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 HB 411 - MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD - GUSTAVUS                                      
 Number 103                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE JERRY MACKIE, sponsor of HB 411, read his sponsor              
 statement into the record with the announcement that the community            
 of Gustavus supports HB 411.  "Alaska Statute Section 29.10.085               
 requires that highway names be given through legislation.  Based on           
 my contacts with the community and the petition which is included             
 in each of your files, it is obvious that if Gustavus could have              
 accomplished this task locally, the sign would read `Mountain View            
 Road' today.                                                                  
 In the late 1950s Eugene and Ann (Chase) Gregg acquired their                 
 homestead land which contained 160 acres and another 50 acres from            
 Archie Chase. The Chase family, at that time, named the road                  
 `Mountain View Road.'  Today, the road is referred to in a variety            
 of ways including, `Main Road,' `Airport Road' and `Park Service              
 Road.'  I respect the communities' efforts in pursuing this name              
 which has substantial historic value to them.                                 
 The impact of the Department of Transportation/Public Facilities              
 (DOT/PF) has prepared a zero fiscal note.  The new sign will be               
 coordinated into an existing project on the road this summer.                 
 HB 411 has given the Gustavus community a common purpose.  Students           
 and adults have received a positive view and an informational view            
 of the legislative process."                                                  
 REPRESENTATIVE MACKIE summed up that HB 411 is a simple bill and              
 within the community of Gustavus there did not appear to be any               
 opposition to HB 411.                                                         
 Number 252                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE  WILLIAMS asked the reason why HB 411 needed to get            
 approval by the committee and was told that it was because of                 
 Alaska statutes.                                                              
 Number 297                                                                    
 BRITTANY OLSEN, student, Gustavus School, said that she felt                  
 Mountain View Road is a good name because it goes back in history.            
 In addition at the end of the road it has a perfect view of the               
 mountain that everyone here enjoys.                                           
 Number 402                                                                    
 KELLY MILLS, student, Gustavus School, said she think that it                 
 should be named Mountain View Road because if you were visiting               
 Gustavus you might not understand why it is named Airport Road, but           
 you would understand why it was named Mountain View Road because of           
 the beautiful view of the mountain.                                           
 Number 420                                                                    
 CALYSTA JOHNSON, Student, Gustavus School, said there is a                    
 beautiful mountain above this road and she thought the name                   
 described the road.                                                           
 MIKE PEDERSON read a statement prepared by CHRIS SPUTE, Editor, Icy           
 Passages News.  The statement pronounced support for HB 411 and               
 listed historical and community reasons for the name Mountain View            
 Number 542                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE TOM BRICE made a motion to move HB 411, with zero              
 fiscal notes and committee referral.  Hearing no objection HB 411             
 was moved from the House Standing Committee on Transportation.                

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