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04/30/1995 01:10 PM FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 172                                                          
       An   Act  eliminating   'monte  carlo'  nights   as  an                 
       authorized form of charitable gaming; and providing for                 
       an effective date.                                                      
  Co-chairman Halford directed  that SB 172 be  brought on for                 
  discussion.  He  noted that  the bill had  been through  the                 
  Senate Judiciary Committee  and advised that since  there is                 
  no accompanying fiscal  note, the  committee would attach  a                 
  zero note.                                                                   
  In response  to  a question  from Senator  Zharoff, the  Co-                 
  chairman  explained  that  language  in  Sec.  1  eliminates                 
  provisions relating to playing cards, dice, roulette wheels,                 
  coin operated  instruments, machines, and  other instruments                 
  designed or intended primarily for gaming or gambling.                       
  Senator  Sharp  inquired  concerning the  Iditarod,  and Co-                 
  chairman  Halford  advised that  it  is  taken  care  of  in                 
  statute.  Senator Rieger said that while he would not object                 
  to movement  of the  bill, he  would have  preferred a  more                 
  surgical  rather  than across-the-board  approach.   Senator                 
  Zharoff said he would object to  movement because he did not                 
  know  what  the  impact  upon non-profit  organizations  and                 
  municipalities might be.                                                     
  Senator  Sharp MOVED for passage of the bill with individual                 
  recommendations.   The motion CARRIED  on a 4  to 1  show of                 
  hands.   SB 172  was REPORTED OUT  of committee with  a zero                 
  Senate  Finance  Committee  fiscal  note  for the  Dept.  of                 
  Revenue.  Co-chairman  Halford signed  the committee  report                 
  with a "do pass" recommendation.  Senators Phillips, Rieger,                 
  and  Sharp  signed  "no  recommendation."   Senator  Zharoff                 
  signed "do not pass."                                                        
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:20 p.m.                         

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