Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/26/1995 04:10 PM CNS

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* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
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                      CONFERENCE COMMITTEE                                     
                             ON THE                                            
                     FY 95 OPERATING BUDGET                                    
                         April 26, 1995                                        
                           4:10 p.m.                                           
 CC-95-#1, SIDE 1 (000-124)                                                    
 CALL TO ORDER                                                               
 Senator Frank convened the meeting at 4:10 p.m. in the Senate                 
 Finance Committee Room, State Capitol Building, Juneau, Alaska.               
 All Conference Committee members were present:                                
  Representative Hanley   Senator Frank                                        
  Representative Foster   Senator Halford                                      
  Representative Grussendorf  Senator Zharoff                                  
 ALSO ATTENDING: Annalee McConnell, Director, Division of Budget               
 Review, Office of Management and Budget; Mike Greany, Director,               
 Legislative Finance Division; fiscal analysts with the Office of              
 Management and Budget and Legislative Finance Division; and aides             
 to committee members and other members of the legislature.                    
 SUMMARY INFORMATION                                                         
 "An Act making appropriations for the operating and loan                     
 program expenses of state government and to capitalize funds;                 
 making appropriations under art. IX, sec. 17(c), Constitution                 
 of the State of Alaska, from the constitutional budget reserve                
 fund; and providing for an effective date."                                   
 Senator Frank MOVED that Representative Hanley serve as chair of              
 the conference committee considering the above referenced bills.              
 There being NO OBJECTIONS, it was so ordered.                                 
 Conference Committee Chairman Hanley MOVED to Senator Frank serve             
 as vice-chair of the conference committee.  There being NO                    
 OBJECTION, it was so ordered.                                                 
 RULES AND GUIDELINES                                                        
 Conference Committee Chairman Hanley reviewed procedures for the              
 conference committee.  He summarized that a majority of two votes             
 of representatives of each house must approve a motion in order for           
 the motion to be adopted.  He reviewed procedures of the committee            
 and invited representatives of the and Legislative Finance Division           
 analysts to the table.  He noted that full subcommittee and fiance            
 committee hearings were held on in the House and Senate.  He                  
 maintained that the public process has bee satisfied.  Senator                
 Frank concurred.                                                              
 LIMITED POWERS OF CONFERENCE                                                
 Representative Hanley noted his intent to request limited powers of           
 conference on Category I, Category II, and Category III items (copy           
 on file).  Category I is where House and Senate are the same in               
 both appropriation and intent.  Category II is where House and                
 Senate are the same in appropriation amount but different in                  
 intent.  Category III is where House and Senate are different in              
 both appropriation amount and intent.                                         
 Senator Frank MOVED requested limited powers as listed below.                 
 There being NO OBJECTION, it was so ordered.                                  
 CATEGORY I                                                                    
 Office of the Governor                                                        
  Executive Operations                                                         
   7    Equal Employment Opportunity                                           
  Office of Management & Budget                                                
   11   Audit and Management Services                                          
   12   Governmental Coordination                                              
  Elective Operations                                                          
   15   General and Primary Elections                                          
 Department of Administration                                                  
  Senior Services                                                              
   18   Nutrition, Transportation and Support Services                         
   19   Senior Employment Services                                             
   20   Home and Community Based Care                                          
  Centralized Administrative Services                                          
   27   Permanency Planning Board                                              
   29   Personnel                                                              
   30   Productivity Improvement Center                                        
  General Services                                                             
   32   Purchasing                                                             
   33   Property Management                                                    
   34   Central Duplicating and Mail                                           
  Retirement and Benefits                                                      
   35   Retirement and Benefits                                                
  Risk Management                                                              
   39   Risk Management                                                        
  Information Services                                                         
   40   Computer Services                                                      
 Department of Law                                                             
   1    First Judicial District                                                
   2    Second Judicial District                                               
   3    Third Judicial District                                                
   4    Fourth Judicial District                                               
   5    Criminal Justice Litigation                                            
   6    Criminal Appeals and Special Prosecution                               
  Legal Services                                                               
   11   Medicaid Provider Fraud Unit                                           
  Oil and Gas Special Projects                                                 
   13   Oil and Gas Operations                                                 
 Department of Revenue                                                         
  Alcohol Beverage Control Board                                               
   2    Alcohol Beverage Control Board                                         
  Municipal Bond Bank Authority                                                
   9    Municipal Bond Bank Authority                                          
  Permanent Fund Corporation                                                   
   10   Permanent Fund Corporation                                             
  Revenue Operations                                                           
   16   Income and Excise Audit                                                
   18   Oil and Gas Litigation Audit Front Section                             
   21   Alaska State Pension Investment Board                                  
  Administration and Support                                                   
   24   Oil and Gas Tax Case Review                                            
   25   Administrative Services                                                
 Department of Education                                                       
  K-12 Support                                                                 
   1    Foundation Program                                                     
   2    Additional District Support                                            
   3    Cigarette Tax Distribution                                             
   4    Tuition Students                                                       
   5    Boarding Home Grants                                                   
   6    Youth in Detention                                                     
   7    Schools for the Handicapped                                            
   8    Pupil Transportation                                                   
   10   Child Nutrition                                                        
   11   Community Schools                                                      
  School Debt Reimbursement                                                    
   12   School Debt Reimbursement                                              
  School Finance                                                               
   14   Data Management                                                        
   15   Educational Facilities Support                                         
  Education Program Support                                                    
   16   Special and Supplemental Services                                      
   19   Donated Commodities                                                    
   21   Child Nutrition Administration                                         
   22   Adult Basic Education                                                  
   23   Federal Vocational Education Grants                                    
   24   Adult and Vocational Education Administration                          
   25   Alaska Career Information System                                       
  Executive Administration                                                     
   28   State Board of Education                                               
  Correspondence Study-State                                                   
   33   Correspondence Study-State                                             
  Commissions and Boards                                                       
   34   Professional Teaching Practices Commission                             
  Mt. Edgecumbe Boarding School                                                
   38   Instruction Program                                                    
  Vocational Rehabilitation                                                    
   41   Federal Training Grant                                                 
   43   Independent Living Rehabilitation                                      
   44   Disability Determination                                               
   45   Special Projects                                                       
   47   Assistive Technology                                                   
  Alaska State Museums                                                         
   53   Specific Cultural Programs                                             
  Alaska Postsecondary Education Commission                                    
   55   Program Administration                                                 
   56   Student Loan Operations                                                
   58   Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education-                    
 Student Exchange Program                                                      
   61   Governors Council on Vocational and Career Education                   
 Department of Health and Social Services                                      
  Assistance Payments                                                          
   4    Old Age Assistance-Alaska Longevity Bonus ALB Hold                     
  Permanent Fund Dividend Hold Harmless                                        
   5    Permanent Fund Dividend Hold Harmless                                  
  Energy Assistance Program                                                    
   6    Energy Assistance Program                                              
  Medical Assistance                                                           
   7    Medicaid Non-Facility                                                  
   8    Medicaid Facilities                                                    
   9    Indian Health Service                                                  
   10   Medicaid Permanent Fund Dividend Hold Harmless                         
   11   Alaska Longevity Bonus Hold Harmless                                   
   13   Medicaid State Programs                                                
   14   Waivers Services                                                       
  Public Assistance Administration                                             
   16   Public Assistance Administration                                       
   17   Quality Control                                                        
   18   Eligibility Determination                                              
   19   Fraud Investigation                                                    
   21   Child Care Benefits                                                    
   22   Public Assistance Data Processing                                      
  Medical Assistance Administration                                            
   23   Medical Assistance Central Administration                              
   24   Claims Processing                                                      
   25   Medical Care Advisory Committee                                        
   26   Certification and Licensing                                            
   27   Medicaid Rate Advisory Commission                                      
   28   Hearings and Appeals                                                   
   29   Medicaid Waivers Authorization                                         
   30   Audit                                                                  
  Purchased Services                                                           
   31   Delinquency Prevention                                                 
   33   Foster Care                                                            
   34   Subsidized Adoptions & Guardianship                                    
   35   Residential Child Care                                                 
   36   Family Preservation                                                    
  Family and Youth Services                                                    
   37   Southcentral Region                                                    
   38   Northern Region                                                        
   39   Southeastern Region                                                    
   40   Central Office, Family and Youth Services                              
   41    Social Services Block Grant Offset                                    
  Youth Facility Services                                                      
   42   McLaughlin Youth Center                                                
   43   Fairbanks Youth Facility                                               
   44   Nome Youth Facility                                                    
   45   Johnson Youth Center                                                   
   46   Bethel Youth Facility                                                  
   50   Maniilaq Social Services                                               
   51   Maniilaq Public Health Services                                        
   52   Maniilaq Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services                               
   53   Maniilaq Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities                  
  Norton Sound                                                                 
   54   Norton Sound Social Services                                           
   55   Norton Sound Public Health Services                                    
   56   Norton Sound Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services                           
   57   Norton Sound Mental Health and Developmental                           
 Disabilities Services                                                         
   58   Norton Sound Sanitation                                                
  Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation                                 
   59   Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation Public                    
 Health Services                                                               
   60   Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation Alcohol                   
 and Drug Abuse                                                                
   61   Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation Mental                    
 Health Services                                                               
  Kawerak Social Services                                                      
   62   Kawerak Social Services                                                
  Tanana Chiefs Conference                                                     
   63   Tanana Chiefs Conference Public Health Services                        
   64   Tanana Chiefs Conference Alcohol and Drug Abuse                        
   65   Tanana Chiefs Conference Mental Health Services                        
   66   Tlingit-Haida Social Services                                          
   67   Tlingit-Haida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services                          
  Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation                                           
   68   Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation Public Health                       
   69   Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation Alcohol and Drug                    
 Abuse Services                                                                
   70   Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation Mental Health                       
  State Health Services                                                        
   73   Nursing                                                                
   76   Laboratory Services                                                    
   77   Public Health Administrative Services                                  
   78   Epidemiology                                                           
   79   Emergency Medical Services EMS Training and Licensing                  
   80   Bureau of Vital Statistics                                             
   81   Health Services/Medicaid                                               
   82   Community Health Services                                              
   83   Post Mortem Examinations                                               
   84   Home Health Services                                                   
  Health Grants                                                                
   85   Infant Learning Program Grants                                         
   86   Community Health Grants                                                
   87   Emergency Medical Services Grants                                      
  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services                                              
   93   Administration                                                         
   95   Alcohol and Drug Abuse Grants                                          
   96   Community Action Against Substance Abuse Grants                        
   97   Correctional ADA Grant Component                                       
  Community Mental Health Grants                                               
   98   General Community Mental Health Grants                                 
   99   Psychiatric Emergency Services                                         
   100  Services to the Chronically Mentally Ill                               
   102  Services-Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Youth                         
  Medicaid Community Mental Health Grants                                      
   103  Medicaid Community Mental Health Grants                                
  Community Developmental Disabilities Grants                                  
   104  Community Developmental Disabilities Grants                            
  Institutions and Administration                                              
   105  Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Administration                
   107  Harborview Development Center                                          
   109  Federal Mental Health Projects                                         
  Mental Health Trust Boards                                                   
   112  Governors Council on Disabilities and Special                          
   113  Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse                            
  Administrative Services                                                      
   117  Personnel and Payroll                                                  
   118  Administrative Support Services                                        
   123  Health Planning & Facilities Management                                
 Department of Labor                                                           
  Employment Security                                                          
   1    Employment/Unemployment Services                                       
   2    Alaska Work Programs                                                   
   3    Governors Committee on Employment of People With                       
   4    State Training Employment Program                                      
  Data Processing                                                              
   5    Data Processing                                                        
  Administrative Services                                                      
   6    Management Services                                                    
  Office of the Commissioner                                                   
   8    Commissioners Office                                                   
   9    Alaska Labor Relations Agency                                          
  Fishermens Fund                                                              
   10   Fishermens Fund                                                        
  Workers Compensation                                                         
   11   Workers Compensation                                                   
  Labor Standards and Safety                                                   
   12   Wage and Hour Administration                                           
   13   Mechanical Inspection                                                  
   15   Alaska Safety Advisory Council                                         
 Department of Commerce and Economic Development                               
  Measurement Standards                                                        
   1    Measurement Standards                                                  
  Banking, Securities, and Corp                                                
   2    Banking, Securities and Corporations                                   
  Occupational Licensing                                                       
   5    Licensing Boards                                                       
  Executive Administration and Development                                     
   7    Commissioners Office                                                   
   15   Tourism Development                                                    
   17   Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority                     
  Alaska Aerospace Devel Corp                                                  
   20   Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation                               
 Department of Military and Veterans Affairs                                   
  Alaska National Guard                                                        
   5    Air Guard Facilities Maintenance                                       
   6    State Active Duty                                                      
   7    Youth Corps                                                            
  Alaska National Guard Benefits                                               
   8    Educational Benefits                                                   
   9    Retirement Benefits                                                    
 Department of Natural Resources                                               
  Management and Administration                                                
   1    Commissioners Office                                                   
   7    Interdepartmental Data Processing Chargeback                           
   8    Fairbanks Office Building Chargeback                                   
  Resource Development                                                         
   9    Land Development                                                       
   12   Mining Development                                                     
   16   Oil and Hazardous Waste Spill Response Program                         
   17   Mental Health Trust Lands Administration                               
   18   Development - Special Projects                                         
  Parks and Recreation Management                                              
   19   State Historic Preservation Program                                    
 Department of Fish and Game                                                   
  Sport Fisheries                                                              
   10   Special Projects                                                       
  Administration and Support                                                   
   22   Public Communications                                                  
   23   Administrative Services                                                
   29   Subsistence - Special Projects                                         
   31   Special Projects                                                       
 Department of Public Safety                                                   
  Fire Prevention                                                              
   6    Fire Service Training                                                  
  Village Public Safety Officer Program                                        
   24   Administration                                                         
  Violent Crimes Compensation Board                                            
   26   Violent Crimes Compensation Board                                      
  Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault                              
   27   Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault                        
  Statewide Support                                                            
   29   Commissioners Office                                                   
   32   Alaska Wing Civil Air Patrol                                           
   33   Laboratory Services                                                    
   34   Alaska Public Safety Information Network                               
   36   Alaska Criminal Records and Identification                             
 Department of Transportation/Public Facilities                                
  DBE/External Equal Employment                                                
   2    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and External Equal                   
 Employment Opportunity                                                        
  Statewide Internal Review                                                    
   4    Statewide Internal Review                                              
  Statewide Administrative Services                                            
   7    State Equipment Fleet                                                  
  Statewide Engineering                                                        
   19   Statewide Capital Improvement Program                                  
  Central Region Planning                                                      
   22   Central Region Planning                                                
  Central Region Design and Construction                                       
   23   Central Region Engineering Management                                  
   25   Central Region Capital Improvement Program                             
  Northern Region Design and Construction                                      
   32   Northern Region Capital Improvement Program                            
  Southeast Region Design and Construction                                     
   38   Southeast Region Capital Improvement Program                           
  Statewide Maintenance and Operations                                         
   40   Traffic Signal Management                                              
   43   Statewide State Equipment Fleet                                        
  International Airports                                                       
   45   International Airport Systems Office                                   
  Anchorage International Airport                                              
   46   Anchorage Airport - Field Maintenance                                  
   47   Anchorage Airport - Building Maintenance                               
   48   Anchorage Airport - Safety                                             
   49   Anchorage Airport - Operations                                         
   50   Anchorage Airport - Custodial                                          
   51   Anchorage Airport - Equipment Maintenance                              
   52   Anchorage Airport - Administration                                     
  Fairbanks International Airport                                              
   53   Fairbanks Airport - Field Maintenance                                  
   54   Fairbanks Airport - Building Maintenance                               
   55   Fairbanks Airport - Safety                                             
   56   Fairbanks Airport - Operations                                         
   57   Fairbanks Airport - Custodial                                          
   58   Fairbanks Airport - Administration                                     
  Alaska Marine Highway System                                                 
   81   Support Services                                                       
  Marine Engineering                                                           
   82   Engineering Management                                                 
   84   Capital Improvement Program                                            
   85   Overhaul                                                               
  Marine Operations                                                            
   86   Vessel Operations Management                                           
   87   Reservations and Marketing                                             
   88   Southeast Shore Operations                                             
   89   Southeast Vessel Operations                                            
   90   Southwest Shore Operations                                             
   91   Southwest Vessel Operations                                            
 Department of Environmental Conservation                                      
   1    Office of the Commissioner                                             
   5    Telecommunications Chargeback                                          
  Statewide Programs                                                           
   6    Regional Management                                                    
  Environmental Quality                                                        
   7    Environmental Quality Director                                         
  Environmental Health                                                         
   14   Environmental Health Director                                          
   19   Seafood and Sanitation Inspections                                     
   20   Animal Industries                                                      
   21   Palmer Laboratory                                                      
  Spill Prevention and Response                                                
   23   Spill Prevention and Response Director                                 
   24   Contaminated Sites                                                     
   26   Industry Preparedness Program                                          
   27   Government Preparedness Program                                        
 Department of Community & Regional Affairs                                    
  Administration and Support                                                   
   3    Data and Word Processing                                               
   4    Designated Grants                                                      
  National Forest Receipts                                                     
   10   National Forest Receipts                                               
  Local Government Assistance                                                  
   12   State Assessor                                                         
   13   Local Boundary Commission                                              
   14   Statewide Assistance                                                   
   15   National Petroleum Reserve Program                                     
   17   Municipal Lands Trustee                                                
  Child Assistance                                                             
   19   Day Care Assistance Programs                                           
   20   Head Start Grants                                                      
  Employment Training/Rural Development                                        
   21   Job Training Partnership Act                                           
   22   State Employment and Training                                          
   23   Statewide Service Delivery                                             
   24   Block Grants CIP                                                       
  Rural Energy Program--Energy Operations                                      
   28   Power Cost Equalization                                                
 Department of Corrections                                                     
  Administration and Support                                                   
   5    Data and Word Processing                                               
   6    Facility-Capital Improvement Unit                                      
  Statewide Operations                                                         
   10   Correctional Industries Product Cost                                   
   13   Out-of-State Contractual                                               
   14   Anvil Mountain Correctional Center                                     
   15   Combined Hiland Mountain Correctional Center                           
   16   Cook Inlet Correctional Center                                         
   17   Fairbanks Correctional Center                                          
   18   Ketchikan Correctional Center                                          
   19   Lemon Creek Correctional Center                                        
   20   Matanuska-Susitna Correctional Center                                  
   21   Palmer Correctional Center                                             
   22   Sixth Avenue Correctional Center                                       
   25   Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center                                    
   28   Southcentral Region Probation                                          
 University of Alaska                                                          
  Statewide Programs and Services                                              
   6    Statewide Services                                                     
  University of Alaska Anchorage                                               
   9    Homer Campus                                                           
   10   Kenai Peninsula College                                                
   11   Kodiak College                                                         
   12   Matanuska-Susitna College                                              
   13   Prince William Sound Community College                                 
   14   Higher Education for Armed Forces                                      
  University of Alaska Fairbanks                                               
   15   Arctic Regional Supercomputer Center                                   
   16   Bristol Bay Campus                                                     
   17   Chukchi Campus                                                         
   18   Cooperative Extension Services                                         
   21   Interior-Aleutians Campus                                              
   22   Kuskokwim Campus                                                       
   23   Northwest Campus                                                       
   24   Rural College                                                          
   25   School of Fisheries                                                    
   26   Tanana Valley Campus                                                   
  University of Alaska Southeast                                               
   28   Ketchikan Campus                                                       
   29   Sitka Campus                                                           
 Alaska Court System                                                           
  Alaska Court System                                                          
   1    Appellate Courts                                                       
 CATEGORY II                                                                   
 Department of Revenue                                                         
  Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority                                         
  14 Mental Health Trust Authority                                             
 Department of Public Safety                                                   
  Highway Safety Planning Agency                                               
   8 Federal Grants                                                            
  Motor Vehicles                                                               
   9 Driver Services                                                           
 Department of Transportation/Public Facilities                                
  Alaska Marine Highway System                                                 
   80 Administration                                                           
 University of Alaska                                                          
  Univ of Alaska Anchorage                                                     
    8 Anchorage Campus                                                         
 CATEGORY III                                                                  
 Office of the Governor                                                        
  Commissions/Special Offices                                                  
   1    Human Rights Commission                                                
  Executive Operations                                                         
   2    Executive Office                                                       
   3    Governors House                                                        
   4    Contingency Fund                                                       
   5    Lieutenant Governor                                                    
  Office of Management & Budget                                                
   9    Office of the Director                                                 
   10   Budget Review                                                          
  Elective Operations                                                          
   14   Elections                                                              
 Department of Administration                                                  
  Longevity Bonus                                                              
   1    Longevity Bonus Grants                                                 
  Senior Services                                                              
   16   Pioneers Homes                                                         
   17   Senior Services Administration                                         
   21   Senior Residential Services                                            
  Public Defender                                                              
   22   Public Defender Agency                                                 
  Office of Public Advocacy                                                    
   23   Office of Public Advocacy                                              
  Legal and Advocacy Services                                                  
   24   Public Defender Agency                                                 
   25   Office of Public Advocacy                                              
  Centralized Administrative Services                                          
   26   Office of the Commissioner                                             
  Administrative Services                                                      
   28   Administrative Services                                                
   31   Finance                                                                
  Retirement and Benefits                                                      
   36   Elected Public Officers Retirement System                              
  Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission                                   
   37   Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission                             
  Alaska Public Offices CommISSION                                             
   38   Alaska Public Offices Commission                                       
  Information Services                                                         
   41   Telecommunications Services                                            
  Rural Alaska Television Network RATNET.                                      
   43   Rural Alaska Television Network                                        
  Public Broadcasting Commission                                               
   44   Public Broadcasting Commission                                         
  Public Broadcasting Commission - Public Radio Grants                         
   45   Public Broadcasting Commission - Public Radio                          
  Statewide Communications Services                                            
   46   Public Broadcasting - Radio                                            
   47   Public Broadcasting - T.V.                                             
  Leasing and Facilities                                                       
   48   Leases                                                                 
 Department of Law                                                             
  Legal Services                                                               
   8    Fair Business Practices Section                                        
   9    Operations                                                             
   10   Mental Health Lands                                                    
   12   Administration and Support                                             
  Environmental Law                                                            
   16   Environmental Compliance                                               
   17   Exxon Valdez Litigation                                                
 Department of Revenue                                                         
  Child Support Enforcement                                                    
   1    Child Support Enforcement                                              
  Alaska Housing Finance Corporation                                           
   11   Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Operations                          
   12   Rural Housing                                                          
   13   Public Housing                                                         
  Revenue Operations                                                           
   17   Oil and Gas Audit                                                      
   19   Treasury Management                                                    
   20   Gaming                                                                 
  Administration and Support                                                   
   23   Commissioners Office                                                   
  Permanent Fund Dividend                                                      
   27   Permanent Fund Dividend                                                
 Department of Education                                                       
  School Finance                                                               
   13   District Support Services                                              
  Education Program Support                                                    
   17   Basic Education and Instructional Improvement                          
   18   Education Special Projects                                             
   26   Rural School Vocational Education Program                              
  Executive Administration                                                     
   29   Commissioners Office                                                   
   30   Administrative Services                                                
   32   Teacher Certification                                                  
  Commissions and Boards                                                       
   35   Alaska State Council on the Arts                                       
  Kotzebue Technical Center                                                    
   36   Kotzebue Technical Center Operations Grant                             
  Alaska Vocational Technical Center                                           
   37   Alaska Vocational Technical Center Operations                          
  Mt. Edgecumbe Boarding School                                                
   39   Residential Program                                                    
  Vocational Rehabilitation                                                    
   40   Client Services                                                        
   42   Vocational Rehabilitation Administration                               
   48   Americans With Disabilities Act ADA                                    
  Alaska State Library                                                         
   49   Library Operations                                                     
   51   Archives                                                               
  Alaska State Museums                                                         
   52   Museum Operations                                                      
  Alaska Postsecondary Education Commission                                    
   59   WAMI Medical Education                                                 
   60   Federal Student Aid                                                    
 Department of Health and Social Services                                      
  Assistance Payments                                                          
   1    Aid to Families with Dependent Children                                
   2    Adult Public Assistance                                                
   3    General Relief Assistance                                              
  Medical Assistance                                                           
   12   General Relief Medical                                                 
  Public Assistance Administration                                             
   20   Alaska Work Programs                                                   
  Human Services Community Matching Grant                                      
   47   Human Services Community Matching Grant                                
  Fairbanks Native Association                                                 
   71   Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services                                        
   72   Social Services                                                        
  State Health Services                                                        
   74   Women, Infants and Children                                            
   75   Maternal, Child, and Family Health                                     
  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services                                              
   94   Alcohol Safety Action Program ASAP                                     
  Community Mental Health Grants                                               
   101  Designated Evaluation and Treatment                                    
  Institutions and Administration                                              
   106  Alaska Psychiatric Hospital                                            
  Mental Health Trust Boards                                                   
   111  Alaska Mental Health Board                                             
  Administrative Services                                                      
   114  Commissioners Office                                                   
 Department of Labor                                                           
   7    Labor Market Information                                               
  Labor Standards and Safety                                                   
   14   Occupational Safety and Health                                         
 Department of Commerce and Economic Development                               
   3    Insurance                                                              
  Occupational Licensing                                                       
   4    Operations                                                             
  Alaska Public Utilities Comm                                                 
   6    Alaska Public Utilities Commission                                     
  Executive Administration and Development                                     
   8    Administrative Services                                                
   9    Economic Development                                                   
   10   International Trade                                                    
   13   Investments                                                            
   16   Alaska Tourism Marketing Council                                       
   18   Alaska Energy Authority Operations and                                 
  Alaska Seafood Marketing Inst                                                
   19   Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute                                     
  Alaska Science and Technology Foundation                                     
   21   Alaska Science and Technology Foundation                               
 Department of Military and Veterans Affairs                                   
  Disaster Planning & Control                                                  
   1    Disaster Planning & Control                                            
  Alaska National Guard                                                        
   3    Office of the Commissioner                                             
   4    Army Guard Facilities Maintenance                                      
  Veterans Affairs                                                             
   10   Veterans Services                                                      
 Department of Natural Resources                                               
  Management and Administration                                                
   2    Administrative Services                                                
   3    Recorders Office/Uniform Commercial Code                               
   4    Commissions                                                            
   6    Information Resource Management                                        
  Resource Development                                                         
   10   Forest Management and Development                                      
   11   Oil & Gas Development                                                  
   13   Geological Development                                                 
   14   Water Development                                                      
   15   Pipeline Coordinator                                                   
  Parks and Recreation Management                                              
   20   Parks Management                                                       
  Agricultural Development                                                     
   21   Agricultural Development                                               
  Statewide Fire Suppression                                                   
   23   Statewide Fire Suppression                                             
 Department of Fish and Game                                                   
  Commercial Fisheries Management & Development                                
   1    Fisheries Management                                                   
   2    Fisheries Development                                                  
   3    Commercial Fisheries - Fisheries Projects                              
   4    Special Projects - APPROPRIATION STRUCTURE                             
   5    Commercial Fisheries -  Regional and Statewide                         
   6    Capital Improvement Position Costs -                                   
 APPROPRIATION STRUCTURE                                                       
  Sport Fisheries                                                              
   9    Sport Fisheries                                                        
  Wildlife Conservation                                                        
   14   Wildlife Conservation                                                  
   15   Wildlife Conservation Species Management                               
   16   Wildlife Conservation - Special Projects -                             
 APPROPRIATION STRUCTURE                                                       
   17   Wildlife Conservation - Capital Improvement                            
 Position Costs - APPROPRIATION STRUCTURE                                      
   18   Wildlife Conservation - Public                                         
   19   Wildlife Conservation - Intensive Management                           
   20   Wildlife Conservation - Harvest Incentive                              
  Administration and Support                                                   
   21   Office of the Commissioner                                             
   24   Boards of Fisheries and Game                                           
   25   Regional Councils and Advisory Committees                              
  Boards of Fisheries and Game                                                 
   26   Boards Services                                                        
   27   Advisory Committees and Regional Councils                              
   28   Subsistence                                                            
   30   Habitat                                                                
   33   Habitat Permitting/Title 16                                            
  Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission                                        
   34   Limited Entry Program Administration                                   
 Department of Public Safety                                                   
  Fish and Wildlife Protection                                                 
   1    Enforcement and Investigative Services Unit                            
   2    Directors Office                                                       
   3    Aircraft Section                                                       
   4    Marine Enforcement                                                     
  Fire Prevention                                                              
   5    Fire Prevention Operations                                             
  Highway Safety Planning Agency                                               
   7    Highway Safety Planning Operations                                     
  Motor Vehicles                                                               
   10   Field Services                                                         
   11   Administration                                                         
  Alaska State Troopers                                                        
   12   Detachments                                                            
   13   Special Projects                                                       
   14   Criminal Investigations Bureau                                         
   15   Directors Office                                                       
   16   Judicial Services-Anchorage                                            
   17   Prisoner Transportation                                                
   18   Search and Rescue                                                      
   19   Rural Trooper Housing                                                  
   20   Narcotics Task Force                                                   
   21   Commercial Vehicle Enforcement                                         
  Village Public Safety Officer Program                                        
   22   Contracts                                                              
   23   Support                                                                
  Alaska Police Standards Council                                              
   25   Alaska Police Standards Council                                        
  Statewide Support                                                            
   30   Training Academy                                                       
   31   Administrative Services                                                
  Dalton Highway Protection                                                    
   37   Dalton Highway Protection                                              
 Department of Transportation/Public Facilities                                
  Statewide Programs                                                           
   1    Commissioners Office                                                   
  Statewide Administrative Services                                            
   6    Statewide Administrative Services                                      
  Statewide Information Systems                                                
   8    Statewide Information Systems                                          
  Statewide Planning                                                           
   10   Statewide Planning                                                     
  State Aviation, Leasing and Airport Administration                           
   14   Statewide Aviation                                                     
  Technology Transfer Program                                                  
   15   Technology Transfer Program                                            
  Statewide Engineering                                                        
   17   Statewide Engineering                                                  
  Central Region Administrative Services                                       
   20   Central Region Administrative Services                                 
   21   Central Region Leasing and Property Management                         
  Northern Region Administrative Services                                      
   26   Northern Region Administrative Services                                
   27   Northern Region Leasing and Property Management                        
  Northern Region Planning                                                     
   28   Northern Region Planning                                               
  Northern Region Design and Construction                                      
   30   Northern Region Engineering Management                                 
  Southeast Region Administrative Services                                     
   33   Southeast Region Administrative Services                               
  Southeast Region Planning                                                    
   34   Southeast Region Planning                                              
  Southeast Region Design and Construction                                     
   36   Southeast Region Engineering Management                                
  Statewide Maintenance and Operations                                         
   39   Statewide Highways and Aviation Maintenance and                        
   41   Facilities Maintenance & Operations                                    
   42   Maintenance Administration                                             
  Unallocated Reduction                                                        
   44   Unallocated Reduction                                                  
 Department of Environmental Conservation                                      
   2    Information and Administrative Services                                
   3    Response Fund Administration                                           
   4    Public Services                                                        
  Environmental Quality                                                        
   8    Monitoring and Laboratory Support                                      
   9    Drinking Water                                                         
   10   Wastewater & Water Treatment                                           
   11   Solid and Hazardous Waste Management                                   
   12   Air Quality Management                                                 
   13   Water Quality Management                                               
  Environmental Health                                                         
   22   Unallocated Reduction                                                  
  Spill Prevention and Response                                                
   25   Underground Storage Tanks                                              
  Facility Construction and Operations                                         
   30   Facility Construction and Operations                                   
 Department of Community & Regional Affairs                                    
  Administration and Support                                                   
   1    Office of the Commissioner                                             
   2    Administrative Services                                                
  Senior Citizens/Disabled Veterans Tax Relief                                 
   5    Homeowners Property Tax Exemption                                      
   6    Renters Equivalency Rebate                                             
  Municipal Revenue Sharing                                                    
   8    State Revenue Sharing                                                  
   9    Municipal Assistance                                                   
  Local Government Assistance                                                  
   11   Training and Development                                               
  Child Assistance                                                             
   18   Child Care                                                             
  Employment Training/Rural Development                                        
   25   Community Development Assistance                                       
   26   Rural Development Grants                                               
  Rural Energy Program--Energy Operations                                      
   27   Energy Operations                                                      
 Department of Corrections                                                     
  Administration and Support                                                   
   1    Office of the Commissioner                                             
   2    Parole Board                                                           
   3    Correctional Academy                                                   
   4    Administrative Services                                                
  Statewide Operations                                                         
   7    Inmate Health Care                                                     
   8    Inmate Programs                                                        
   9    Correctional Industries Administration                                 
   11   Institution Directors Office                                           
   23   Spring Creek Correctional Center                                       
   24   Wildwood Correctional Center                                           
   26   Community Corrections Directors Office                                 
   27   Northern Region Probation                                              
   29   Southeast Region Probation                                             
   30   Point MacKenzie Rehabilitation Program                                 
   31   Unallocated                                                            
  Community Jails                                                              
   32   Community Jails  - HOUSE has included as an                            
 allocation of statewide operations appropriation                              
 University of Alaska                                                          
  University of Alaska                                                         
   1    Unallocated Budget Reductions/Additions                                
  Budget Reductions/Additions                                                  
   2    Budget Reductions/Additions - Systemwide                               
   3    Budget Reductions/Additions - Statewide                                
 Programs and Services                                                         
  Statewide Programs and Services                                              
   7    Statewide Networks                                                     
  University of Alaska Fairbanks                                               
   19   Fairbanks Campus                                                       
   20   Fairbanks Organized Research                                           
  University of Alaska Southeast                                               
   27   Juneau Campus                                                          
 Alaska Court System                                                           
  Alaska Court System                                                          
   2    Trial Courts                                                           
   3    Administration and Support                                             
  Commission on Judicial Conduct                                               
   4    Commission on Judicial Conduct                                         
  Judicial Council                                                             
   5    Judicial Council                                                       
  Budget and Audit Committee                                                   
   1    Legislative Audit                                                      
   2    Legislative Finance                                                    
   3    Committee Expenses                                                     
  Legislative Council                                                          
   4    Salaries and Allowances                                                
   7    Administrative Services                                                
   9    Session Expenses                                                       
   10   Council and Subcommittees                                              
   13   Legal and Research Services                                            
   14   Unallocated Reduction                                                  
  Legislative Operating Budget                                                 
   15   Legislative Operating Budget                                           
   16   Special Session/Contingency                                            
   17   Ombudsman                                                              
 FRONT SECTION                                                                 
  ALL SECTIONS                                                                 
 The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.                                            

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