Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/10/1996 01:30 PM JUD

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        SB 320 NEW SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE FOR DILLINGHAM                        
 CHAIRMAN TAYLOR announced the committee would hear SB 320 at this             
 time to accommodate people listening on the teleconference.                   
 KELLY HUBER, staff to Senator Halford, stated SB 320 was introduced           
 by the Senate Finance Committee to increase the number of Superior            
 Court judges in the Third Judicial District with the intent of                
 locating that position Dillingham.  This issue has been discussed             
 extensively in the House.  The Department of Law supports SB 320 as           
 it will meet the needs of Dillingham and surrounding areas.                   
 LAURIE OTTO informed the committee the Department of Law strongly             
 supports SB 320 and offered to discuss the reasons provided in the            
 letter sent to committee members from the Attorney General.                   
 ART SNOWDEN, Administrative Director of the Judicial Branch, stated           
 if SB 320 is enacted, the Judicial System intends to create a new             
 position in Dillingham, however under the Constitution, a new                 
 position can only be created for the Third Judicial District.  The            
 Court System supports SB 320, as it would provide a judge in the              
 Third District to train magistrates.  Dillingham is a magnet                  
 community for Bethel, Nome, and Kotzebue.  It will also provide               
 relief for Anchorage judges who must travel to those areas.                   
 CHAIRMAN TAYLOR noted, for the record, Senator Lyman Hoffman has              
 submitted a two-page letter to committee members in strong support            
 of SB 320.                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE IVAN IVAN also noted his support for the record.               
 SENATOR ADAMS moved SB 320 out of committee with individual                   
 recommendations.  There being no objection, the motion carried.               

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