Legislature(1999 - 2000)

1999-04-29 House Journal

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1999-04-29                     House Journal                      Page 1069
SB 33                                                                        
The Finance Committee has considered:                                          
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 33(FIN)                                                
"An Act relating to contracts for the performance of certain state            
functions previously performed by state employees and to the                   
Commission on Privatization and Delivery of Government                         
Services; and providing for an effective date."                                
and recommends it be replaced with:                                            

1999-04-29                     House Journal                      Page 1070
SB 33                                                                        
HOUSE CS FOR CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 33(FIN)                                   
(same title)                                                                  
The report was signed by Representatives Therriault and Mulder, Co-            
chairs, with the following individual recommendations:                         
Do pass (1):  Kohring                                                          
Do not pass (3):  Austerman, Grussendorf, Moses                                
No recommendation (6):  Therriault, Mulder, Bunde, Foster, Davis,              
Amend (1):  Davies                                                             
The following fiscal notes apply to HCS CSSB 33(FIN):                          
Fiscal note, Legislative Affairs Agency, 4/29/99                               
Senate indeterminate fiscal note, Office of the Governor, 2/1/99               
CSSB 33(FIN) is on today's calendar.