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04/05/1995 01:58 PM JUD

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               SB  53 OMNIBUS INSURANCE REFORM                               
 The committee took up CSSB 53(L&C).  SENATOR TAYLOR announced the             
 proposed committee substitute deletes the credit/life provisions              
 due to testimony taken at the last meeting.  The department wishes            
 can submit another bill if it wishes to pursue those provisions.              
 SENATOR ADAMS asked if the proposed committee substitute includes             
 the three amendments.  SENATOR TAYLOR noted it does not.                      
 SENATOR ADAMS moved to adopt the work draft labeled 9-LSO467\G,               
 dated 3/30/95, as the committee substitute.  SENATOR ELLIS objected           
 for purposes of discussion.  He asked if the Division of Insurance            
 acquiesced to the elimination of the credit/life provisions of CSSB           
 SENATOR TAYLOR relinquished the chair to Senator Miller in order to           
 testify before another committee.                                             
 Number 390                                                                    
 MARIANNE BURKE, Director of the Division of Insurance, stated the             
 Division received written comments on Sections 80-94 from the three           
 individuals who testified on the bill via teleconference.  The                
 Division's intent is to resubmit those sections as a separate bill,           
 incorporating the comments made where appropriate.  The Division              
 did agree to the deletion of those sections from CSSB 53(L&C) in              
 order for the bill to move forward.                                           
 Number 404                                                                    
 SENATOR ELLIS commented a new bill containing Sections 80-94 would            
 have to be submitted by the Governor, and will never see the light            
 of day.  He noted the comments were made by three insurance                   
 companies from elsewhere, and he believed the wise course would               
 have been to try to work with those comments and amend the bill to            
 retain those sections in the bill in a more agreeable form.                   
 SENATOR MILLER asked if Sections 80-94 were in last year's bill.              
 MS. BURKE replied affirmatively.                                              
 SENATOR ELLIS maintained his objection to the adoption of CSSB                
 53(JUD).  A roll call vote was taken with the following result:               
 Senators Green and Miller voted "Yea," and Senators Adams and Ellis           
 voted "Nay," therefore the motion failed.                                     
 SENATOR TAYLOR returned.  SENATOR GREEN moved to adopt CSSB                   
 53(JUD).  SENATOR ELLIS objected.  A roll call vote was taken with            
 the following result:  Senators Miller, Green and Taylor voted                
 "Yea," and Senators Ellis and Adams voted "Nay."  The motion                  
 SENATOR MILLER moved the adoption of Amendment #1 by Ford (dated              
 4/4/95).  SENATOR ELLIS objected.  SENATOR ADAMS asked the                    
 Division's position on the amendments.                                        
 Number 440                                                                    
 SENATOR TAYLOR noted Amendment #1 makes the title more specific.              
 MS. BURKE agreed with Senator Taylor's assessment.                            
 SENATOR ELLIS removed his objection.  There being no further                  
 objection, Amendment #1 was adopted.                                          
 SENATOR GREEN moved to adopt Amendment #2 (Ford, 3/27/95).  MS.               
 BURKE explained the amendment makes the term "public accountant"              
 more global.  SENATOR TAYLOR noted the references to lines in                 
 Amendment #2 are inconsistent with the new committee substitute,              
 therefore without objection, the motion was amended to synchronize            
 the pages and line numbers to CSSB 53(JUD).  There being no                   
 objection to the adoption of Amendment #2, the motion passed.                 
 Number  470                                                                   
 SENATOR MILLER moved CSSB 53(JUD) out of committee with individual            
 recommendations.  SENATOR ELLIS objected.  A roll call vote was               
 taken with the following result:  Senators Taylor, Green, and                 
 Miller voted "Yea," and Senators Adams and Ellis voted "Nay."  The            
 motion passed.                                                                

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