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 HCR 32 - YUKLA 27 REMEMBRANCE DAY                                           
 Number 0915                                                                   
 CO-CHAIRMAN IVAN IVAN announced that the next order of business to            
 come before the committee was HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 32,             
 Establishing YUKLA 27 Remembrance Day.                                        
 REPRESENTATIVE PETE KOTT noted that a bill resembling HCR 32 had              
 been previously introduced, but at the request of many members, it            
 was re-drafted as a resolution.  He stated that the event referred            
 to is unmatched within the state, in terms of loss of life and                
 resources.  The resolution includes the provision that copies will            
 be forwarded to the next of kin of the deceased airmen.                       
 Number 1026                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE RICHARD FOSTER made a motion that the committee pass           
 out the resolution.                                                           
 CO-CHAIRMAN IVAN announced that, there being no objection, HCR 32             
 was passed out of the House Special Committee on Military and                 
 Veterans' Affairs, with unanimous consent and attached zero fiscal            
 CO-CHAIRMAN IVAN then noted that Mr. Daw wished to make a                     
 Number 1275                                                                   
 MR. DAW then continued his discussion of the proposed reduction to            
 veteran's benefits.  He explained that under the new system, when             
 a medical care provider presents a bill to the VA, the VA will pay            
 whatever the normal Medicare payment would be.  In Southeast Alaska           
 and other outlying areas, this would amount to about 60 percent.              
 Thus, the veteran would be required to pay the remaining 40                   
 percent.  He emphasized that, especially for retired disabled                 
 veterans, this would be a real hardship, especially since it is so            
 unexpected.  These veterans have always counted on the VA to pay              
 their medical bills.                                                          
 Number 1228                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE IVAN suggested that Mr. Daw work with legislative              
 staff to develop a resolution regarding the issue.                            
 MR. DAW further testified that a meeting regarding the Medicare fee           
 schedule had been held in Juneau recently, but no veteran's                   
 organization representatives were invited.  Only medical care                 
 providers were invited.                                                       
 Number 1330                                                                   
 MR. ARMSTRONG noted that the meeting was only discovered by                   
 accident, through a comment by a federal building security guard.             
 No veteran's organizations were notified about the meeting.  Even             
 the local VA affairs representative in the building was not aware             
 of the meeting until it was actually ongoing.                                 
 CO-CHAIRMAN KOTT encouraged Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Daw to work with            
 his staff, and develop language for a resolution.  Co-Chairman Kott           
 noted that the committee would be happy to expedite such a                    
 REPRESENTATIVE IVAN noted that his staff was also available to help           
 with the resolution.                                                          

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