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 HJR 61 - ANCHORAGE VETERANS AFFAIRS OFFICE                                  
 The next order of business to come before the House State Affairs             
 Committee was HJR 61.                                                         
 CHAIR JAMES called on Representative Ed Willis to present the                 
 resolution to the committee members.                                          
 Number 0056                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE WILLIS explained the thrust of HJR 61 was brought to           
 his attention by several groups of Anchorage veterans.  He intended           
 to start the resolution in the legislative process with the House             
 Special Committee on Military and Veterans' Affairs.  However, a              
 special committee could not introduce legislation after a certain             
 date.  He thanked Chair James for allowing the House State Affairs            
 Committee to sponsor the resolution.                                          
 REPRESENTATIVE WILLIS further explained the thrust of the                     
 resolution was to support the Anchorage Veterans Affairs Regional             
 Office as a result of the efforts of the federal government to                
 downsize the office.  The office now handled the compensation and             
 pension functions and the effect of moving those function to Reno,            
 Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona would be inefficient and not in the               
 best interest of Alaska's veterans.  The resolution, if passed,               
 would support the efforts of Alaska's Congressional delegation.  He           
 cited there were more than 73,000 veterans in Alaska, and the                 
 office serviced more than one-half of those veterans.  He                     
 reiterated the thrust of the resolution was to give the Alaskan               
 Congressional delegation another tool to fight the downsizing                 
 efforts of the federal government.                                            
 Number 0152                                                                   
 CHAIR JAMES said Alaska probably had the highest percentage of                
 veterans in its population compared to any other state.  She agreed           
 the veterans deserved attention from the legislature.  They were a            
 very important part of the population.                                        
 Number 0192                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE IVAN thanked Representative Willis for sponsoring              
 the resolution on behalf of the veterans in Alaska.  He asked if              
 the resolution was referred to the House Special Committee on                 
 Military and Veterans' Affairs?                                               
 CHAIR JAMES replied, "yes."                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE IVAN further thanked Representative Willis for his             
 care and support of this resolution.                                          
 Number 0219                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE PORTER moved that HJR 61 move from the committee               
 with individual recommendations and attached fiscal notes.  Hearing           
 no objection, it was so moved from the House State Affairs                    
 REPRESENTATIVE WILLIS thanked the Chair and the committee members             
 for their support.                                                            

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