Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1995-04-19 Senate Journal

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1995-04-19                     Senate Journal                      Page 1088
SB 53                                                                        
Senator Halford moved and asked unanimous consent that the                     
reconsideration on CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 53(JUD) "An Act                      
relating to regulation of risk retention or purchasing groups; to              
preemption of the regulation of insurance agents and insurance                 
producers; to the general powers of the director of the division of            
insurance; to insurance examination hearings; to insurer certificates          
of authority; to annual and quarterly statements, taxes, and prohibited        
acts of insurers; to reinsurance credit allowed a domestic insurer; to         
risk based capital for insurers; to insurer assets and liabilities; to         
insurer investments; to insurance holding companies; to regulation,            
licensing, examination, and trade practices of insurance producers,            
managing general agents, third-party administrators, brokers,                  
independent adjusters, and reinsurance intermediary managers; to               
surplus lines insurance; to criminal insurance acts; to premium                
increases in automobile insurance; to insurance rating; to assigned            
risk pools; to filing and approval of certain insurance policy forms;          
to required insurance coverage for acupuncture, nurse midwives'                
services, mammography, and phenylketonuria; to health insurance                
provided by small employers; to transfer of an insurer's status as a           
domestic insurer; to quarterly statements of benevolent associations,          
fraternal benefit societies, and health maintenance organizations; to          
reciprocal insurers; to the definition of `member insurer' for purposes        
of the Alaska Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty Association; to           
electronic insurance data transfer and insurance funds transfer; to the        
definitions of `managing general agent' and `person' applicable to             
insurance law; to automobile assigned risk plans; placing a person             
employed by the division of insurance as an actuary or assistant               
actuary into the exempt service; amending Alaska Rule of Civil                 
Procedure 45; and providing for an effective date" be held to April            
20.  Without objection, it was so ordered.