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2017-05-18 Senate Journal

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2017-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 1349
                                SENATE JOURNAL                                                                               
                           ALASKA STATE LEGISLATURE                                                                          
                            THIRTIETH LEGISLATURE                                                                            
                            FIRST SPECIAL SESSION                                                                            
Juneau, Alaska                    Thursday                     May 18, 2017                                                   
                                  First Day                                                                                  
Pursuant to the May 17 Proclamation of the Governor calling for the                                                             
convening of the First Special Session of the Thirtieth Alaska                                                                  
Legislature (page 1350), the Senate was called to order by President                                                            
Kelly at 11:14 a.m.                                                                                                             
The roll showed seventeen members present. Senators Begich,                                                                     
von Imhof were excused from a call of the Senate. Senator                                                                       
Wielechowski was absent.                                                                                                        
The prayer was offered by the Chaplain, Brian O'Sullivan, Deputy                                                                
Senate Secretary. Senator Hoffman moved and asked unanimous                                                                     
consent that the prayer be spread. Without objection, it was so ordered.                                                        
          People are often unreasonable and self-centered.                                                                      
          Forgive them anyway.                                                                                                  
          If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior                                                                    
          motives. Be kind anyway.                                                                                              
          If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest                                                                    
          If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be                                                                      
          happy anyway.                                                                                                         
          The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.                                                                      
          Do good anyway.                                                                                                       
          Give the world the best you have and it may never be                                                                  
          enough. Give your best anyway.                                                                                        
          For you see, in the end, it is between you and your                                                                   
               It was never between you and them anyway.  Amen.                                                                
          (Mother Teresa)                                                                                                       

2017-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 1350
Senator Giessel led the Senate in the Pledge of Allegiance.                                                                     
Senator Micciche moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                                                     
journal for the one hundred twenty-first legislative day of the First                                                           
Session and House and Senate Joint Journal Supplement No. 10 be                                                                 
approved as certified by the Secretary. Without objection, it was so                                                            
                          Messages from the Governor                                                                         
                            Executive Proclamation                                                                             
Under the authority of Article II, Section 9, and Article III, Section 17,                                                      
Constitution of the State of Alaska, and in the public interest, I call the                                                     
Thirtieth Legislature of the State of Alaska into its first special session                                                     
at the legislative chambers in Juneau, Alaska, at 11:00 a.m., on                                                                
May 18, 2017, to consider passage of bills on the following subjects:                                                           
          1. HB 57 - appropriations: operating budget, and loans, and                                                           
          2. HB 59 - appropriations: mental health budget;                                                                      
          3. HB 60 or SB 25 - motor fuel tax and transportation                                                                 
              maintenance fund;                                                                                                 
          4. HB 111 - credits against the oil and gas production tax;                                                           
          5. HB 159 or SB 79 - prescription of opioids, the controlled                                                        
              substance prescription database, and the Voluntary                                                                
              Nonopioid Directive Act;                                                                                          
          6. SB 23 - capital budget and supplemental appropriations;                                                            
          7. SB 26 - appropriation limit, the Alaska Permanent Fund,                                                            
              and the use of the earnings reserve account;                                                                      

2017-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 1351
          8. An act or acts to increase an existing tax or to establish a                                                       
              new broad-based tax for the purpose of generating new                                                             
              revenues for the State.                                                                                           
Dated this 17th day of May, 2017 at 9:10 p.m.                                                                                   
Bill Walker                                                                                                                     
The following report is on file in the Office of the Secretary of the                                                           
Report from the Commissioner of the Department of Administration                                                                
dated May 10 was received stating the monetary terms for the                                                                    
collective bargaining agreement reached with the Alaska Vocational                                                              
Technical Center Teachers' Association (AVTECTA) in accordance                                                                  
with AS 23.40.215.                                                                                                              
The President referred the report to the Finance Committee.                                                                     
Rule 23(d) of the Alaska State Legislature Uniform Rules is currently                                                           
in effect.                                                                                                                      
Announcements are at the end of the journal.                                                                                    
Senator Micciche moved and asked unanimous consent that the Senate                                                              
stand in adjournment until 11:00 a.m., May 22, 2017. Without                                                                    
objection, the Senate adjourned at 11:19 a.m.                                                                                   
                                                                    Liz Clark                                                   
                                                     Secretary of the Senate                                                    

2017-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 1352
Americans with Disabilities Act Notice - Persons with disabilities who require                                                  
special accommodation or alternative communication formats to access                                                            
committee meetings may contact the appropriate committee office or the                                                          
Legislative Information Office in their community. Reasonable advance                                                           
notice is needed to accommodate the request. For further information, call the                                                  
ADA Coordinator at 465-3854 Voice/465-4980 TDD.                                                                                 
                             STANDING COMMITTEES                                                                             
+ indicates teleconference                                                                                                      
= indicates bill previously heard/scheduled                                                                                     
                         COMMUNITY & REGIONAL AFFAIRS                                                                        
May 18        Thursday                    Beltz 105 (tsbldg)          3:30 PM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              
May 19        Friday                          Butrovich 205           8:00 AM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              
                           HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES                                                                          
May 19        Friday                          Butrovich 205           1:30 PM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              
May 22        Monday                          Butrovich 205           1:30 PM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              
May 24        Wednesday                       Butrovich 205           1:30 PM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              
May 26        Friday                          Butrovich 205           1:30 PM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              

2017-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 1353
                                STATE AFFAIRS                                                                                
May 18        Thursday                        Butrovich 205           3:30 PM                                                 
              No Meeting Scheduled                                                                                              
                               JOINT COMMITTEES                                                                              
                             LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL                                                                             
May 18        Thursday                   House Finance 519            9:00 AM                                                 
+             Contract Approval                                                                                                 
              - Wasilla LIO                                                                                                     
              - Amendment to Haight & Associates - Capitol                                                                      
              Security Camera System