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01/19/1996 01:05 PM JUD

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 HB 379 - VICTIM/JUVENILE OFFENDER MEDIATION                               
 The first order of business to come before the House Judiciary                
 Committee was HB 379.                                                         
 CHAIRMAN BRIAN PORTER recognized the arrival of Representative                
 David Finkelstein.                                                            
 CHAIRMAN PORTER recalled the dilemma in the confidentiality                   
 mediation process and reporting results to various agencies such as           
 the Division of Family and Youth Services (DFYS).  He referred the            
 committee to CS, version "k", page 5, number 7 which read, "For               
 communicating to the agency making the referral under this act or             
 the court making the referral under the act as appropriate the                
 following:  (A)  notice that the minor and victim have been unable            
 to enter into a written agreement....".  He continued that (B)                
 addresses notice that the minor and victim have entered into a                
 written agreement; (C) speaks to notice that the minor has failed             
 to perform the obligations; and (D) is notice that it has been                
 successfully completed.  That is the dispositional information that           
 DFYS was requesting.  He stated DFYS was satisfied with the CS.               
 Number 259                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE JOE GREEN moved that version "k" of CSHB 379, dated            
 1/18/96 be adopted as the working document.  There being no                   
 objection, it was so ordered.                                                 
 REPRESENTATIVE GREEN made a motion that CSHB 379(JUD) move from               
 committee.  Hearing no objection, CSHB 379(JUD) was moved out of              
 the House Judiciary Committee with the attached fiscal note and               
 individual recommendations.                                                   

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