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Committee/Member Information

George Rauscher
2017-2024 Representative District  

George Rauscher moved to Alaska 38 years ago. He made his home in the quaint little community of Sutton. Married Elizabeth Samuel and they raised four daughters. He studied Construction Management at UAF from 2008-2013.

George is a business owner. He serves on the Sutton Community Council, the Alpine Road Service Advisory Board, the Mat-Su Borough Road Service Advisory Board, the Alpine Civic Club and the Jonesville/ Slipper Lake Action Committee.

He is very involved in is home church in Sutton, where he has sat on both the Director’s Board and the Elder’s Board over the years.

His interests lie in Transportation, Resources and Energy as District 9 is heavily laden with those challenges. As a result the committees George was able to get seated on are: Resources, Energy, Military and Veterans Affairs, Community and Regional Affairs.

He believes the Federally Funded State Highways that exist within District 9 are some of the most treacherous roads Alaskans have to travel within the State of Alaska and that the Department of Transportation must start to take a serious look at these roads before any more death occur.

George is a lifelong conservative Republican. He supports less government, low and predictable taxes, reasonable regulations that encourage economic development, and local parental control of education and school choice.

He also embraces the need to privatize state services, wherever possible. He also believes we must be a willing and trustworthy partner with our business partnerships, where our word is our bond.

We must be attentive to the needs of infrastructure that will spur the economic development of our many of our natural resources. We must heavily push back against burdensome federal and state regulations. Developing ANWAR should be a priority. If we do not, then we face the risk of having TAPS removed.

Removing TAPS would dramatically curtail arctic offshore development and other possible oil deposits in both the Tanana and Copper basins. The economic impact to Alaska would be devastating beyond even today's low oil prices.

This year's legislative session must come up with a plan that with not provide the people with the kind of Government we would like but the kind we can afford. The good people of Alaska have only us to defend them against Government.

He is not a polished politician who will simply tell you what you want to hear to get elected. He believes in term limits not career politicians.

Political and Government Positions:
Alaska House of Representatives, 2016 to present
Sutton Community Council, 2007-2011 chairman
Jonesville Public Use Committee - Chair
Alpine Road Service Advisory Board
Mat Su Borough Road Service Advisory Board
Professional Association and Development:
Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) - Energy Horizons Institute, 2017
American Legislative Exchange Council
National Conference of State Legislatures
Family Policy Foundation Statesman Academy -2018
Council of State Governments - Western Legislative Academy - 2019
WallBuilders ProFamily Legislators Conference -2019
National Rifle Association, Lifetime member
National Family Policy Foundation
Alaska Outdoor Council
Alaska Miners Association