HB 30: "An Act relating to a dress code for public schools."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 30                                                                                                       
01 "An Act relating to a dress code for public schools."                                                                   
02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                                
03    * Section 1.   AS 14.03 is amended by adding a new section to read:                                                  
04   Sec. 14.03.095.  SCHOOL DRESS CODE.  (a)  A governing body may adopt                                                 
05 a reasonable dress code that requires a student attending public school in the district                                 
06 to wear a uniform or that prohibits a student from wearing  specified clothing, if the                                  
07 governing body determines that the policy is necessary for the health and safety of the                                 
08 students or teachers of the district.                                                                                   
09  (b)   A dress code that requires students to wear a uniform may not be                                                
10 implemented unless the governing body                                                                                   
11   (1)  provides at least six months notice to  the student body and to                                                 
12 parents of students in the district;                                                                                    
13   (2)  determines that financial resources are available to assist                                                     
14 economically disadvantaged students;                                                                                    
01   (3)  includes a provision allowing parents to exclude their children from                                            
02 the  dress code; and                                                                                                    
03   (4)  includes a provision that a student may not be academically                                                     
04 penalized or otherwise discriminated against if the student is excepted from the                                        
05 uniform requirement under (3) of this subsection.                                                                       
06  (c)  A dress code adopted under this section may not preclude students who                                            
07 participate in a nationally recognized youth organization from wearing organization                                     
08 uniforms on days when the organization has a scheduled meeting.