Legislature(2007 - 2008)

2007-01-16 House Journal

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2007-01-16                     House Journal                      Page 0011
HR 5                                                                                                                          
House Special Committee on Ways & Means:  Hawker, Chair;                                                                        
Fairclough, Vice Chair; Roses, Seaton, Wilson, Cissna, Gruenberg                                                                
(pending passage of HR 5)                                                                                                       
The report was signed by Representative Harris, Chair; and                                                                      
Representatives Coghill, Samuels, Chenault, Meyer, Kerttula, and                                                                
Representative Samuels moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                                               
House adopt the Committee on Committees report.  There being no                                                                 
objection, it was so ordered.