Legislature(1997 - 1998)

1998-03-11 House Journal

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1998-03-11                     House Journal                      Page 2589
HB 329                                                                       
The State Affairs Committee has considered:                                    
HOUSE BILL NO. 329                                                            
"An Act amending the definition of correctional facility to include           
a therapeutic treatment center; providing for the conveyance of the            
Harborview Developmental Center and appurtenant land to the                    
City of Valdez for the purpose of conversion and lease of a part               
of the center for a therapeutic treatment center for the Department            
of Corrections;  providing  that  such  a  land conveyance counts              

1998-03-11                     House Journal                      Page 2590
HB 329                                                                       
toward the general grant land entitlement of the City of Valdez;              
and providing for an effective date."                                          
The report was signed by Representative James, Chair, with the                 
following individual recommendations:                                          
Do pass (2):  Elton, Berkowitz                                                 
Do not pass (1):  Dyson                                                        
No recommendation (2):  James, Hodgins                                         
The following fiscal notes apply:                                              
Fiscal note, Dept. of Corrections, 1/16/98                                     
Zero fiscal note, Dept. of Administration, 1/16/98                             
Zero fiscal note, Dept. of Health & Social Services, 1/16/98                   
Zero fiscal note, Dept. of Natural Resources, 1/16/98                          
HB 329 was referred to the Judiciary Committee.