Legislature(1995 - 1996)

03/22/1995 01:37 PM JUD

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 SJUD - 3/22/95                                                                
                   SB  85 1995 REVISOR BILL                                  
 SENATOR MILLER moved the adoption of CSSB 85 (JUD) (Finley,                   
 3/21/95) for discussion.  SENATOR ADAMS objected and asked if the             
 committee substitute removes Section 19.                                      
 PAMELA FINLEY, Legislative Legal Services, reviewed the changes               
 made to the Judiciary Committee substitute. The committee                     
 substitute does not contain Section 19 and includes the amendments            
 labeled F1, F2, and F3.  SENATOR ADAMS removed his objection.                 
 SENATOR MILLER moved CSSB 85(JUD) out of committee with individual            
 recommendations.  There being no objection, the motion carried.               

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