Legislature(1995 - 1996)

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  SENATE BILL NO. 289                                                          
       "An Act relating  to runaway minors and  their families                 
       or legal custodians."                                                   
  ROBIN  RANDALL, FAIRBANKS  testified via  the teleconference                 
  network.  She expressed concern  that the legislation remain                 
  strong.  She read a letter  to the Committee (copy on file).                 
  She emphasized that children run away  from good homes.  She                 
  maintained  that getting tough and attaching consequences to                 
  running away is effective.                                                   
  AL NEAR, FAIRBANKS testified via the teleconference network.                 
  He maintained that the House Judiciary Committee version has                 
  weakened the legislation.  He  stressed that the legislation                 
  is not  about abused,  homeless or  neglected children  that                 
  voluntary walk  into youth shelters.   He asserted  that the                 
  legislation  is  about  the  growing  number  of  rebellious                 
  teenagers  that  exploit weakness  in  the existing  laws to                 
  manipulate to  the system to  evade authority.   He stressed                 
  that  the revolving door policy must  be ended.  He spoke in                 
  support of the Senate version of SB 289.  He emphasized  the                 
  need for early intervention.                                                 
  SB 289 was HELD in Committee for further consideration.                      

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