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       SENATE BILL NO. 142                                                     
       "An   Act  establishing   the  Alaska   Human  Resource                 
  Investment                Council  and  transferring certain                 
  functions  of  other  entities             to  the  council;                 
  establishing  a planning mechanism for            employment                 
  training  and other human  resource investment needs;                        
  and providing for an effective date."                                        
   Bob Rubadeau, Special Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor,                 
  testified that the  bill primarily  has 40 council  members,                 
  who  are now serving  on three separate  state councils that                 
  deal with  federally funded  projects in  the state  dealing                 
  with  vocational,  education,  and job  retraining.    These                 
  councils meet approximately  12 times a year,  quarterly, to                 
  coordinate and review many of the same program provisions in                 
  oversight over the federal funding mechanisms that deal with                 
  job training and retraining.  It is proposed under the Human                 
  Resources Investment Council Bill,  which has been empowered                 
  by  the federal government to combine  the councils into one                 
  council, and that  their oversight role would be  handled in                 
  one coordinated way.  The councils that are now proposed are                 
  now housed in  three separate agencies.   The proposal under                 
  SB 142 is to take the  oversight committee, the council that                 
  has created the Human Resource Investment Council, and place                 
  it under the role  of the governor.  The  consolidation bill                 
  deals with $42 million in federal flow-through funds.  Funds                 
  are  not coming from  the general fund  or the  state in any                 
  way.    He stated  that  it  is all  federal  past-due money                 
  identified   under  federal   legislation  that   meets  the                 
  requirements under a  federal bill to obtain the $42 million                 
  in federal  flow-through funds.   The interagency  transfers                 
  and staffing transfers have been identified specifically for                 
  these oversight committees.   The intent  is to combine  and                 
  consolidate   their   commission,  and   come   up   with  a                 
  comprehensive plan that is strictly for Alaska.  He stressed                 
  the importance of  having the consolidated council  with the                 
  upcoming federal block grants proposed.                                      
  Senator  Phillips MOVED  CSSB 142  with accompanying  fiscal                 
  notes,  with individual recommendations.  No objection being                 
  heard, CSSB 142  was REPORTED  OUT of committee  with a  "do                 
  pass"  recommendation  by   Co-chair  Frank,  and   Senators                 
  Phillips, Zharoff, and Sharp.  Signing  "no recommendations"                 
  were Co-chair Halford and Senator Rieger.  Zero fiscal notes                 
  from:  University  of  Alaska, Dept  of  Education;  Dept of                 
  Community  and  Regional  Affairs, Dept  of  Labor,  Dept of                 
  Health  & Social Services; and Dept of Commerce and Economic                 
  Development.  Office  of the governor  has a fiscal note  of                 

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