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       CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 198(RES)                                         
       "An Act establishing the Homer Airport Critical Habitat                 
  Senator John Torgerson was invited to join the committee and                 
  testified  in  support  of  the  bill.    He  explained that                 
  amendment #1  would delete two triangles in the lower corner                 
  as depicted on the aerial map  presented.  The current owner                 
  of  the  property, Department  of  Transportation,  would be                 
  transfer the property to the Department of Fish and Game and                 
  it would be  managed as a  critical habitat area for  moose.                 
  He has tried to ease the worries of the public that this was                 
  not  a  bill to  enhance bird  habitat.   However,  with the                 
  recent  crash  of  the  AWACS   plane  and  other  incidents                 
  involving birds he  proposed an  amendment which would  take                 
  out  the  outholdings  depicted on  the  map.    The primary                 
  purpose  of this  critical  habitat area  is  for the  moose                 
  population.   Senator Phillips asked the consequences if the                 
  two pieces of property were left in.  Senator Torgerson said                 
  that it  was a matter of comfort and  safety.  In respond to                 
  Senator Phillips question there was a lot of concern by many                 
  individuals regarding  passengers being  killed in  aircraft                 
  because they met with bird problems.   It is referred to  in                 
  the bill  that no one may  enhance the bird population.   He                 
  felt comfortable taking  out the two  areas  of property  as                 
  they housed some  nests for Aleutian terns.   Senator Donley                 
  moved amendment  #1 and  without objection  it was  adopted.                 
  Senator Sharp moved  CSSB 198(FIN) and without  objection it                 
  was  reported out  with individual recommendations  and zero                 
  fiscal notes.                                                                
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00 A.M.                        

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