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33rd Legislature(2023-2024)

Member Information

Mark Boyer
1987-1992 Representative District  
Date/Place of Birth:
1216/ 53
St. Louis. Missouri
Residency in Alaska:
Anchorage July 1967-September 1979
Fairbanks September 1979-present
Hiah School-A.). Dimond. 1969-1971
CollelelUnivenitv-I.!Alliance Francise. Paris. Sept. 1972-Dec. 1972.
3rd degree French Proficiency; Gonzaga University. Sept. 1973-
Dec. 1973; University of Alaska. Anchorage, Sept. 1971-Aug. 1975.
Polt Graduate-University of Alaska. Fairbanks. Sept. 1983-Dec.
1983. (MBA)
Political and Government Positions:
Feb. 1976-Aug.
1979. Legislative Assistant to Former U.S. Senator Milce Gravel; Aug.
1979-Dec. 1981. Area RepresentativelFairbanks. to Former U.s. Senator
Milce Gravel; Oct. 1981-Oct. 1985. Professional Assistant to State
Senator Bettye Fahrenkampi Senate Staff to Governor's Task Force on
Gas Pipeline Financing; Jan. 1986-May 1986. Finance Committee Aide
to Representative Pat Pourchot; Jan. 1984-present. Member Placer Mining
Advisory Group
Business and Professional Positions:
National Pastime Properties; Partner. Alyeska Seafoods/fish buying!
Service Organization Membership:
Past Board Member.
Fairbanks Displaced Homemalcers
Special Interests :
Downhill skiing. scuba diving. traveling. crosscultural
experiences. canoeing. foreign languages. music. guitar and