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1993-01-20 Senate Journal

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1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0103
 SENATE JOURNAL                                                                
                            ALASKA STATE LEGISLATURE                           
                     EIGHTEENTH LEGISLATURE - FIRST SESSION                    
Juneau, Alaska                     Wednesday          January 20, 1993         
                                    Tenth Day                                  
Pursuant to adjournment the Senate was called to order by President            
Halford at 11:23 a.m.                                                          
The roll showed eighteen members present.  Senators Donley and                 
Ellis were excused from a call of the Senate.                                  
The prayer was offered by the Chaplain, Pastor Johnny Jackson of               
the First Baptist Church of Juneau.   Senator Leman moved and                  
asked unanimous consent that the prayer be spread.  Without                    
objection, it was so ordered.                                                  
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto                             
my path.                                                                       
     Psalm 119:105                                                             
Heavenly Father:                                                              
In our lives and in our service, there are so many                            
roads that we could travel.  This very day we will                             
be faced with dozens of decisions; and whether                                 
large or small, each one will affect not only our                              
lives but the lives of others.  All around us we hear                          
competing voices telling us what to do; and when                               
we look ahead, the way before us is crisscrossed                               
with paths that go off in all directions.                                      
How easily we might make the wrong decision, or                               
be tempted along the wrong path, if we did not                                 
have Your word to guide us!  Thank You for not                                 
leaving us to our own devices, but instead giving us                           
a word that is constant and unchanging, steadfast                              
and sure.                                                                      

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0104
Help us today, O Lord, to shun the paths of                                   
darkness, and to walk, unstumbling, in Your light.                             
May the shining lamp of Your righteous law                                     
illuminate all that we think and say and do.                                   
In the Name of Him Who is the light of the world;                             
Jesus Christ the Lord.  Amen                                                   
Senator Rieger led the Senate in the pledge of allegiance.                     
Senator Taylor moved and asked unanimous consent that the journal              
for the ninth legislative day and Senate Supplement No. 1 be                   
approved as certified.  Without objection, it was so ordered.                  
The following reports were received and are on file in the Office of           
the Secretary of the Senate:                                                   
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Annual Report 1992                         
from Barry L. Hulin, CEO/Executive Director                                    
Free Camping Permits Issued to Disabled Veterans for 1992                      
from Glenn A. Olds, Commissioner, Department of Natural                        
in accordance with AS 41.21.026                                                
1992 State Land Classification, Land Disposal Bank, Land Disposal              
Income Account, Mineral Orders, January 1993                                   
from Glenn A. Olds, Commissioner, Department of Natural                        
Statewide Average Wholesale Canned Salmon Prices                               
from Darrel J. Rexwinkel, Commissioner, Department of Revenue                  
in accordance with AS 43.80.060                                                
Alaska Court System, Annual Report 1992                                        
from Arthur H. Snowden, II, Administrative Director                            

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0105
Legislative Budget and Audit Committee, Unabridged and Condensed               
Annual Reports 1992                                                            
from Randy S. Welker, Legislative Auditor, Division of Legislative             
                         INTRODUCTION AND REFERENCE OF                        
                               SENATE RESOLUTIONS                             
SJR 17                                                                      
SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 17 by Senators Little, Zharoff,                   
Salo, Lincoln,                                                                 
Relating to reauthorization of the Magnuson Fishery                           
Conservation and Management Act.                                               
was read the first time and referred to the Resources Committee and            
the Judiciary Committee.                                                       
Honoring - Harold Arthur Jackson                                               
By Senators Little, Leman, Pearce                                              
In Memoriam - Laura Luella Tyson                                               
By Representative G. Davis                                                     
Senators Little, Leman, Pearce, Halford                                        
Senator Taylor moved and asked unanimous consent that the                      
citations be adopted.  Without objection, the citations were adopted           
and referred to the Secretary for transmittal.                                 
                              UNFINISHED BUSINESS                             
The reconsideration of the vote on confirming Senate members to the            
Select Committee on Legislative Ethics was not taken up this                   
legislative day.                                                               
President Halford made the following appointments:                             
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education                                 
Senator Phillips                                                               

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0106
Alaska Amateur Sports Authority                                              
Senator Kelly                                                                  
Administrative Regulation Review Committee                                   
Senator Leman                                                                  
Senator Miller                                                                 
Senator Lincoln                                                                
SR 1                                                                         
Senate Special Committee on Oil and Gas                                      
Senator Leman                                                                  
Senator Halford                                                                
Senator Sharp                                                                  
Senator Adams                                                                  
Senator Salo                                                                   
Senator Salo moved and asked unanimous consent that she be                     
excused from a call of the Senate from the evening of January 27               
to plane time January 31.  Without objection, Senator Salo was                 
Announcements are at the end of the journal.                                   
Senator Taylor moved and asked unanimous consent that the Senate               
stand in adjournment until 11:00 a.m., January 22, 1993.  Without              
objection, the Senate adjourned at 11:41 a.m.                                  
Nancy Quinto                                                                   
                                               Secretary of the Senate         
                                                          January 1993         

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0107
                             STANDING COMMITTEES                             
                          COMMUNITY & REGIONAL AFFAIRS                         
                               BUTROVICH ROOM 205                              
JAN 21                              THURSDAY                   8:30 AM         
  NO MEETING SCHEDULED                                                         
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                   10:20 AM         
  COMMITTEE MEMBERS WILL ATTEND SENATE                                         
  CRA BUDGET OVERVIEW BY COMMISSIONER                                          
                               SENATE FINANCE 518                              
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   9:00 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  LABOR                                                      
  ..COMMISSIONER CHARLES MAHLEN                                                
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   9:40 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  PUBLIC SAFETY                                              
  --COMMISSIONER BURTON                                                        
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                  10:20 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  ALASKA COURT SYSTEM                                        
  ..ARTHUR SNOWDEN II                                                          
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   2:00 PM         
  SENATE AND HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                           
 MEMBERS WILL DISCUSS HOUSING PROGRAMS                                         
 WITH AHFC                                                                     

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0108
                               FINANCE CONTINUED                               
JAN 21                              THURSDAY                   9:00 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  EDUCATION                                                  
  ..COMMISSIONER JERRY COVEY                                                   
JAN 21                              THURSDAY                   9:40 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA                                       
  ..PRESIDENT JEROME KOMISAR                                                   
JAN 21                              THURSDAY                  10:20 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES                                   
  ..COMMISSIONER TED MALA                                                      
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                    9:00 AM         
  ****NOTE DATE AND TIME CHANGE****                                            
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  ADMINISTRATION                                             
  ..COMMISSIONER NANCY USERA                                                   
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                    9:40 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW, FISH AND GAME                                               
  ..COMMISSIONER CARL ROSIER                                                   
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                   10:20 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  COMMUNITY & REGIONAL                                       
  ..COMMISSIONER BLATCHFORD                                                    
JAN 25                               MONDAY                    9:00 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  NATURAL RESOURCES                                          
  ..COMMISSIONER GLENN OLDS                                                    
JAN 25                               MONDAY                    9:40 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  DMVA                                                       
  ..ADJUTANT GENERAL HUGH COX                                                  

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0109
                               FINANCE CONTINUED                               
JAN 25                               MONDAY                   10:20 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  LAW                                                        
  ..ATTORNEY GENERAL CHARLIE COLE                                              
JAN 26                              TUESDAY                    9:00 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  ENVIRONMENTAL                                              
  ..COMMISSIONER JOHN SANDOR                                                   
JAN 26                              TUESDAY                    9:40 AM         
  BUDGET OVERVIEW:  CORRECTIONS                                                
  ..COMMISSIONER LLOYD RUPP                                                    
JAN 29                               FRIDAY                    9:00 AM         
  PRESENTATION BY ALASKA SENTENCING                                            
  JOINT WITH HOUSE FINANCE                                                     
                      HEALTH, EDUCATION & SOCIAL SERVICES                      
                               BUTROVICH ROOM 205                              
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   1:30 PM         
  ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING                                                       
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                    1:30 PM         
  NO MEETING SCHEDULED                                                         

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0110
                                 BELTZ ROOM 211                                
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   1:30 PM         
  DEPARTMENT OF LAW OVERVIEW                                                   
  --BRUCE BOTELHO, DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL                                     
  ALASKA COURT SYSTEM OVERVIEW                                                 
  --ARTHUR SNOWDEN II                                                          
                                LABOR & COMMERCE                               
                                 BELTZ ROOM 211                                
JAN 21                              THURSDAY                   1:30 PM         
  CONTINUED FROM 1/19/93                                                       
SB  44 CIVIL LIABILITY FOR SKIING ACCIDENTS                                    
JAN 26                              TUESDAY                    1:30 PM         
  **********NOTE DATE CHANGE**********                                         
SB  47 REGISTRATION/EQUIPMENT OF CUSTOM CARS                                   
                               BUTROVICH ROOM 205                              
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   3:30 PM         
SB  30 EXTEND ALASKA MINERALS COMMISSION                                       
SB  43 GRANTS TO TRANSPLANT ELK                                                
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                    1:30 PM         
  *********PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE**********                                   
EO 83 MERGE STATE GEOGRAPHIC BOARD AND STATE                                   
 HISTORIC SITES ADVISORY COMMITTEE INTO                                        
 ALASKA HISTORICAL COMMISSION IN DNR                                           
EO 86 TRANSFER FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES OF FRED                                    
 DIVISION TO DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME                                       

1993-01-20                     Senate Journal                      Page 0111
                                 STATE AFFAIRS                                 
                               BUTROVICH ROOM 205                              
JAN 20                             WEDNESDAY                   9:00 AM         
SJR  3 LIMITING TERMS OF LEGISLATORS                                           
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                    9:00 AM         
SJR  4 90 DAY SESSION LIMIT                                                    
SJR  5 COMMITTEE ACTION ON BILLS; CAUCUSES                                     
JAN 25                               MONDAY                    9:00 AM         
SJR  6 USE OF INITIATIVE TO AMEND CONSTITUTION                                 
                               JOINT COMMITTEES                              
                              LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL                              
                               BUTROVICH ROOM 205                              
JAN 22                               FRIDAY                   12:00 PM