Legislature(2005 - 2006)

2006-11-15 House Journal

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2006-11-15                     House Journal                      Page 4395
SJR 19                                                                                            
Pursuant to:                                                                                        
     CS FOR SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 19(FIN)                                                     
     Relating to creating the Task Force to Assess Public Reporting of                              
     Health Care Associated Infections.                                                             
A message dated October 5, 2006, stated the Speaker and President                                   
had appointed the following to the task force:                                                      
     Representative Gatto                                                                           
     Representative Wilson                                                                          
     Senator Gary Stevens                                                                           
     Senator Davis                                                                                  
Public Members                                                                                      
     Jay Butler - Chief of Epidemiology                                                             
     Dr. Richard Neubauer - Urban Health Care Consumer                                              
     Sandra Stark - Rural Health Care Consumer                                                      
     Dan Kashevaroff - Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium                                       
     Linda Fink - Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home                                            
     Kim Mynes-Spink - Association of Professionals in Infection                                    
     Control and Epidemiology