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  SPONSOR SUBSTITUTE FOR SENATE BILL NO. 181                                   
       An  Act  relating  to  the  promotion   of  Alaska                      
       businesses  through  signs, displays,  and devices                      
       within or  adjacent to  highway rights-of-way,  to                      
       municipal   regulation   of   directional   signs,                      
       displays,  and  devices,   and  to  penalties  for                      
       violations related to outdoor advertising.                              
  Co-chairman Halford directed that SSSB 181 be brought on for                 
  discussion.  Senator Green again came before committee.  She                 
  referenced a work draft CSSSSB 181 (9-LS1164\U,  Utermohole,                 
  3/22/96) and explained that it  incorporates an amendment by                 
  Senator  Rieger  within  both  title  language and  Sec.  4.                 
  Contact with staff  from the Federal Highway  Administration                 
  indicates the program will  work within federal  guidelines.                 
  (See March 25, 1996, correspondence from  FHA on file in the                 
  original Senate Finance Committee file for SB 181.)                          
  Senator  Randy  Phillips MOVED  for  adoption of  CSSSSB 181                 
  (Fin).   No objection having  been raised, CSSSSB  181 (Fin)                 
  was ADOPTED.  Senator Sharp MOVED that CSSSSB 181 (Fin) pass                 
  from committee with individual recommendations and accompany                 
  fiscal  notes.  No objection having  been raised, CSSSSB 181                 
  (Fin) was REPORTED OUT of committee with a $40.0 fiscal note                 
  from the Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities.  Co-                 
  chairmen Frank  and Halford  and Senators  Donley and  Sharp                 
  signed the committee report with a "do pass" recommendation.                 
  Senators   Phillips,   Rieger,   and   Zharoff  signed   "no                 

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