Legislature(1995 - 1996)

05/01/1996 01:30 PM JUD

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            HB 202 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY PROCEEDINGS                           
 CHAIRMAN TAYLOR announced it is the intent of the committee to move           
 the legislation, and asked Ms. Worley to summarize the legislation            
 for committee members.                                                        
 DIANE WORLEY, Director of the Division of Family and Youth                    
 Services, stated DHSS supports HB 202 as well as the amendment to             
 page 2, line 25.                                                              
 MS. WORLEY commented HB 202 is congruent with the direction taken             
 in legislation on juvenile issues.  DHSS believes a joint effort              
 with parents, state agencies, and the child is the best approach.             
 HB 202 requires court ordered parental involvement in delinquency             
 hearings and court ordered participation in counseling and                    
 treatment services.                                                           
 SENATOR GREEN clarified the amendment is on page 3, line 25, not              
 page 2.                                                                       
 SENATOR ELLIS moved the amendment to HB 202.  There being no                  
 objection, the motion carried.                                                
 SENATOR ELLIS moved CSHB 202(HES) as amended from committee with              
 individual recommendations.  There being no objection, the bill was           
 moved from committee.                                                         

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