Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1995-09-27 Senate Journal

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1995-09-27                     Senate Journal                      Page 2008
SB 87                                                                        
Memorandum dated May 16 from Rosemary Kimlinger, Enrolling                     
Secretary, Division of Legal Services, Legislative Affairs Agency:             
In accordance with Rule 43 of the Uniform Rules, I am reporting the            
following clerical errors to HOUSE CS FOR CS FOR SENATE                        
BILL NO. 87(JUD) "An Act relating to the membership of the                     
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board; relating to community local                  
options for control of alcoholic beverages; relating to the control of         
alcoholic beverages; prohibiting persons from being on premises                
involving alcoholic beverages under certain circumstances; relating            
to the definition of 'alcoholic beverage'; relating to purchase and            
sale of alcoholic beverages; relating to alcohol server education              
courses; and providing for an effective date" that have been corrected         
in enrolling:                                                                  

1995-09-27                     Senate Journal                      Page 2009
SB 87                                                                        
	Page 6, lines 4 - 12, bill section 11 is out of order                         
numerically and has been renumbered bill section 35 and moved to               
page 25, after line 2.                                                         
	Bill sections have been renumbered accordingly.                               
	Page 37, line 12, delete "PURCHASE OR CERTAIN" and                            
insert "PURCHASE OF CERTAIN".                                                  
	Page 37, line 17, delete "sec. 33" and insert "sec. 32".