Legislature(2001 - 2002)

2002-05-19 House Journal

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2002-05-19                     House Journal                      Page 3908
HB 2002                                                                                           
A message dated May 19, 2002, was read stating the Senate has passed                                
CSHB 2002(FIN) with the following amendment and it is transmitted                                   
for consideration:                                                                                  
    SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 2002(RLS) am S                                              
    "An Act relating to the issuance of general obligation bonds for                                
    the purpose of paying the cost of design, construction, and major                               
    maintenance of educational and museum facilities; and providing                                 
    for an effective date."                                                                         

2002-05-19                     House Journal                      Page 3909
The message further stated that under Rule 43(b) of the Uniform                                     
Rules, engrossment had been waived and the following certified                                      
amendment was attached:                                                                             
Certified Amendment No. 1 as amended:                                                               
Page 1, line 9, after "than":                                                                       
 Delete "$232,805,441"                                                                              
 Insert  "$236,805,441"                                                                             
Page 4, line 31:                                                                                    
    Under Project, Insert "(52) Lower Kuskokwim School District                                     
    Asbestos Abatement"                                                                             
      Under Municipality or REAA Location, Insert "District wide"                                  
    Under Amount, Insert "4,000,000"                                                                
 Conforming change on Page 7, lines 15 and 17                                                       
CSHB 2002(FIN) is under Unfinished Business.