Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-02-21 House Journal

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1996-02-21                     House Journal                      Page 2832
SB 123                                                                       
The Free Conference Committee considering CSSB 123(FIN) am H                   
and CSSB 123(FIN) recommends the following be adopted:                         
FREE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE FOR                                      
SENATE BILL NO. 123                                                            
An Act relating to student loan programs and fees for review of               
postsecondary education institutions; relating to a postsecondary              
student exchange program administered by the Western Interstate                
Commission on Higher Education; and providing for an effective                 
The report was signed by Representatives Toohey (Chair), Kott and              
Elton; and Senators Miller (Chair), Torgerson and Adams.                       
The following fiscal notes apply to FCCS SB 123:                               
Senate zero fiscal note, Free Conference Committee/Dept. of                    
Education, 2/21/96                                                             
Senate zero fiscal notes (2), Dept. of Revenue, 2/21/96                        

1996-02-21                     House Journal                      Page 2833
SB 123                                                                       
The report was received in the Chief Clerk's Office at 9:45 a.m.,              
February 21, 1996 and is under Unfinished Business.