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Committee/Member Information

Laddie Shaw
2019-2024 Representative District  
Hi, I'm Laddie Shaw. I've lived in Alaska for the last 37 years - and I've spent most of it outdoors, enjoying all Alaska has to offer. In the Navy SEALs, they teach how to work as a team and how to achieve objectives. That's what I will bring to Juneau.

- Married 27 years
- 24 years in uniform, US Navy SEAL
- Two tours of service in Vietnam
- 20 years state experience improving public safety and helping our veterans
- A lifetime of standing up for our values Here's what I stand for:
  - Safe, crime-free neighborhoods. We all need to feel safe in our homes, neighborhoods, and places of business -- and that's my highest priority.

As a State Trooper Academy instructor, I have the experience to make sure criminals are put in jail and kept there. That's why I support repealing SB 91 and taking a fresh look at our criminal justice laws.

- A strong Alaskan economy. Alaskans deserve a strong, growing economy. I will work hard to make that a reality for all Alaskans.
- Smaller, sustainable government. Government should live within its means before taking money out of the pockets of hard-working Alaskans.
- Keeping our promises to Alaska's veterans and seniors. As a former State Director for Veterans Affairs, I believe that all veterans and seniors should receive the benefits and care promised to them.