Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/04/1995 08:07 AM STA

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 HB 267 - REVIEW AND EXPIRATION OF REGS                                      
 CHAIR JAMES said the first bill on the agenda was HB 267, which was           
 the review and expiration of regs.   Chair James directed the                 
 committee to the fiscal notes for HB 267, and also a position paper           
 from the Alaska Council of School Administrators in their committee           
 packets.  She said the CS for HB 267 was Version F, which came                
 about by and through the subcommittee meeting they had with the               
 Administration and Representative Willis.  The subcommittee made a            
 list of changes in Section 8 of the original bill.  In the original           
 bill there was a list of items the department would have to provide           
 to the Administrative Regulation Review Committee.  They would                
 include items that the Administration would not normally have, and            
 they would have caused a fiscal note for their preparation.  The              
 subcommittee reworded the section to say that only those things               
 normally prepared would be provided to the Administrative                     
 Regulation Review Committee, and that they will respond reasonably            
 to the requests of the Administrative Review Committee for other              
 Number 084                                                                    
 CHAIR JAMES referred to page 3, line 20, stating an addition that             
 the Fish and Game Board regulations would be exempted; also, any              
 regulation that refers to federal law.  So the committee aide could           
 highlight the changes for greater clarity, Chair James decided to             
 put the bill at the end of the agenda.   She moved on to CSSB 5.              

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