Legislature(1995 - 1996)

03/22/1996 09:00 AM JUD

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               SB 261 UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION                               
 DWIGHT PERKINS, Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the                  
 Department of Labor, stated SB 261 makes six changes to the                   
 Employment Security Act: federal income tax withholding;                      
 confidentiality of records; contributions and collections; benefit            
 overpayments; finality of determinations and appeals; and minor               
 technical amendments.  He summarized a sectional analysis provided            
 to committee members.                                                         
 SENATOR ADAMS  moved SB 261 out of committee with individual                  
 recommendations.  SENATOR TAYLOR objected to ask why the deadline             
 for filing and paying various amounts was increased from 15 to 30             
 MR. PERKINS stated that section benefits the claimant as it gives             
 the claimant an extra 15 days in the appeal process.                          
 SENATOR TAYLOR removed his objection and the bill moved from                  
 committee with individual recommendations.                                    

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