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  SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 29                                          
       Objecting  to  the Department  of Administration's                      
       settlement  with certain  employees of  the Alaska                      
       marine highway system.                                                  
  Co-chairman Halford directed  that SCR 29 be  brought on for                 
  discussion  and referenced a  draft committee substitute (9-                 
  LS1829\G,  Cramer, 4/9/96).    TED  POPELY, Senate  Majority                 
  Aide,  came  before  committee.     He  explained  that  the                 
  resolution  registers  general objection  to  the settlement                 
  agreement entered  between employee  members  of the  Alaska                 
  Marine Highway System and the  Dept. of Administration.   It                 
  calls  for  the  attorney  general   to  appoint  a  special                 
  investigator  to  investigate the  actions  of the  Dept. of                 
  Administration  with respect  to the  settlement, especially                 
  with  regard  to  potential  ethical  violations  under   AS                 
  39.52.120.  The resolution objects to the settlement  on the                 
  grounds  that  it was  entered  into inappropriately  by the                 
  Dept.  of  Administration because  AS  23.40.215(a)  and (b)                 
  require  legislative  approval   of  collective   bargaining                 
  Co-chairman   Halford   termed    the   resolution    "self-                 
  explanatory."  Senator Randy Phillips  MOVED for adoption of                 
  CSSCR 29 (Finance).  No objection  having been raised, CSSCR                 
  29 (Finance) was ADOPTED.  Senator Phillips then  MOVED that                 
  CSSCR  29 (Finance)  pass  from  committee  with  individual                 
  recommendations.  No objection having  been raised, CSSCR 27                 
  (Finance) was REPORTED  OUT of committee with  a zero Senate                 
  Finance fiscal  note  for the  Dept.  of Law.    Co-chairmen                 
  Halford and Frank  and Senators  Phillips and Rieger  signed                 
  the committee report with a "do pass" recommendation.                        
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:35 p.m.                         

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