
HOUSE BILL NO. 83 by the House Labor & Commerce Committee                      
by request, entitled:                                                          
"An Act relating to the licensing of, acts and practices of, notice           
filings required of, duties of, registration of, capitalization of,            
financial requirements for, bonding of, coordinated securities                 
examinations of, recordkeeping by, and documents filed by certain              
securities occupations; relating to public entity investment pools;            
relating to investment advisory contracts; relating to the                     
examination of records of certain securities occupations; relating             
to federal covered securities; relating to the registration of                 
securities; relating to the general exemptions for securities and              
transactions; relating to offers of securities on the Internet; relating       
to the confidentiality of investigative files under the Alaska                 
Securities Act; relating to the payment by certain securities                  
occupations of expenses and fees of investigations and                         
examinations; relating to petitions to superior court by the                   
administrator to reduce civil penalties to judgment; exempting                 
certain violations of the Alaska Securities Act from criminal                  
penalties; relating to time limitations in bringing court actions for          
violations of the Alaska Securities Act; relating to the affirmative           
defense of timeliness in court actions relating to securities;                 
prohibiting certain lawsuits involving buyers of securities; relating          
to time limitations for bringing court actions involving the receipt           
of a written offer related to securities; relating to offers to repay          
buyers of securities; relating to notification of certain securities           
occupations regarding administrative hearings;  relating to fees               
established by the administrator; relating to a sale, a purchase, or           
an offer to sell or purchase under the Alaska Securities Act;                  
relating to the locations of offers to buy or sell; relating to consent        
to service; amending the Alaska Securities Act definitions of                  
'agent,'  'broker-dealer,'  'person,'  'Securities  Act  of  1933,' and        

1999-02-08                     House Journal                      Page 0164
HB 83                                                                        
'security;' defining for purposes of the Alaska Securities Act                
'advisory client,' 'advisory fee,' 'advisory services,' 'Bank Holding          
Company Act of 1956,' 'clients who are natural persons,' 'federal              
covered adviser,' 'federal covered security,' 'Federal Deposit                 
Insurance Act,' 'Home Owners' Loan Act,' 'investment adviser                   
representative,' 'Investment Advisers Act of 1940,' 'investment                
advisory business,' 'investment advisory contract,' 'Investment                
Company Act of 1940,' 'NASDAQ,' 'National Securities Markets                   
Improvement Act of 1996,' 'notice filing,' 'place of business,'                
'principal place of business,' 'Securities Exchange Act of 1934,'              
'securities business,' 'state investment adviser,' 'substantial portion        
of the business,' 'supervised person,' and 'viatical settlement';              
relating to the title of the Alaska Securities Act; relating to the            
definitions in the Alaska Securities Act of 'assignment' and                   
'investment adviser'; relating to implementation of the changes to             
the Alaska Securities Act; and providing for an effective date."               
was read the first time and referred to the Labor & Commerce and               
Judiciary Committees.