Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-02-26 House Journal

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1996-02-26                     House Journal                      Page 2881
HB 437                                                                       
The Finance Committee has considered:                                          

1996-02-26                     House Journal                      Page 2882
HB 437                                                                       
HOUSE BILL NO. 437                                                            
An Act establishing the Judicial Officers Compensation                        
Commission; relating to the compensation of supreme court                      
justices, judges of the court of appeals, judges of the superior               
court, and district court judges; and providing for an effective               
and recommends it be replaced with:                                            
CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 437(FIN)                                                
(same title)                                                                  
The report was signed by Representative Hanley, Co-chair, with the             
following individual recommendations:                                          
Do pass (3):  Martin, Parnell, Brown                                           
No recommendation (6):  Hanley, Mulder, Kohring, Navarre, Kelly,               
The following fiscal notes apply to CSHB 437(FIN):                             
Fiscal note, Office of the Governor, 2/26/96                                   
Zero fiscal note, Alaska Court System, 1/30/96                                 
HB 437 was referred to the Rules for placement on the calendar.