Legislature(1995 - 1996)

05/06/1996 11:45 AM FIN

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                    SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                   
                           6 May 1996                                          
                           11:45 A.M.                                          
  SFC-96, #114, Side 1 (000 - 297)                                             
  CALL TO ORDER                                                                
  Senator Rick  Halford, co-chairman, convened  the meeting at                 
  approximately 11: 45 A.M.                                                    
  In  addition  to  co-chairman  Halford,  co-chairman  Frank,                 
  Senators Phillips,  Sharp, Donley,  Rieger and  Zharoff were                 
  present when the meeting convened.                                           
  SUMMARY INFORMATION                                                          
  CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 482(FIN) am                                            
  "An  Act  relating to  lobbying  contracts of  state-related                 
  entities and involving  lobbying contracts of  state-related                 
  entities and state procurement practices and procedures; and                 
  providing for an effective date."                                            
  Senator Sharp introduced the bill and explained amendment #1                 
  noting it  was K.5 Bannister and  how it would fit  into the                 
  bill.  He  moved amendment #1  and without objection it  was                 
  Senator Donley introduced  amendment #2  relating to tax  on                 
  ASMI.  He said it should not be dictated how much money they                 
  could  spend just because  they pay  taxes.   Excellent jobs                 
  should  be  available  to Alaskans.    Senator  Donley moved                 
  amendment #2 and it failed adoption.                                         
  Senator Rieger moved amendment  #3 which specified  lobbying                 
  purposes  and  without objection  it  was adopted.   Senator                 
  Phillips  moved his amendment  #4 which was  the deletion of                 
  section  6  regarding lease-purchase  agreement  and without                 
  objection it was adopted.  He further moved amendment #5 but                 
  immediately it was withdrawn.                                                
  Co-chairman Halford and Senator Sharp discussed amendment 31                 
  and co-chairman Halford was concerned with possible conflict                 
  in lobbying  the Governor's  office but  Senator Sharp  said                 
  this was addressed in amendment #1.                                          
  Senator Sharp moved SCS HB 482(FIN) and without objection it                 
  was  reported out with  individual recommendations  and zero                 
  fiscal    notes    from   Department    of   Admin./Various;                 
  Admin./Central    Purchasing;     Commerce    &     Economic                 
  Development/Admin. Services; Community  & Regional  Affairs;                 
  Corrections; Education; Environmental  Conservation; Fish  &                 
  Game; Governor; HSS/Admin.;  Labor; Law; Natural  Resources;                 
  Public Safety; Revenue; University of Alaska; Admin./Leasing                 
  and (5.0) from the Department of Transportation.                             
  Co-chairman Halford  recessed at 12:01  noon to call  of the                 

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