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02/21/1995 08:04 AM STA

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 HSTA - 02/21/95                                                               
 HB 90 - CONVENING LEGISLATURE AFTER GOV ELECTION                            
 Number 643                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE BETTYE DAVIS came before the committee with her                
 bill, HB 90.  She submitted the following position statement:                 
  "The Knowles Administration supports HB 90.  This bill would                
 shift the beginning date of legislative sessions following                    
 gubernatorial elections by one day, in order to avoid having                  
 the opening day of the session on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.                
 "Although the legislature often meets on other national                      
 holidays in the midst of the legislative session, in this                     
 instance all that is required to accommodate the Martin Luther                
 King, Jr. holiday is to move the start of the session by one                  
 day every four years.  The Administration believes that this                  
 change would minimally impact legislature business, and would                 
 allow legislators, legislative staff and other state employees                
 to appropriately honor and celebrate the birth of this great                  
 civil rights leader.  In addition, this bill would result in                  
 some cost savings from a reduction in holiday overtime                        
 required to be paid to some employees who now must work on the                
  "Alaska is geographically far removed from the heart of the                 
 civil rights movement in which Martin Luther King, Jr.  Played                
 such an important leadership role.  Still, the rights of                      
 equality and freedom for all, which he advocated, are as                      
 central to the spirit of Alaska as to any state in the union.                 
 REPRESENTATIVE DAVIS added that the fiscal note was included and              
 that it would mean a $5,570 savings to the state.                             
 Number 677                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE ROBINSON made a motion to move HB 90 out of                    
 committee with individual recommendations.  There was no discussion           
 and no objection, so the motion passed.  Vice-Chair Ogan added that           
 it was a good bill, and a good way to honor a good American.                  

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