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05/03/1996 03:30 PM FIN

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  SENATE BILL 265                                                              
       "An Act relating to the definition of program receipts;                 
       and providing for an effective date."                                   
  GORDY  WILLIAMS,  STAFF,  SENATOR  FRED  ZHAROFF,  spoke  in                 
  support of  SB 265.   SB 265 was  introduced to enhance  the                 
  ability of the  Department of Fish and Game  to successfully                 
  manage  the complex  fisheries.   An important  tool  in the                 
  management regime would be the utilization of private sector                 
  vessels  and  expertise  to  conduct  test fisheries.    The                 
  fisheries provide valuable information on such things as the                 
  health of  fish stocks,  compositions of  stocks, timing  of                 
  fish runs, and the economic condition of our resources.                      
  Mr. Williams  pointed out that  the Department  of Fish  and                 
  Game is limited  with regard to  vessels and field staff  in                 
  many areas of the State.  As budget constraints continue, it                 
  is increasingly difficult for the  Department to maintain or                 
  enhance their management  capabilities without a significant                 
  cooperative effort with the private sector.                                  
  SB 265  would not  affect the  legislature's role  in making                 
  appropriations to the  test fisheries  program or the  other                 
  programs that are identified as utilizing restricted program                 
  receipts.  The  bill recognizes the special  relationship of                 
  these  funds  and clarifies  their  treatment in  the budget                 
  MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET,  OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR,  stated that                 
  the  legislation  would not  restrict  the authority  of the                 
  Legislature in reviewing  or appropriating funds.   It would                 
  take those specific items received by the State  by contract                 
  and would identify them as restricted program receipts.  Ms.                 
  Slagle noted that attached to the  fiscal note was a list of                 
  agencies affected by the legislation.                                        
  Representative Mulder MOVED to report CS SB 265 (FIN) out of                 
  Committee  with  individual  recommendations  and  with  the                 
  accompanying fiscal note.  There  being NO OBJECTION, it was                 
  so ordered.                                                                  
  CS  SB 265 (FIN)  was reported out  of Committee with  a "do                 
  pass" recommendation and with a fiscal note by the Office of                 
  Management and Budget dated 5/1/96.                                          

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