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Committee/Member Information

Ivan Ivan
1991-1992 Representative District  
1995-1998 Representative District
Date/Place of Birth:
August 17,1945
Akiak, Alaska
Subsistence Hunter/Fisherman
Richard, Jacqueline, Brian, Susie
Carolyn, Ivan Jr., Shirley
Residency in Alaska:
50 years
Akiak: 1945-present
Political and Government Postions:
CDQ Specialist, Department of Community & Regional Affairs,
1993-94; Alaska House of Representatives, 1990-92, 1994-96 (2
tems); City AdminIstrator, City of Akiak, 1987·90; AVCP Inc.,
Director of Tribal Operation, President; Co-Chalr, Community &
Reg/onal Affairs, 1994·96; Co-ChaIr, Military and Veterans
Affairs, 1994-96
Business and Professional Positions:
Calista Corporation, Board Member, Chalnnan Board of Directors; Limited Partner, family owned enterprise; Manager, Bethel Manpower Center, DOL; Commander, 2nd Scout Battalion, Alaska Army National Guard 62
Service Organization Membership:
Past Member, United Slates lI/aUonal G,uard Officers Association, past Membar, Alaska National Guard Offlcers AssoclatJon
Special Interests:
Subsistence hunting and fishing, dog mushing