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       SENATE BILL NO. 93                                                      
       "An Act relating  to the disposal  of state land  along                 
  the           Dalton Highway; and providing for an effective                 
  Co-chair Halford invited Senator Miller to sit at the table.                 
  Senator  Miller is the  sponsor of SB  93 and was  given the                 
  floor.  He explained that SB 93 does not have a fiscal note,                 
  and has passed out of Resources with a committee substitute.                 
  The Dalton  Highway  is open  to  public travel  creating  a                 
  continuing need for more development along the highway.   SB
  93 would allow for leasing  within already identified nodes,                 
  to include the Yukon River Crossing, Happy Valley, Coldfoot,                 
  and  Franklin  Bluffs.   The  procedures provide  for public                 
  review. The leasing covers the areas where existing pipeline                 
  camps existed.  The areas are well established.  Mr. Swanson                 
  from  the Dept. of Natural Resources  supports SB 93.  SB 93                 
  will allow for development, but not strip development.                       
  Senator  Zharoff  asked  who  is presently  maintaining  the                 
  Senator   Miller    answered   that   the    Department   of                 
  Transportation is maintaining the highway.                                   
  Senator Phillips asked  how many services are  in existence,                 
  at the present time, along that area of the highway. Senator                 
  Miller  responded  that  Coldfoot  offers  food,  gas,  tire                 
  changing,  etc.    Senator  Phillips  asked how  many  miles                 
  between stops?   Mr.  Swanson,  responded between  75 -  150                 
  miles between the various service  points.  Senator Phillips                 
  asked how disposal  would be handled?   Mr. Swanson answered                 
  that there is  an adopted  federal land use  plan in  place.                 
  The  bill  has  restrictions for  commercial  and industrial                 
  disposal. He spoke of the task force ongoing between federal                 
  and   state   agencies   with  the   hope   to   make  their                 
  recommendations  become   the  state  land   use  plan   for                 
  implementation.   Senator Phillips asked for  particulars in                 
  obtaining the land. Mr. Swanson replied that the application                 
  requests vary from 5 to 40 acres, for lease or purchase.  He                 
  noted that surveying and appraising  is a requirement of the                 
  applicant without a time limit.                                              
  Senator Rieger  moved  for passage  of  CSSB 93  (RES)  with                 
  individual recommendations. No objection having been raised,                 
  CSSB 93  (RES) was  REPORTED OUT  of committee  with a  zero                 
  fiscal note from the Department of Natural Resources.                        

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