Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/28/1995 03:15 PM L&C

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 CSSB 53(JUD):  "An Act relating to regulation of risk retention               
                or purchasing groups; to preemption of the                     
                regulation of insurance agents and insurance                   
                producers; to the general powers of the director               
                of the division of insurance; to insurance                     
                examination hearings; to insurer certificates of               
                authority; to annual and quarterly statements,                 
                taxes, and prohibited acts of insurers; to                     
                reinsurance credit allowed a domestic insurer; to              
                risk based capital for insurers; to insurer assets             
                and liabilities; to insurer investments; to                    
                insurance holding companies; to regulation,                    
                licensing, examination, and trade practices of                 
                insurance producers, managing general agents,                  
                third-party administrators, brokers, independent               
                adjusters, and reinsurance intermediary managers;              
                to surplus lines insurance; to criminal insurance              
                acts; to premium increases in automobile                       
                insurance; to insurance rating; to assigned risk               
                pools; to filing and approval of certain insurance             
                policy forms; to required insurance coverage for               
                acupuncture, nurse midwives' services,                         
                mammography, and phenylketonuria; to health                    
                insurance provided by small employers; to transfer             
                of an insurer's status as a domestic insurer; to               
                quarterly statements of benevolent associations,               
                fraternal benefit societies, and health                        
                maintenance organizations; to reciprocal insurers;             
                to the definition of 'member insurer' for purposes             
                of the Alaska Life and Disability Insurance                    
                Guaranty Association; to electronic insurance data             
                transfer and insurance funds transfer; to the                  
                definitions of `managing general agent' and                    
                `person' applicable to insurance law; to                       
                automobile assigned risk plans; placing a person               
                employed by the division of insurance as an                    
                actuary or assistant actuary into the exempt                   
                service; amending Alaska Rule of Civil Procedure               
                45; and providing for an effective date."                      
                SCHEDULED BUT NOT HEARD                                        

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