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04/22/1995 11:12 AM JUD

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 Number 800                                                                    
 SB 85 - 1995 REVISOR BILL                                                    
 PAMELA FINLEY, Assistant Revisor, Legal Services Division,                    
 Legislative Affairs Agency, explained that SB 85 is of very little            
 of importance to anybody, but it does clean up the statute to deal            
 with a few errors they have caught.  She did not want to go through           
 it section by section since it is so boring, but was happy to                 
 answer questions.                                                             
 REPRESENTATIVE TOOHEY asked if there was a fiscal note.                       
 MS. FINLEY believed there was not, or it was zero.                            
 REPRESENTATIVE FINKELSTEIN asked if there would be anyone in the              
 House to answer questions when it comes up on the floor.  He would            
 like to bring something up there.                                             
 MS. FINLEY said she could certainly be there on the House floor, as           
 she was for the Senate.                                                       
 REPRESENTATIVE FINKELSTEIN made a motion to move the revisor bill,            
 CSSB 85(JUD) am, out of committee with individual recommendations             
 and the zero fiscal note.  Seeing no objection, it was so ordered.            
 Number 830                                                                    

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