Legislature(1999 - 2000)

2000-01-28 Senate Journal

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2000-01-28                     Senate Journal                      Page 2106
Senator Leman, Acting Majority Leader, moved and asked unanimous               
consent that the journal for the eighteenth legislative day be                 
approved as certified by the Secretary. Without objection, it was so           
The following reports are on file in the Office of the Secretary of            
the Senate:                                                                    
Alaska Taxable 1999; Municipal Taxation - Rates and Policies, Full             
Value Determination, Population and G.O. Bonded Debt, Volume                   
XXXIX, January 2000                                                            
from Steve Van Sant, State Assessor, Department of Community and               
Economic Development                                                           
Joint Armed Services Committee Activities Report, July 1, 1999 -               
January 10, 2000                                                               
from Senator Tim Kelly and Representative Mulder, Cochairs                     
in accordance with AS 24.20.675(a)(9)                                          
Commission on Privatization and Delivery of Government Services                
Final Report, January 2000                                                     
from Senator Ward and Representative Cowdery, Cochairs                         
in accordance with Chapter 61, SLA 1999                                        
Report available at: http://www.privatizealaska.org                            
President Pearce referred the report to the Finance Committee.                 
Final Report to the Joint Special Committee on Mergers, Competitive            
Assessment of the Proposed Merger Between BP Amoco p.l.c. and                  
from Senator Halford, Chair                                                    
in accordance with Legislative Resolve 21, SLA 1999