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  CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 335(RES)(title am)                                     
       An Act extending  the termination date of  the Big Game                 
       Commercial Services Board; eliminating  the requirement                 
       for  a  commercial  use  permit   and  for  payment  of                 
       commercial use  permit fees; amending the membership of                 
       the Big Game Commercial Services Board; relating to the                 
       qualifications   for   an   assistant   guide-outfitter                 
       license;  eliminating the  requirement  for testing  of                 
       assistant  guide-outfitters;  providing  for additional                 
       licensing  requirements  for  transporters; eliminating                 
       the requirement for  prior approval to enter  or remain                 
       on state  and federal land; eliminating the requirement                 
       to register base camps; amending the definition of 'big                 
       game  commercial   services';  and  providing   for  an                 
       effective date.                                                         
  Co-chairman Halford directed  that CSHB 335  (Res)(title am)                 
  be brought on  for discussion and referenced  correspondence                 
  from  the   Dept.  of  Commerce  and  Economic  Development,                 
  Amendment No. 1, and a draft SCS CSHB 335 (Fin) (9-LS1156\N,                 
  Utermohle, 3/27/96).                                                         
  Senator Rieger MOVED for adoption of  Amendment No. 1 to the                 
  "N"  version  of SCS  CSHB  335  (Fin) dated  3/27/96.   Co-                 
  chairman  Halford provided a  review of provisions contained                 
  within the amendment:                                                        
  Page 6, line 16:                                                             
  Eighteen  years  of age  is changed  to  21 for  the class-A                 
  assistant guide license.  This  individual would actually be                 
  in charge  of a  camp.   The license  is the  level below  a                 
  completely independent registered guide.  The age remains at                 
  18 for assistant guide entry into the profession.                            
  Page 6, line 21:                                                             
  A technical  change relating  to  assistant guiding  deletes                 
  "for  at  least three  seasons"  and substitutes  "during at                 
  least three  calendar years."   There  was need  for clarity                 
  concerning  whether  the  three  seasons  could occur  in  a                 
  calendar year.  Language thus reverted to original statutory                 
  Page 10, lines 10, 19, 22, and 23-25:                                        
  The  first   change  at   line  10   relates  to   financial                 
  responsibility.    It is  unclear  whether a  licensed guide                 
  working  for  another guide  would  have to  carry insurance                 
  himself.   The amendment  clarifies that  the person  who is                 
  required  to   carry  insurance  and   proof  of   financial                 
  responsibility is the guide who has contracted the hunt.                     
  The change at  line 19 relates to need for  timely action on                 
  the part of the department when violations occur.                            
  Changes  at  lines 22  through 25  break  up areas  in which                 
  administrative   sanctions   apply.       Language    limits                 
  administrative  action  to  minor  infractions  while  court                 
  action applies to significant infractions.                                   
  Page 11, line 12:                                                            
  A  provision  is inserted  saying  that if  the  court takes                 
  action on  a license, the  department cannot take  action on                 
  the same license for the same infraction.                                    
  Page 14, line 27:                                                            
  A technical change in citation is made.                                      
  Page 16, after line 30:                                                      
  New language  allows the  department to  charge nonresidents                 
  two times the amount of the resident license fee.                            
  Co-chairman Halford noted that licensing of guides is funded                 
  from program receipts.  The additional cost assessed against                 
  nonresident  guides  reflects  costs  nonresidents  are  not                 
  paying for the management of lands  and resources as well as                 
  other management  costs associated  with the  process.   The                 
  two-to-one  ratio   does   not   nearly   cover   management                 
  expenditures by  Alaska residents  in which  nonresidents do                 
  not participate.  That  is the reason for the  difference in                 
  licensing fees.                                                              
  Brief discussion  followed between  Co-chairman Halford  and                 
  Senator Randy Phillips regarding  the age change from 18  to                 
  Co-chairman Halford  called for objections to the amendment.                 
  No  objection  having  been  raised,  Amendment  No.  1  was                 
  Co-chairman  Frank MOVED for  passage of SCS  CSHB 335 (Fin)                 
  with accompanying fiscal  notes.   No objection having  been                 
  raised,  SCS CSHB  335 (Fin)  was REPORTED OUT  of committee                 
  with a  ($49.6) fiscal note from the Dept. of Fish and Game,                 
  a ($24.8) note from the Dept. of Public Safety, and a ($1.8)                 
  note from the  Dept. of  Commerce and Economic  Development.                 
  Co-chairmen Halford  and Frank signed  the committee  report                 
  with  a  "do  pass"  recommendation.   Senators  Rieger  and                 
  Phillips signed "no recommendation."                                         

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