Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-05-06 House Journal

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1996-05-06                     House Journal                      Page 4507
HB 394                                                                       
Representative Vezey moved and asked unanimous consent that the                
House consider the Senate message (page 4447) on the following at              
this time:                                                                     
CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 394(FIN) am                                             
An Act authorizing shallow natural gas leasing from sources                   
within 3,000 feet of the surface; relating to regulation of natural            
gas exploration facilities for purposes of preparation of discharge            
prevention and contingency plans and compliance with financial                 
responsibility requirements; addressing the relationship between               
shallow natural gas and other natural resources; and adding, in the            
exemption from obtaining a waste disposal permit for disposal of               
waste produced from drilling, a reference to shallow natural gas.              

1996-05-06                     House Journal                      Page 4508
HB 394                                                                       
SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 394(RES)                                  
(same title)                                                                  
There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                   
Representative Vezey moved that the House concur in the Senate                 
amendment to CSHB 394(FIN) am, thus adopting SCS CSHB
394(RES), and recommended that the members vote yes.                           
The question being:  Shall the House concur in the Senate amendment            
to CSHB 394(FIN) am?  The roll was taken with the following result:            
SCS CSHB 394(RES)                                                              
YEAS:  38   NAYS:  2   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  0                              
Yeas:  Austerman, Barnes, Brice, Bunde, Davies, B.Davis, G.Davis,              
Elton, Foster, Green, Grussendorf, Hanley, Ivan, James, Kelly,                 
Kohring, Kott, Kubina, Long, Mackie, Martin, Masek, Moses, Mulder,             
Navarre, Nicholia, Ogan, Parnell, Phillips, Porter, Robinson, Rokeberg,        
Sanders, Therriault, Toohey, Vezey, Williams, Willis                           
Nays:  Brown, Finkelstein                                                      
And so, the House concurred in the Senate amendment, thus adopting             
SCS CSHB 394(RES).                                                             
The Chief Clerk was instructed to so notify the Senate.                        
SCS CSHB 394(RES) was referred to the Chief Clerk for enrollment.