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10/29/2020 10:00 AM Senate LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL

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Approval of Minutes: June 18, 2020
Committee Business:
Leg. Council Moving & Travel Policy Change
Adoption of COVID-19 Session Safety Protocols
Legislature Litigation Update
Contract Approvals:
RFP 639 - AK State Capitol Childcare Provider
Lease Extension for Homer Office Space
Renewal No. 2 of Sublease for Utqiagvik Office
                        LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL                                                                                   
                         OCTOBER 29, 2020                                                                                     
                             10:00 AM                                                                                         
   MEMBERS PARTICIPATING BY TELECONFERENCE:                                                                                   
   Senator Gary Stevens, Chair                                                                                                
   Representative Louise Stutes, Vice-Chair                                                                                   
   Senator John Coghill                                                                                                       
   Senator Cathy Giessel                                                                                                      
   Senator Lyman Hoffman                                                                                                      
   Senator Bert Stedman                                                                                                       
   Senator Natasha von Imhof                                                                                                  
   Representative Bryce Edgmon                                                                                                
   Representative Neal Foster                                                                                                 
   Representative DeLena Johnson                                                                                              
   Representative Jennifer Johnston                                                                                           
   Representative Chuck Kopp                                                                                                  
   Representative Steve Thompson                                                                                              
   MEMBERS ABSENT:                                                                                                            
   Senator Tom Begich                                                                                                         
   OTHER MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                                                                     
   Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson                                                                                                  
   Senator David Wilson                                                                                                       
   Senator Donald Olson                                                                                                       
   Senator Jesse Kiehl                                                                                                        
   SPEAKER REGISTER:                                                                                                          
   Jessica Geary, Executive Director, Legislative Affairs Agency (LAA)                                                        
   Mindy Kissner, Finance Manager, Accounting, LAA                                                                            
   Megan Wallace, Legal Services Director, LAA                                                                                
   JC Kestel, Procurement Officer, LAA                                                                                        
   Tim Banaszak, IT Manager, LAA                                                                                              
     10:00:14 AM                                                                                                            
   I.   CALL TO ORDER                                                                                                       
          CHAIR  STEVENS  called the  Legislative  Council meeting  to                                                        
     order  at 10:00am. Present  at the  call were: Senators  Coghill,                                                        
     Giessel,  Hoffman, Stedman, Stevens,  von Imhof;  Representatives                                                        
    Edgmon, Foster, Johnson, Johnston, Kopp, Thompson, Stutes.                                                                
     Senator Begich was absent.                                                                                               
     13 members present.                                                                                                      
II.     APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, let's move on then to the next                                                               
     item, which is the approval of the agenda.                                                                               
                Representative Stutes, for our motion, please?                                                                
     10:03:17 AM                                                                                                            
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Certainly, Senator.  I move and ask                                                            
    unanimous consent that the Legislative Council approve the                                                                
     agenda as presented.                                                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  I'll object for purposes of                                                            
   discussion.  We hadn't planned on it before, but I'd like to                                                               
    add an IT update at the end of this meeting.  Tim Banaszak                                                                
   is -- will be with us to explain the process we're now using                                                               
     and the IT process, as well as the LIOs and how we're able to                                                            
     make use of this entire new process.                                                                                     
                So if there's no objection to adding Tim Banaszak                                                             
   at the end for IT update, are there any other changes to the                                                               
                Seeing and hearing none, then the agenda has been                                                             
III.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                                                                 
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Moving on to the minutes.                                                                        
                   Representative Stutes.                                                                                     
             VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Certainly, Mr. Chair.  I move and                                                            
        ask unanimous consent that the Legislative Council approve                                                            
        the minutes dated June 18th, 2020 as presented.                                                                       
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  So any corrections or                                                                
        additions to those minutes from the June 18th meeting?  Any                                                           
        corrections or additions?                                                                                             
                   Hearing none, then the minutes are approved as                                                             
IV.     COMMITTEE BUSINESS                                                                                                  
             A. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL MOVING & TRAVEL POLICY CHANGE                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Let's move on to committee business                                                                
     then.  And I'll start by calling on Mindy Kissner, our                                                                   
    finance manager, to explain a memo that that has to do with                                                               
     Risk Management.                                                                                                         
                And, Mindy, could you explain to us what's going                                                              
     on there?                                                                                                                
           MS. KISSNER:  Chair Stevens, for the record, this is                                                               
     Mindy Kissner.                                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Mindy.  Before you get into                                                             
     that, I just want to make sure everyone understands that                                                                 
     we're not going to take action on this.  I was a little                                                                  
     surprised to read it, and there  are some concerns I have, and                                                           
     I'm sure others will have concerns  as well.  I just wanted to                                                           
    bring in for discussion and then begin to see if there are                                                                
     other resolutions for this problem we're facing.                                                                         
                So, Mindy, if you'd go ahead and explain things.                                                              
           MS. KISSNER:  Yes, sir.  So this was to bring to light                                                             
    and start a discussion, as you mentioned, regarding the use                                                               
     of the state car rental contract.                                                                                        
                So we recognized that Risk Management will not                                                                
     cover anyone that is a non-state  employee and using the state                                                           
     rental contract.  And the importance  is to make sure that our                                                           
    legislators' needs are being met, at the same time they are                                                               
     being fully protected, and the passengers in the car are                                                                 
     being fully projected while using that car.  And so that's                                                               
     the point of discussion today.                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Well, thank you very much, Mindy.                                                           
     When I read that, I was really concerned.  You know, some                                                                
     legislators, their spouses come  with them.  Actually, I gave                                                            
     a call to Senator Olson, whose  spouse and family comes to the                                                           
     capital with them.                                                                                                       
                That would make it very difficult on his family if                                                            
     his wife could not drive and  if they had a rental car, and it                                                           
    would require the Senator really to leave the building more                                                               
     often to take the kids to school  and back and all those sorts                                                           
     of things.  So I think -- I've heard that maybe rural                                                                    
     legislators might be more impacted  than others.  I think all                                                            
     of us will be impacted.                                                                                                  
                So what I really ask Jessica to do is to look into                                                            
     other options, other solutions.  I mean, I'd actually                                                                    
    appreciate any discussion on this item to know what you are                                                               
           SENATOR OLSON:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                      
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, is that Representative Edgmon, Mr.                                                            
           SENATOR OLSON:  Actually, no, it's Senator Olson.                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Oh, I'm sorry.                                                                                     
           SENATOR OLSON:  I'm online.                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Olson, yes, please, go ahead.                                                              
           SENATOR OLSON:  Well, I just wanted to second what                                                                 
     you're saying.  It makes it a less family-friendly atmosphere                                                            
     to go and have something like this recommendation going                                                                  
     through.  So I would say we should take it very seriously                                                                
     because if you have a number of kids, and we do have a number                                                            
    of kids, and they're all in school today, and would plan on                                                               
    being in school if we do go down there, so that it wouldn't                                                               
   necessitate for this kind of COVID pandemic situation that's                                                               
     going on where you've got to go ahead and leave the building.                                                            
                And right now the idea is we don't -- once we get                                                             
     tested in the morning, they don't want us to be retested                                                                 
    again.  In other words, we've got to stay out the building                                                                
     once we leave, and so that's a consideration.                                                                            
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Olson.  I understand                                                            
   what you're saying.  And, again, we're not going to take any                                                               
    action on this today.  It's an issue for discussion.  We're                                                               
     reacting to the Risk Management.                                                                                         
                So I think we understand now from Mindy Kissner                                                               
    that Risk Management has said they feel they should not be                                                                
     covering spouses.  And I guess we need to see if we have                                                                 
   other resolutions to that, otherways to find a resolution of                                                               
     that issue.                                                                                                              
                Any other comments on this matter?                                                                            
           MS. KISSNER:  Chair Stevens, this is Mindy Kissner                                                                 
     again.  Can I clarify something, please?                                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Mindy, please, go ahead.                                                                      
           MS. KISSNER:  Thank you.  I wanted to make sure that I                                                             
     said we added the rental car piece as a thought that it would                                                            
     be the cheapest option, but in that process we realized it is                                                            
    an unrealistic option for probably all legislators because                                                                
    they come to live in Juneau, and they use the vehicle while                                                               
     here to go about their daily lives.                                                                                      
                So the rental car, under the state contract, does                                                             
   not make the most sense because it doesn't cover anyone that                                                               
    is not a state employee, and that is the piece we wanted to                                                               
    address and say that it may not be the best option for our                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Mindy.  So when you rent a                                                              
    car through Budget, who we deal with, you can add a driver                                                                
     and add insurance.  Of course it would not be paid for by                                                                
     Risk Management, but it could be paid for in other ways.                                                                 
     Have you looked into that?  Can people do that?  When they go                                                            
     up to the desk to rent a car, can they add a spouse as a                                                                 
     driver and insurance as well?                                                                                            
           MS. KISSNER:  Chair Stevens, this is Mindy again.  The                                                             
    answer is, yes, they can rent a car through any car company                                                               
     and add their own insurance and be covered.                                                                              
                And if they do that and they are driving on                                                                   
     state -- let's say the legislator is driving for work and                                                                
     they are by themselves in that car and they get in an                                                                    
    accident? their insurance would kick in first, and anything                                                               
     above that the state would kick in.                                                                                      
                If they were driving that car with non-state                                                                  
    employees, I think at that point the state would bow out of                                                               
     it.  But they cannot use the state's rental contract and then                                                            
     try to apply their own insurance, so it's one or the other.                                                              
                And I think our recommendation is moving away from                                                            
     the state contract because it doesn't accommodate and protect                                                            
     our legislators.                                                                                                         
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  I have a question.                                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Representative Stutes.                                                                        
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Would there be a reimbursement                                                                 
     provision allowed the legislator on using their own --                                                                   
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Their own insurance?                                                                               
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  -- their own money and insurance to                                                            
     initially rent the car?                                                                                                  
           MS. KISSNER:  Through the Chair, Representative Stutes,                                                            
     the way I interpret the policy, it is in the interest to look                                                            
     for the least expensive option, and that varies by                                                                       
     legislator.  So every scenario is going to be slightly                                                                   
     different, but the intent would be the least expensive                                                                   
     option.  And I would say having a vehicle is a necessary cost                                                            
     of doing business, so, yes, it would qualify as a                                                                        
     reimbursable expense.                                                                                                    
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Thank you.                                                                                     
         SENATOR COGHILL:  Mr. Chairman, this is Coghill.                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Coghill, please.                                                                      
           SENATOR COGHILL:  So it sounds to me like the real                                                                 
     question here is should we be looking for another rental                                                                 
     policy or a different contract outside of the state contract?                                                            
                Mindy, is that something that you've looked at the                                                            
     landscape on?                                                                                                            
           MS. KISSNER:  Senator Coghill, through the Chair, no, we                                                           
     have not explored that other than to have a conversation with                                                            
     Risk Management.                                                                                                         
                And in their words, when you explore contracts                                                                
     that are covering citizens other than employees, you are                                                                 
     venturing into something that somebody may not go into                                                                   
     contract with you over.                                                                                                  
                I think, from our standpoint, to simplify it, the                                                             
     best course of action would be  to rent a car, if that was the                                                           
     option selected, and use your own insurance to do so.                                                                    
           SENATOR COGHILL:  I see.  Okay.  All right.  So then                                                               
    next question, Mr. Chairman, would be could the Legislative                                                               
     Council look into some way of  giving a rental car stipend or                                                            
     something for insurance?  Maybe  that would kick us out, but                                                             
     it looks to me like we're going to have to venture into                                                                  
     buying our own insurance for those of us who will bring                                                                  
     family down.  So that would be  the next question is does the                                                            
     Leg Council even want to venture  into something like that?                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Very good question.  Thank you, Senator.                                                           
                Jessica, do you have any comments at this time?                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, for the record Jessica Geary,                                                           
    executive director of Legislative Affairs.  I think at this                                                               
    point we're really exploring different options and working                                                                
     with the Executive Branch in whatever capacity we're able to.                                                            
                But what Mindy mentioned was the fact that we                                                                 
    provide for spouses and dependents to travel to Juneau for                                                                
     the session, but the Executive  Branch considers those people                                                            
     to be private citizens, not state  employees; therefore,                                                                 
     they're not covered, which is really the issue.  I think                                                                 
     regardless of what pot of money this comes out of, it's                                                                  
     strictly a liability issue.   So that's the standpoint they're                                                           
                Most of the time you don't need to use insurance                                                              
    however it's those times that you do, and the injuries are                                                                
     catastrophic, that this could  really be a huge liability for                                                            
     the state.  So it does make sense.   We're exploring different                                                           
     options, and our hope is to bring  those options back to the                                                             
     committee for discussion and action.                                                                                     
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Hoffman.                                                                              
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I think an                                                              
     option that should be considered by Mindy is giving                                                                      
     authorization to those legislators  that have spouses to lease                                                           
    the car for whatever period when they're down in Juneau and                                                               
     get reimbursed for those expenditures.  By doing this, I                                                                 
    think the individual, as stated, can go ahead and rent the                                                                
     vehicle, add the spouse and/or  family members to the policy,                                                            
     and then get reimbursed by the  State of Alaska.  I think that                                                           
     this option, although has to  go through another step, may be                                                            
     something that could be considered.                                                                                      
                In many cases, like if you have a Costco rental                                                               
     car, a second individual is added for free.  So there are                                                                
     options out there -- it's just  that the State of Alaska needs                                                           
     to acknowledge that a state employee and/or their spouse                                                                 
     needs to be covered.  I think  this option would allow that,                                                             
     but it would need to be sanctioned by our travel policy.                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator.  Yes, the issues                                                               
     there, it looks like we can solve them.  We're looking at                                                                
     options.  We certainly want to encourage legislators to bring                                                            
     their families to Juneau.  They have in the past and probably                                                            
     more so now, but we don't want  to discourage that.  We want                                                             
     to make sure that should there be, as Jessica said, a                                                                    
     catastrophic accident, that everyone  is covered the way they                                                            
     should be.                                                                                                               
                Any other discussion?                                                                                         
                Yes, please, Representative Stutes.                                                                           
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  I have a question, and I'm not sure                                                            
     who this would go to.  But has  there been any comparison on                                                             
     the expense of, say, renting  a vehicle for a legislator for                                                             
     the session as opposed to the cost of transporting their                                                                 
     personal vehicle down to Juneau?  It seems to me that if they                                                            
     had their own personal vehicle in Juneau, a lot of that                                                                  
     expense or a lot of these issues could be alleviated.                                                                    
           MS. KISSNER:  Chair Stevens, this is Mindy Kissner                                                                 
     again.  May I make a comment, please?                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Mindy, I knew you'd have an answer                                                            
     to that.  Go ahead.                                                                                                      
           MS. KISSNER:  The practice exists today that                                                                       
     we -- legislators, by all means,  look to the least expensive                                                            
     way to have a vehicle in Juneau.   That currently happens.                                                               
                Our recommendation today would be to not use the                                                              
     state rental contract because it only allows coverage for                                                                
     state employees.  So if you are driving with a friend,                                                                   
     spouse, or family member, those  people would not be covered                                                             
    under it, and that does not seem realistic.  So going with                                                                
     the other option of renting a vehicle using your own                                                                     
     insurance covers everybody in that car.                                                                                  
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Stedman.                                                                              
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  You know, I see and understand the                                                               
   dilemma, particularly when we're dealing with our colleagues                                                               
     that are out in the hinterland  and there is no road access,                                                             
     or, frankly, Kodiak could be  very little ferry access, as an                                                            
     example, or Nome.  There's two good examples.                                                                            
                But, you know, we want to make sure that we keep a                                                            
     level playing field also so the  people that bring their car                                                             
     to Juneau is a cost that they incur for the vehicle and                                                                  
     maintenance and their own insurance and on and on and on.  So                                                            
     we want to make sure we don't tip the field a little bit,                                                                
     keep it as fair as we can amongst  all of the legislators as                                                             
     far as the compensation package goes.                                                                                    
                My being extremely close would have to make a hard                                                            
     argument why I can't move my car from Sitka to Juneau and                                                                
     make that less expensive than moving one from Kodiak or                                                                  
     Dillingham to Juneau.  Those  are glaring examples.  But I                                                               
     have to eat all my costs and get reimbursed for none of them.                                                            
   So we just want to keep that in mind when we put this policy                                                               
     together.  But I would agree  that we have to have the ability                                                           
    for the spouse to be able to drive whatever vehicle it is.                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator.  I appreciate it,                                                              
     Senator Stedman.  We need to  make sure that it's fair and                                                               
                Mindy, did you have further comments there?                                                                   
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  Chair Stevens, may I jump in?                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
         REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  This is DeLena Johnson.                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Representative Johnson.                                                                            
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  I wanted to make sure, first of                                                           
     all, that you knew I was online.                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  We got you.                                                                                 
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  And I've been here for a while.                                                           
     I wanted to add my two cents.   First of all, I think it's                                                               
     important that we remember that legislators should be looked                                                             
     at in many ways as a family unit unless we want to have                                                                  
     people that go home on the weekends, and that's just a                                                                   
     thought out there.                                                                                                       
                It sounds to me like there's a lot more                                                                       
     administrative work to do on this policy and to examine some                                                             
     of the different options that  are available, whether it's                                                               
     just a flat-out stipend for each person for a car and they go                                                            
    rent their own.  There's lots of different ways to approach                                                               
                Obviously we could talk about it all day, but I                                                               
     hope that when Legislative Affairs comes back with something,                                                            
     that they'll come back with something more definitive that we                                                            
     can work on, although I do appreciate  them bringing it in                                                               
     front of us so we can examine  it.  Anyway, that's all.  I                                                               
     just wanted to say I was here,  and I'll let you guys carry                                                              
     on.  Thanks.                                                                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, thank you, Representative Johnson,                                                           
   appreciate your comments.  And you're absolutely right, this                                                               
     needs to be family-friendly,  and that's what we've always                                                               
     been.  We want to make sure that continues.                                                                              
                One issue I'd ask the staff to look into is                                                                   
     insurance.  I decide with my insurance company how I'm                                                                   
     covered and who's covered in  my car and all that.  As you                                                               
     talk about a catastrophic accident,  we each have different                                                              
     coverages on our personal insurance so please consider                                                                   
   individual insurance as you proceed on this, Mindy.  I think                                                               
     you know where we're coming from and what we want to do.  And                                                            
    I appreciate your comments, Mindy, to indicate that this is                                                               
     not working, it's not realistic, and we have to find a                                                                   
     solution to it.                                                                                                          
                Before we move on, any further comments on this                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, this is Jessica.                                                                        
          CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please, Jessica, go ahead.                                                                     
           MS. GEARY:  I just wanted to make a quick comment in                                                               
     response to Representative Stutes' question about legislators                                                            
     being able to bring their own vehicles to Juneau.                                                                        
                Absolutely that is still able to happen.                                                                      
    Legislators will still get reimbursed.  Legislative Affairs                                                               
     will still arrange for transport  of your vehicles.  A recent                                                            
     change to the policy that was  made was if it's less expensive                                                           
     to rent a car than to bring your  personal vehicle, then you                                                             
     should rent a car.  So this change in Risk Management has                                                                
     really caused us to evaluate our whole rental car contract                                                               
                I appreciate all of the comments, and we're                                                                   
     certainly going to look into every possible option for how to                                                            
   take care of this and take care of our legislators and their                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you very much.  And, of course, as                                                           
     people are traveling to D.C. or wherever they might go or                                                                
     another community, the same incident might occur where a                                                                 
   spouse is driving.  So we have to look at the bigger picture                                                               
     here.  Thanks very much for that comment.                                                                                
                Any other thoughts?  Any other comments?  I think                                                             
     somebody else is trying to speak.                                                                                        
          SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes, this is Senator Coghill.                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Coghill.                                                                              
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Just write this down; it needs to be                                                             
    looked into.  24.60.030 is the ethics on private benefits.                                                                
    It's something that needs to be considered because once you                                                               
     start allowing a private benefit, being on the ethics                                                                    
    committee for a lot of years, that's going to be something                                                                
     you're going to have to think about.                                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Absolutely.  I appreciate your pointing                                                            
     that out to us.  So, Jessica and Mindy, we will all pay                                                                  
     attention to that as we move forward.  Thank you.                                                                        
                Any further comments?  Well, let's move on then.                                                              
   We'll try to find what the options are and try to find a way                                                               
     to solve this issue.                                                                                                     
      B. ADOPTION OF COVID-19 SESSION SAFETY PROTOCOLS                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Let's move on to adoption of COVID-19                                                              
     session safety protocols.  I'd like to make it clear what                                                                
     we're doing here.                                                                                                        
                First, I want to ask Jessica to go over her memo,                                                             
     which you should have in front of you, and hear her                                                                      
    recommendations and allow her time to answer any questions,                                                               
     are you to ask any questions.                                                                                            
                After that, I'm going to ask Megan Wallace to talk                                                            
     about the memo that she has presented  to us.  I don't want to                                                           
     take any action on that memo  at this time, but I think it all                                                           
     plays together.  You need to  know the information in her memo                                                           
     to really deal with the other  issues that we've got in front                                                            
     of us.                                                                                                                   
                And I would like to move these other three things,                                                            
     if we can: the Mask Policy, the Screening Process Policy, and                                                            
    the Code of Conduct Policy, but, again, not move the action                                                               
     in Megan's memo.                                                                                                         
                So then before we go into motions on those three                                                              
     things, Jessica, would you explain your memo?                                                                            
           MS. GEARY:  Yes.  For the record, again, Jessica Geary,                                                            
     executive director of Legislative Affairs.                                                                               
              I've been doing a lot of work over the                                                                          
    past -- well, since the start of this pandemic on listening                                                               
     to what other states are doing to safely convene their                                                                   
    Legislature.  This Legislative Council has the authority to                                                               
     take appropriate action for pre-convening work of each                                                                   
    legislative session; which got us thinking that January is                                                                
     right around the corner, and we really need to have some                                                                 
     consistent policies in place that can be applied evenly                                                                  
    across all of our legislative spaces and then carry us into                                                               
     the 32nd Legislature.                                                                                                    
                So one of the big ways that we know helps prevent                                                             
     the spread of this virus is to wear a face covering.  And                                                                
    having a mask -- or having a policy in place that requires                                                                
     legislators and staff and visitors to those legislative                                                                  
     spaces, if they have a face covering on, that is a                                                                       
     recommendation.  So there's a policy in there.  I'm just                                                                 
    going to go through each of these bullets briefly, and then                                                               
     we can talk about each policy separately.                                                                                
                The Screening Process Policy is a way to ensure                                                               
     those that are entering the Capitol are free of COVID                                                                    
     symptoms, and those who participated  in the session in May                                                              
   recall that the screening process is pretty painless, but it                                                               
     can help identify those who might  have the virus or at least                                                            
     symptoms that could be contagious.                                                                                       
                The next item is a little different.  But when we                                                             
     look at bringing the legislators, the staff, the families                                                                
     down to Juneau in January, we sort of look at trying to                                                                  
    create a bubble, in a sense, or a safe space where, to the                                                                
     extent possible, we know who we're dealing with.  We know                                                                
     that there isn't somebody who has been out doing risky                                                                   
     behaviors and might be a greater risk for carrying and                                                                   
     spreading the disease.                                                                                                   
                The Pandemic Code of Contact Policy is just one                                                               
    small piece of many different things that need to be looked                                                               
     at and decided upon.  It's just basically saying that "I                                                                 
     agree to follow best practices and not carry on any risky                                                                
     behavior which could bring back  this virus to my legislative                                                            
                So those are the three policies.  Then up for                                                                 
     discussion is also the travel.   We have a current practice of                                                           
     legislators traveling back home to district routinely and                                                                
     then coming back down.  Each  community might have a different                                                           
     level of outbreak at the time, but if you're freely going                                                                
     back and forth between communities,  it increases the risk of                                                            
     spreading the virus.                                                                                                     
              So the thought there was to place some                                                                          
     restrictions on travel, not to forbid travel, but just to                                                                
     ensure that the travel is necessary and that it's been                                                                   
     sanctioned, if you will, by the presiding officer and                                                                    
     allowing for an excused absence.                                                                                         
                I'll briefly mention, too, one of the things that                                                             
    we've been looking at is hiring a contractor to assist with                                                               
     the screening and the testing process.  I can go into more                                                               
     detail on that, but I just wanted  to briefly mention that if                                                            
     we look at this as a whole package, there's a lot of                                                                     
    different moving parts and pieces and the more you can put                                                                
     into place, the more protected we would all be.                                                                          
                Perhaps I should stop and answer any questions, or                                                            
     would you like me to start going  into the specific policies?                                                            
     I'm not sure which would be most helpful to do first.                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thanks, Jessica.  I appreciate all the                                                             
    efforts, all the work you put into this.  I know it's been                                                                
     very time-consuming.                                                                                                     
                The goal, of course, is to make sure that all                                                                 
     legislators and staff feel safe.   They feel that coming into                                                            
    the Capitol is a safe place for them to be.  And so I know                                                                
    there's some people that say, "Leave it the way it is right                                                               
     now.  Don't make any changes  at all."  There are others that                                                            
     want to make sure that they're entirely safe.                                                                            
                That's going to be the problem we face is where do                                                            
     we draw that line and how far  do we go?  Also to realize that                                                           
    this Leg Council only continues until the end of the year,                                                                
     beginning of next year, but it  does continue.  If there's not                                                           
     an organization next year, there's a delay in organizing                                                                 
     another body.  So these are rules  that would be in place when                                                           
     we come down, but they can be changed quickly by the 32nd                                                                
     Legislature, by the presiding officers, by leadership.                                                                   
                This gives everyone a heads-up as to what might                                                               
     occur, what they could consider.   If we waited until the last                                                           
     minute, then let the next legislature decide all of these                                                                
     things, I think they can be lost, depending on how                                                                       
     organizations go and who winds  up in leadership positions.                                                              
                I do believe there's a question out there?                                                                    
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes, Mr. Chairman, this is Senator                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Hoffman.                                                                                   
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Going back to the second bullet point                                                            
     regarding screening process policies,  the daily screening of                                                            
     legislators, what does that entail,  and what type of test are                                                           
     you talking about?  There's so many different tests out                                                                  
     there, and some of the tests  you don't get the results for                                                              
    within seven days, others you don't get within three days,                                                                
     and others are 24-hour results.   I'm wondering what type of                                                             
     test are we referring to in this second bullet point                                                                     
     regarding daily testing?                                                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Really good point, Senator Hoffman.  If                                                            
     we can hold off on that.  We're  going to go to Megan and have                                                           
     her explain her memo, and then  we'll go through each of these                                                           
     items beginning with the Mask  Policy and then the Screening                                                             
     Process and then the Code so  that we'll have a chance to get                                                            
     through all of them.  Can you  hold off on the answer to that,                                                           
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  I can hold off as long as the answer                                                             
     is correct.                                                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Well, it will be, I'm sure.                                                                 
                Let's go to Megan.  I know this is little out of                                                              
     order, but Megan's -- our attorney's comments are very                                                                   
     important -- it's the Uniform  Rule Changes Amid the COVID-19                                                            
     Pandemic from Megan Wallace,  dated October 27th.  I hope you                                                            
    have that.  I don't want to adopt that now, but I do think                                                                
     it's important that we discuss  that a little bit before we go                                                           
     into the specifics of each of these policies.                                                                            
                So, Megan, are you with us?                                                                                   
         MS. WALLACE:  Yes, Chair.  For the record, Megan                                                                     
     Wallace, legal services director.                                                                                        
                Members should have the memo that Senator Stevens                                                             
    was referencing before you in your packet.  What this memo                                                                
     discusses is really a continuation  of some of the discussions                                                           
     that were happening last spring and in May, when the                                                                     
     Legislature briefly reconvened,  in terms of what the options                                                            
     are for the Legislature procedurally  if changes to the manner                                                           
     in which the Legislature conducts business needs to be                                                                   
     modified in order to take into account for undertaking                                                                   
     business during a pandemic.                                                                                              
                The first bullet point in my memorandum discusses                                                             
     options for both committee meetings or for session.  It's                                                                
     difficult for me to predict what  the will of the Legislature                                                            
     come next session will be, but  it appears that it's likely                                                              
     that there is going to be a desire to increase remote                                                                    
     participation during committee meetings.                                                                                 
                As most of you are familiar with, Uniform Rule                                                                
    24(a) requires that a report be signed by a majority of the                                                               
     members of the committee.  That rule has historically been                                                               
     construed to require members  to be physically present to vote                                                           
     to move a bill from committee.                                                                                           
                Other than that, our Legislature has been                                                                     
     conducting or allowing for remote  participation of committee                                                            
    members fully for quorum purposes, for debate purposes, for                                                               
     adoption of amendments.  All  other matters besides voting a                                                             
     bill out from committee is something  that the Legislature                                                               
     already does on a regular basis.                                                                                         
                So if committees are going to be meeting with more                                                            
     members being remote, particularly  where you may not have                                                               
     enough members physically present  to reach a majority to pass                                                           
     out a bill, one option would  be to change Uniform Rule 24(a)                                                            
     to allow for members to vote remotely to pass out a bill.                                                                
                And then the other larger piece is if there's a                                                               
     desire or it becomes impractical or impossible for the                                                                   
     Legislature to meet in Juneau  to conduct its business on the                                                            
     floor, it wouldn't be unheard of for the Legislature to                                                                  
     consider allowing for remote floor sessions.                                                                             
                In the memorandum you'll see there's a couple                                                                 
     different footnotes.  If you want to explore some NCSL                                                                   
     information regarding what other states are doing, there's                                                               
     been at least 25 states who have authorized remote                                                                       
     participation in some form, including  committee meetings and                                                            
     floor sessions.  It's been working  in some states, to the                                                               
     extent that they need it to, and it's been considered a                                                                  
     matter of Legislature procedure.                                                                                         
                While I could not guarantee that there's no risk                                                              
    of challenge should the Alaska Legislature authorize remote                                                               
     participation, I am fairly confident  that an Alaska court                                                               
     would not step in the way of  the Alaska Legislature making                                                              
     procedural rules so that it could  continue to conduct its                                                               
     business amid a pandemic.                                                                                                
                The bullet point regarding potential remote                                                                   
     participation during floor sessions  largely are derived from                                                            
     SCR 16, which the Senate passed  at the end of last session.                                                             
     The House did not have the opportunity  to (indiscernible),                                                              
     but each of those bullet points in terms of the specific                                                                 
     rules for or guidelines for remote  session are all policy                                                               
     decisions that either Leg Council  could make recommendations                                                            
     to the next incoming Legislature,  or the next Legislature                                                               
     could make those decisions.   I'm happy to answer questions                                                              
     anyone has about those - I won't go through them                                                                         
                The second bullet point, which is on page 3 of my                                                             
     memo, addresses things that were  not outlined in the remote                                                             
    piece of this discussion, which would be additional policy                                                                
     decisions for the Legislature to consider if it became                                                                   
     necessary or there was a desire  to really alter Legislature                                                             
     procedure, as we know it and  as has been historically done,                                                             
     so that the amount of time that legislators spend on the                                                                 
     floor congregated or the length  of what it takes to get the                                                             
     Legislature's business done can be abbreviated.                                                                          
                The bullets that I outline were derived from me                                                               
     going through the rules and looking at things to be truncated                                                            
   or modified if those were goals that the Legislature decided                                                               
     it wanted to explore.                                                                                                    
                These lists are not exclusive.  One thing that was                                                            
     not mentioned in the memo, that  was brought to my attention                                                             
     after the fact, was an additional  recommendation in terms of                                                            
     limiting floor activity or reducing length of session,                                                                   
     another smaller change such as  revising the rules to remove                                                             
     the need for title change resolutions  during session, which                                                             
     have been really a formality in most recent history.                                                                     
                Again, this is a non-exclusive list of items that                                                             
     could each individually be considered,  or also there's room                                                             
     for modification of each of those bullet points.  That's                                                                 
   generally what the memo goes through and I'm happy to answer                                                               
     any questions.                                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Megan.  I really appreciate                                                             
     you giving this so much thought and giving us so many options                                                            
     here of things we can talk about.                                                                                        
                I want to make it clear again.  There is no                                                                   
     intention to take any action  on this memo from Megan at this                                                            
     time and to realize that this is not a permanent change.                                                                 
     This is a temporary change in the face of the pandemic or any                                                            
   other pandemic or any other issue that may come along in the                                                               
     future, but this is a tool in the toolbox that can be used if                                                            
     things get worse, and they very well might.                                                                              
                What Megan is doing and what Jessica is doing is                                                              
     to plan for the worst, a plan for what could happen and                                                                  
     hopefully does not, so temporary.   And interesting that 25                                                              
     states have passed something like this.                                                                                  
                Let's open this up for discussion just on this                                                                
     memo at this time.  Does anybody have any thoughts or                                                                    
     concerns?  I know there are a  lot of concerns about some of                                                             
     the rules there.  Would anybody like to speak to this at this                                                            
          SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Chairman, this is Natasha.                                                                      
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator von Imhof, please go ahead.                                                           
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Thank you.                                                                                     
                Megan, I really appreciate you taking the time to                                                             
     write this memo, and I think  it's something that it's good to                                                           
     have in our toolbox, just like Senator Stevens said.                                                                     
                I am hoping, though, that we don't utilize it                                                                 
     right away and that we have discussions just about the                                                                   
     possibility of instead all going to Juneau instead and                                                                   
     creating a bubble if that's the case.  I think it's better                                                               
     that we're all together.  This is an interesting platform                                                                
     today, but I would like to see  everybody's smiling facing                                                               
     underneath their mask or at least  the twinkling of their                                                                
     eyes, if you will, under their masks.                                                                                    
                One of the ways this could be helpful is that if                                                              
     we do have someone who is sick  and quarantining for a couple                                                            
     weeks in Juneau, maybe they could  participate in a way that's                                                           
     meaningful while they're self-isolating.                                                                                 
                But other than that, I'm hoping that we don't go                                                              
     home on a regular basis and just  decide to stay home for two                                                            
     or three days and participate  remotely.  I think we all need                                                            
     to be down in Juneau.  At least  that's how I feel now, today,                                                           
     October, 29th.  Thanks.                                                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator von Imhof.  You're                                                              
     right, and I think there's no  way to avoid, no matter how bad                                                           
    things get, our getting together in Juneau to at least make                                                               
     these decisions on what we're going to do.                                                                               
                Should someone come down with COVID, one of the                                                               
     legislators, they could certainly  participate from their home                                                           
     base in Juneau.  I know that a lot of issues here we're                                                                  
     talking about, travel and that sort of thing, it's quite                                                                 
    concerning.  But if people do travel and become positive in                                                               
     their hometown and then cannot return to the                                                                             
    Legislature -- there's got to be a tipping point there.  If                                                               
     the Legislature is unable to  act, that really is a concern of                                                           
                Thank you very much, Senator von Imhof.  I                                                                    
     appreciate those comments.                                                                                               
                Any further thoughts?                                                                                         
         SENATOR STEDMAN:  I have a couple, Mr. Chairman.                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Stedman.                                                                                   
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  A couple of concerns:  One is that we                                                            
     maintain our operations in Juneau,  and we have, as mentioned,                                                           
     some flexibility in case somebody  is stuck in their apartment                                                           
     for a couple weeks or what have you, and we have tight                                                                   
     controls on the building.                                                                                                
                But I don't want us to head down the road where we                                                            
     could have some of our elected officials just decide that                                                                
     they don't want to sit in Juneau and want to sit home, or                                                                
     they want to work and do this  telephonically.  We've had some                                                           
     concerns about that the last couple years, and I think we                                                                
     need to be very careful with that.  Clearly Juneau is set up                                                             
     to handle the legislative work far better than any other                                                                 
     location.  And if we have problems, I personally feel Juneau                                                             
     has the ability to isolate itself off much more than a lot of                                                            
     other areas if need be.                                                                                                  
                I'd also like to, hopefully our colleagues will                                                               
     work with us, be careful on the travel during session.  But I                                                            
   think it's pretty hard to be too restrictive because we also                                                               
    run the risk that some of our colleagues just might do what                                                               
     they want to do.  We've seen that also last year on the floor                                                            
     trying to deal with the mask issues.                                                                                     
                There are just some concerns.  But let's not set                                                              
    up a process where some of our colleagues could be employed                                                               
     somewhere and then call in whenever they are in the mood on a                                                            
     particular issue.                                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Stedman, very good                                                              
     point.  I understand what you're saying.  That's not the goal                                                            
     here, and I'm not sure how we --                                                                                         
                Jessica, do you have any response to that?                                                                    
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, I'm sorry, I don't really                                                               
     have a response because it will really come down to the                                                                  
     legislators and the leadership.  I don't want to use the term                                                            
    "policing," but it's not really anything that a policy can                                                                
   control, because, as Senator Stedman said, even if there was                                                               
    a policy in place, legislators do have their own funds and                                                                
     could decide to travel regardless.                                                                                       
                I think the best we can do--and maybe Megan has an                                                            
     idea as far as what procedurally could be done--is just                                                                  
     letting people know what the expectation is and hope that                                                                
     they can abide by it.                                                                                                    
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Jessica.  I'm sorry to put                                                              
     you on the spot like that.  I appreciate you jumping in                                                                  
                Senator Stedman.                                                                                              
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  I'd like to just remind everybody that                                                           
    the current presiding officer had trouble with some of the                                                                
   elected officials even having the courtesy of telling her or                                                               
     the rules chairman that they weren't going to be in town.                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Exactly.  We did experience that.  And I                                                           
     hate to call people out on the spot here, but presiding                                                                  
     officers, do you have any comments on this issue, the                                                                    
     president or the speaker?                                                                                                
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Senator Stevens, this is Senator                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please, Senator Giessel.                                                                      
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  I appreciate both Senator von Imhof                                                            
    and Senator Stedman's comments.  As members of leadership,                                                                
    and senators, as well as yourself, Senator Stevens, recall                                                                
     the Concurrent Resolution 16 that was passed.                                                                            
                To speak to one of Senator Stedman's concerns, we                                                             
     had that concern that Juneau was not abandoned as the seat of                                                            
     government.  So on page 2 of that concurrent resolution,                                                                 
     lines 1 through 3 it actually states, "In accordance with the                                                            
     Constitution, Juneau is the capital and the seat of                                                                      
   government, and the Legislature must continue to meet in the                                                               
     seat of government to the fullest extent possible."                                                                      
                The resolution calls out, the content of it is                                                                
    page 2 of Megan's memo, that first bullet point starts out,                                                               
   "Upon agreement of the presiding officers of both houses, we                                                               
     would authorize session by videoconference."                                                                             
                So it wouldn't be a whimsical decision on the part                                                            
     of a single presiding officer.  It would be, of course,                                                                  
    discussions with both leadership teams in the House and the                                                               
     Senate; at least that's certainly how Bryce and I worked.  It                                                            
     was not just us making those decisions.                                                                                  
                I will also share -- just reminding senators, who                                                             
   I know know this, but possibly House members don't -- we did                                                               
     deploy cameras into LIOs, and I would let Jessica update                                                                 
     which LIOs have it.  But the requirement that those                                                                      
   legislators are not traveling to Italy, let's say, and tried                                                               
     to call into a floor session, they would actually be required                                                            
     to be in an LIO in Alaska.                                                                                               
                If there was a reason that they would be                                                                      
     quarantining in their own home, either in their personal                                                                 
     residence, in their city of residence or in Juneau, that                                                                 
     would require special permission from the presiding officer.                                                             
     So we tried to contain those concerns in that joint                                                                      
     resolution.  And as Megan pointed out, the Senate did pass it                                                            
     unanimously, and that's a footnote on page 2 of her memo.                                                                
                Those are just a couple comments to things that                                                               
     have already been stated.  Thank you, Senator Stevens.                                                                   
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.  I                                                                     
    appreciate those comments.  We will later hear from Tim on                                                                
     the updated cameras in the LIOs.  I have asked him, in his                                                               
   presentation later, to remind us, where we are right now and                                                               
     the ability we have to communicate as we are in this meeting.                                                            
                Mr. Speaker, do you have any thoughts, any                                                                    
    comments since this is an issue you have been dealing with                                                                
     along with the president?                                                                                                
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I hope you                                                              
     can hear me okay.                                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, I can hear you clearly.                                                                       
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Okay.  Great.  I guess a couple of                                                                
    points:  to reiterate what Cathy was saying, we did spend a                                                               
   lot of time on the subject matter that eventually became SCR                                                               
     16 back in April, I think going into May.                                                                                
                As we all know, looking back on the past session                                                              
    on March 29th, we went into an extensive recess.  And that                                                                
     might be an item that, number two, limited floor activity                                                                
    might consider as a bullet point 2 if we do pass a vehicle                                                                
     that separately alters uniform rules.                                                                                    
                A second point is pretty amorphous, maybe                                                                     
    convoluted at best, but the work that lies ahead of us next                                                               
     session is going to be very,  very challenging.  I would not                                                             
     like to see anything that would come out of a policy that                                                                
     could be leveraged against us, assuming that another                                                                     
     governing coalition stays the same and the mindset about                                                                 
     taking the approach of earning reserve and really making                                                                 
     difficult choices that would require us to spend some time in                                                            
     Juneau to get through all this, that we don't have a                                                                     
     situation where I would (indiscernible).                                                                                 
                Jessica, in your memo, I would take out the                                                                   
     verbiage "and adjourn after conducting  work safely."  Because                                                           
    there could be the scenario where we do go down, we get our                                                               
     work done early, March perhaps, but then we just sort of                                                                 
     (indiscernible) until the sessions  conclude, given the fact                                                             
     that we -- who knows -- may have to come back for some                                                                   
     unforeseen business.  Other than  that, I'm supportive of the                                                            
     discussion and the direction that we're going in.                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  Mr. Speaker, you bring up                                                              
     some very good points, the challenges we will face next year.                                                            
     If it does get really bad and  we have to meet at a distance,                                                            
    as we are meeting right now, you can see the difficulty of                                                                
     this.  I'm trying to give everyone  a chance to speak.  It's                                                             
     going to take even more time, 40 members of the House, if                                                                
     you're all on a system like this, it will be extremely                                                                   
     difficult, but we still have  to be prepared for the worst.                                                              
                I'll give anyone else an opportunity to speak to                                                              
     this.  We're not going to take action on Megan's memo, but we                                                            
    will eventually in time.  I think we need to pass it later                                                                
     with modifications that might  be needed, but we're not going                                                            
     to adopt that at this point.   I just wanted to make sure you                                                            
     were aware of that process and the impact it has on the                                                                  
     policies we'll be considering.                                                                                           
                Any last comments on Megan's memo?                                                                            
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Senator Coghill.  One note to think                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Coghill, yes.                                                                              
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Megan, as we go through this, on the                                                             
     contingency that we have to have  the LIOs for example, if we                                                            
     do the SCR 16 again, I think  it would be wise that we still                                                             
     have the ability to compel attendance.   I think that's going                                                            
     to be something that is going  to be very important to do.  I                                                            
     know that could slow the process  down, but I think, as we go                                                            
     forward, the fear that Senator  Stedman shared can be waylaid                                                            
     somewhat by the ability to compel  attendance, just for what                                                             
     it's worth.                                                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Good point.  Thank you, Senator Coghill.                                                           
     That certainly is a consideration.   And I think the public                                                              
     expects everyone to be in Juneau or to be other places, at                                                               
     their desk and perform their duties.  So it's good to know                                                               
     that we can compel attendance.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  We're going to have a brief at ease.                                                                   
           CHAIR STEVENS:  With no further comments on Megan's                                                                
     memo -- which we're not going  to take action on -- let's move                                                           
     on to the other things that I  would like to have us at least                                                            
     consider, and that is the Mask  Policy, the Screening Process                                                            
     Policy, and the Pandemic Code of Conduct Policy.                                                                         
                Representative Stutes, can we have a motion on the                                                            
     Mask Policy?                                                                                                             
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Certainly, Mr. Chair.  I move that                                                             
     Legislative Council approve the  Legislative Council COVID-19                                                            
     Mask Policy.                                                                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.                                                                                         
                Jessica, would you explain that for us, please?                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  Sure.  Chair Stevens, the Mask Policy is a                                                             
     pretty standard policy that we've seen in municipal                                                                      
     governments.  We used some of the language from our Juneau                                                               
     mask mandate.  In essence, it  says that when you are unable                                                             
     to maintain 6-foot distance and you are in a legislative                                                                 
     facility, that you must have  a cloth face covering.  And, of                                                            
     course, you can take it off to eat or drink.                                                                             
                There are a few exceptions at the bottom, which I                                                             
     think are just common-sense exceptions.   If a person declines                                                           
     to wear a mask because of a medical  condition or disability,                                                            
     this policy does not require them to produce medical                                                                     
                The enforcement piece is, "Except as otherwise                                                                
     provided in this section, a person who violates the face                                                                 
     covering requirement may be removed from legislative                                                                     
     property.  Enforcement as applied  to legislators will be left                                                           
     to the members and legislative leadership."                                                                              
                So that's it.  It's a very basic policy.  I am                                                                
     happy to answer any questions  that any members might have.                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, thank you, Jessica.  I will object                                                           
     to the motion for purposes of discussion and I'll go into                                                                
                Anybody have any comments on the Mask Policy that                                                             
     is before you?                                                                                                           
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  I do.                                                                                          
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Representative Stutes.                                                                        
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Thank you, Mr. Chair.  I'm wondering                                                           
     how pertinent this is going to be.  I mean, it's a very                                                                  
     simple policy to avoid. "Oh, I can't wear a mask.  I had                                                                 
     radiation and it affected my  breathing, and I certainly can't                                                           
    wear a mask."  It's pretty evident to me that anybody that                                                                
    chooses not to want to wear a mask, this policy is going to                                                               
     be very ineffective.                                                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, I see your point.  Certainly people                                                           
     can ignore it, but I think we have an obligation to be an                                                                
     example.  The governor was caught  at a fundraiser not wearing                                                           
     a mask, and it raised all sorts of concern and a lot of                                                                  
     people spoke about it.  I think,  as legislators, it's really                                                            
    important that we be a role model for everyone in the state                                                               
    and that we do things as properly as we possibly can.  But,                                                               
     yes, that's a good point; people  can ignore it if they choose                                                           
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Just one --                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, go ahead.                                                                                     
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  One more comment.  It's already been                                                           
     exhibited by legislators not  being good examples because they                                                           
    simply don't believe in wearing a mask, so that's all I'll                                                                
         CHAIR STEVENS:  Very good point.  I think all of                                                                     
    us -- or many of us are very concerned about the conditions                                                               
     we might face and our people  on the floor not wearing a mask,                                                           
     the impact it could have on each and every one of us.  There                                                             
     are some controls over that, constitutionally, and maybe                                                                 
     we'll have Megan explain this.   But constitutionally everyone                                                           
    has a right -- every elected official has a right to be on                                                                
     the floor, to be able to vote, to be able to speak.                                                                      
                There are other considerations that we have talked                                                            
     about, the rules chair, assigned seating.  So we are talking                                                             
     about additional seating on the floor, maybe behind                                                                      
     plexiglass.  So anybody who does not follow that Mask Policy                                                             
    could be moved to another position on the floor where they                                                                
    would not be a threat to the rest of the folks that are on                                                                
     the floor.  Just a thought.                                                                                              
                Any comments on that or thoughts?                                                                             
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Mr. Chairman, this is Senator Hoffman.                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Hoffman.                                                                                   
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  During the                                                             
     last legislative session, our  Senate secretary did not wear a                                                           
     mask.  She wore a face covering, which was basically                                                                     
     plexiglass.  I'm wondering does this use of that comply with                                                             
     the regulations?  And, more importantly,  I guess, is that use                                                           
     of a face mask that's covering your nose, mouth, and your                                                                
     eyes proven to be effective stopping the spread of COVID?                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Hoffman.  I'm not                                                               
     sure how effective it is.                                                                                                
                Staff have any comments on the effectiveness of                                                               
     those shields?  Jessica, do you  have any thoughts on that?                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Sure.  So the shields are definitely very                                                              
     effective.  They have the droplet  barrier at the bottom of                                                              
     the shield, which prevents any  droplets from coming out.  So                                                            
     I think they're even a better  option than the mask, and they                                                            
     would certainly meet the requirements  of this policy.  We do                                                            
     have some of those available to members if they choose to                                                                
     have them, I think it's just  each member's comfort level.                                                               
                Right now the medical advice that we have is that                                                             
     cloth face coverings also are  an adequate way to prevent the                                                            
     spread, but only if both people  are wearing them.  So I think                                                           
     either way you go -- I'm not going to give medical                                                                       
    advice -- but I think they're both adequate and would meet                                                                
     the test of this policy.                                                                                                 
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  There's always a problem of people                                                                 
     wearing masks.  It's difficult to communicate, and, of                                                                   
     course, I know when the president  was wearing a mask on the                                                             
     floor, it's hard to really see  what's going on, and maybe a                                                             
     shield would be more effective.                                                                                          
                Senator Giessel, you have some thoughts on that?                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  I do, Mr. Chairman.  I follow this                                                             
     rather closely.  The shield actually  is -- the shield is what                                                           
     Senator Hoffman was describing.  It's not a piece of                                                                     
     plexiglass, it's actually plastic; it's called a shield.                                                                 
     That's actually more effective than the face mask.  Some                                                                 
     droplets do penetrate through the widely available what's                                                                
     referred to as medical masks.                                                                                            
                What is ineffective -- and I think that need to be                                                            
     called out here -- is the scarfs  that people put over their                                                             
     nose and mouth.  Sometimes it's  like a neck gator or just a                                                             
     simple scarf.  The testing on  that shows that droplets do get                                                           
     through that pretty prolifically.                                                                                        
                If we want this to be effective, I would suggest                                                              
     that there be an exemption for  allowing just the scarf over                                                             
     the nose or mouth, that it actually  be a mask or -- either a                                                            
     medical-type mask or a cloth  mask such as was provided by the                                                           
     Juneau folks for us when we went  back in May.  Those are my                                                             
     comments.  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.                                                                                      
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.  So you                                                                
     would be comfortable with a shield,  as well as a mask then;                                                             
     is that right?                                                                                                           
         PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  The shield would actually be                                                                     
     optimally preventative of any  droplets being distributed.                                                               
     The problem is -- and I think  our Senate secretary expressed                                                            
     it -- Liz indicated it was actually  uncomfortable to wear for                                                           
     very long.                                                                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  I see. Okay. Good point. Well, thank you                                                           
     all so much for those thoughts.   And any further comments?                                                              
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes, Mr. Chairman, this is Senator                                                               
     Hoffman again.                                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Hoffman.                                                                                   
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  The enforcement issue that                                                                       
     Representative Stutes brought  up is a serious concern of what                                                           
     type of enforcement measures  do we have.  And I know we have                                                            
    constitutional rights to speak, but I think at the national                                                               
     level there's also the right to travel.                                                                                  
                But airlines have issued no-fly to individuals                                                                
    that haven't been wearing masks, and I read the article, I                                                                
    believe yesterday, that they're close to 1,000 people that                                                                
     are on a no-fly list, they are losing their rights to travel.                                                            
     And that is the hammer that the  industry has or the airline                                                             
     industry is utilizing.  So it is a very serious issue.                                                                   
                We have laws that prohibit individuals from                                                                   
     smoking in public buildings because  of health hazards, and I                                                            
     believe that COVID is probably far more of a concern                                                                     
     regarding health hazards.  The  enforcement issue needs to be                                                            
     looked at very, very seriously  in light of the health issues                                                            
     and trying to weigh the enforcement  of, say, people that are                                                            
     smoking, for health reasons and  not allowed in certain areas                                                            
     and those that are not willing  to wear masks to spread COVID                                                            
     as it relates to health matters.   I think that they are not                                                             
     comparable.  I think COVID is a far more risky situation, and                                                            
     we should be treating as such  when we develop our enforcement                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Hoffman.  Clearly the                                                           
     point you made on air travel is particularly valid.  No                                                                  
     legislator can fly to Juneau without wearing a mask on an                                                                
     airplane, so what would be the objection to wearing a mask on                                                            
     the floor?                                                                                                               
                Megan, if you're still with us, could you touch on                                                            
     the constitutional issues, and  maybe if you have any thoughts                                                           
     on enforcement, I'd appreciate that.                                                                                     
         MS. WALLACE:  Sure.  Again, for the record, Megan                                                                    
     Wallace, legal services director.                                                                                        
                Enforcement, as everyone has acknowledged, is the                                                             
     most difficult piece of this and the other policies as it                                                                
    applies to legislators because they are elected officials,                                                                
     elected to a legislative body to pass laws on the floor                                                                  
     during session.                                                                                                          
                I hesitate a little bit because it feels like in                                                              
     2020 we've used this word unprecedented  so many times.  "This                                                           
     is unprecedented.  This is unprecedented."  But this is                                                                  
     another unprecedented circumstance.  So we haven't seen                                                                  
     challenges to prohibiting a member  from exercising his or her                                                           
     right to vote on the floor because  they didn't wear a face                                                              
                Alaska is not the only state that is grappling                                                                
     with how to enforce mask policies and other mitigation                                                                   
     efforts.  We're seeing legislators  across the country kind of                                                           
     push the bounds of these kinds  of policies.  And, as Jessica                                                            
     mentioned, we are all collectively  watching what is happening                                                           
     in other states because, while  it doesn't always translate                                                              
     exactly to Alaska, it does help  us look at issues and analyze                                                           
     them and see how courts in other states are addressing these                                                             
     legal issues that come to be.                                                                                            
                The best that I can tell you, my advice would be                                                              
     that if a member were to be prevented  from entering the floor                                                           
     to vote because he or she didn't  wear a face covering, the                                                              
     ultimate risk of challenge or  litigation over that decision                                                             
     is relatively high, and how a  court would come out on that is                                                           
     a more difficult thing to predict.                                                                                       
                It's that balancing of the health and welfare of                                                              
     members around that other member  -- is the court going to                                                               
     give weight to that or more weight  to the inability of that                                                             
     elected official to exercise his or her vote?                                                                            
                It's my anecdotal understanding that in one state                                                             
     a member has been expelled from  the Legislature for refusing                                                            
     to wear a mask.  And under Article  2, Section 12, the members                                                           
     are -- they judge the qualifications  of each -- of the other                                                            
     members.  So there's a remedy  in Article 2, Section 12 to                                                               
     expel members.  And it would be -- I suppose that, one                                                                   
     argument against restricting someone from the floor for                                                                  
     failure to wear a face mask would  be if members don't want                                                              
     that person to participate in the body anymore, that the                                                                 
     remedy is exclusively to expel that member, and anything                                                                 
     short of that is impermissible.                                                                                          
                But I suspect that there are other lesser forms of                                                            
     enforcement that the Legislature  could explore in terms of                                                              
     regulating the conduct of its own members.  The committee on                                                             
     committees could take action  and remove folks from committee                                                            
     memberships, or they could be  seated in different places on                                                             
     the floor.  There's a litany  of other options that might be                                                             
     available to the extent that  the body wants to enforce it.                                                              
                That's kind of a long-winded answer, but                                                                      
     ultimately it's just a very high risk of litigation if                                                                   
     members were kept from floor sessions.                                                                                   
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  No, not long-winded, really                                                            
     appropriate, and thank you for  the time.  And so alternate                                                              
     seating on the floor would comply with the constitutional                                                                
     requirements -- what else do we have to do?  If we have                                                                  
     alternate seating, they have to have a microphone and a                                                                  
     button for voting.  Is there  anything else we have to do?                                                               
           MS. WALLACE:  Through the Chair, Senator Stevens, as it                                                            
     relates to the procedural rules for voting and seating                                                                   
   assignment, the largest -- or the most important rule, as it                                                               
     relates to that issue, in my  opinion, is Uniform Rule 34,                                                               
     subsection -- or paragraph 5,  which requires that a member                                                              
     may only vote when at a member's  desk, and so wherever that                                                             
     desk is assigned is the place where the member is required to                                                            
                So, for example, a member couldn't -- if a member                                                             
     was assigned a desk in the chamber,  they couldn't vote from                                                             
     any other location.  So they couldn't be directed to sit                                                                 
   somewhere else and cast their vote there if that's not their                                                               
     desk, by rule.  But that's a legislative procedural rule, and                                                            
     that would be something that  the Legislature, as it relates                                                             
     to an earlier discussion about  procedural changes, that it                                                              
     might consider.  If reassignment of someone's seat or                                                                    
     reassignment of where that person  must cast their vote if                                                               
     they don't comply with a mask  or other mitigation policy,                                                               
     that might be something that  is considered if other uniform                                                             
     rules of procedural changes are considered.                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Megan, for that.                                                                        
                Any further comments on this Mask Policy before we                                                            
     move ahead?                                                                                                              
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Senator Stevens, this is Senator von                                                           
          CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please, Senator von Imhof.                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  So just real quick, I do appreciate                                                            
     discussion regarding the floor.  But if a particular                                                                     
   legislator refuses to wear a mask at any time, whether it be                                                               
   in the hallway, in the stairwell, in the Leg lounge, if it's                                                               
     open, in any of the committee  meetings, anything -- we're                                                               
     just sort of accommodating the floor issue.  But if a                                                                    
     legislator refuses to wear a  mask at all, that's sort of                                                                
     another layer or another response,  and we don't necessarily                                                             
     have to have an answer to that  right now.  But, you know,                                                               
     it's one thing not to have a  mask in your office, but the                                                               
     moment you leave even to go to  the bathroom, I believe that                                                             
     we should be wearing a mask at this time.                                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator von Imhof.  I think                                                             
     this policy would demand that  everyone wear a mask in the                                                               
     hallways and in committee meetings.  The reason we're                                                                    
     spending time with the "on the floor issue" is because it's a                                                            
     constitutional matter, that the  Constitution does say, as                                                               
     Megan pointed out, that everyone should have a right to vote.                                                            
     So, yes, a very good point.  Thank you very much, Senator von                                                            
                Any other discussion?                                                                                         
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  This is Representative Johnson.                                                           
     I have a comment.                                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please, Representative Johnson.                                                               
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  Okay.  So I guess I'm going to                                                            
     have to be a no vote on this because I think the                                                                         
     enforcement -- it's a great suggestion, but we don't have the                                                            
     keys to do it.  Someone can just  go in and get their little                                                             
     medical chip or whatever.  Even  if they just say they have a                                                            
     medical reason, there's nothing to this.  This is kind of the                                                            
     worst of the worst.  It's a great  suggestion, but it's not                                                              
     particularly meaningful.                                                                                                 
                Now, what we can do is we can talk about what                                                                 
     staff can do, and we can talk about who we let in the                                                                    
     building, and we can talk our  bubble.  But when it comes to                                                             
     regulating legislators, we're  going to have a heck of a time                                                            
     doing that, and I don't know  if now's the time to pick that                                                             
     up and try to do it.  That's just where I'm at on this.                                                                  
                It's not that I have a problem wearing a mask, and                                                            
   I'll be wearing a mask in the building.  But, I just want to                                                               
     put that out there because that's  my concern, that it's not                                                             
     strong enough, and it's too weak as it is, and it's                                                                      
     just -- it's not going to get us where I think we need to go.                                                            
         CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Thank you, Representative                                                                     
                Representative Stutes.                                                                                        
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Thank you, Mr. Chair.  Well, I can                                                             
     appreciate what Representative  Johnson is saying, but -- and                                                            
     I understand the constitutionality of not preventing a                                                                   
     legislator from voting, but they're not constitutionally                                                                 
     guaranteed, say, access to the  lounge or anyplace else like                                                             
     that, so we could restrict them  from going into the lounge.                                                             
     Am I correct on that?  And restrict them from accessing                                                                  
     places in the building other than the floor, can we do that?                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, I think so.  If you read this                                                                
     policy, it means anybody in the  Capitol Complex legislative                                                             
    space has to wear a mask, face covering.  And other things                                                                
     like handwashing and sanitizing,  and it's hard to follow that                                                           
                I appreciate what both Representative Johnson said                                                            
     and Representative Stutes, but my responsibility, as chair of                                                            
     Leg Council, is to make sure that every legislator feels safe                                                            
     entering that building.  And if that means that we become                                                                
     heavy-handed and say everyone wear a mask, I think that's                                                                
     what we have to do.                                                                                                      
                I mean, you cannot allow everyone just to go                                                                  
     back -- to act as if we were  in January of 2020.  We're not                                                             
     there now.  Hopefully this will not last long, but we have to                                                            
     protect those members who --  some of our members have health                                                            
     issues, and it's quite a concern there.  Anyway, just my                                                                 
     thought as well.                                                                                                         
                Any further comments on this Mask Policy?                                                                     
         PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes, Senator Stevens, this is                                                                    
     Senator Giessel.                                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Giessel.                                                                                   
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Mr. Chairman, to some degree I'm                                                               
     responding to Representative Johnson's comment.  I think that                                                            
    the definition of face coverings -- I'm looking at the Mask                                                               
    Policy and after, purpose -- number one, purpose -- there's                                                               
     an asterisk, and it says, "Face coverings must be made of                                                                
     cloth, blah, blah, blah."                                                                                                
                I would recommend amending this to be much more                                                               
     specific.  "Face coverings mean a clean medical mask or                                                                  
    surgical mask or approved face shield.  Also included is a                                                                
   clean cloth mask made of cotton material, multiple layers of                                                               
     tightly woven fabric, a minimum of two layers.  Not                                                                      
     acceptable are bandanas or N-95 masks."                                                                                  
                The N-95 -- just as a parenthetical comment -- the                                                            
     individual wearing that is exhaling air that is not filtered.                                                            
   So they are not effective.  So I would amend this to be much                                                               
     more specific about what we're expecting for face coverings.                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.  I take that                                                           
    as then an amendment to the Mask Policy draft, and it would                                                               
    be a clear definition of what those masks are.  So are you                                                                
     making that as an amendment, Senator Giessel?                                                                            
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  I am.  And I am, by the way, using                                                             
     CDC language here.  Thank you.                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  So we have an amendment                                                                
     before us.                                                                                                               
                A discussion on that amendment, Representative                                                                
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes, I think that aside from putting                                                           
     "bandanas," we should include the word "gators" as well.                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Are you okay with that, Senator Giessel?                                                           
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Absolutely, yes.                                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  -- to gators?  At this point do we also                                                            
     need to add shields in?                                                                                                  
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Senator Stevens, I did include                                                                 
     shields in the first sentence.  "Face coverings mean a clean                                                             
     medical or surgical mask or approved face shield."                                                                       
                Now, what Jessica described is not simply that                                                                
    shield that covers over your mouth and the bottom is open.                                                                
     What Jessica was describing is the face shield that has a                                                                
   closed bottom so that air is not escaping from the inside of                                                               
     that shield.                                                                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Very good.  So we'll have some                                                                     
     discussion on that amendment, and then I'd ask Senator                                                                   
     Giessel to restate it so we all know exactly what we're                                                                  
     voting on.                                                                                                               
                Any further discussions on the amendment to define                                                            
     what these masks and shields are?                                                                                        
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Stevens, this is Jessica.  And I                                                               
     have a question for Senator Giessel.  We've seen as a                                                                    
     replacement of N-95, there has been a lot of other mask types                                                            
     named KN-95, which I believe is perhaps just a less expensive                                                            
    version.  And if we're saying no N-95, is there another way                                                               
    to exclude any exhaust style -- I guess I'm just relying on                                                               
     your medical expertise to define what you mean by "no N-95."                                                             
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Jessica, a way to encompass this                                                               
    would be to say -- and under the "not acceptable" I'm going                                                               
     to add in what Representative Stutes mentioned.  "Not                                                                    
   acceptable are bandanas, gators, or masks which have valves,                                                               
    such as the N-95."  So that would cover the less expensive,                                                               
    if that's what you're referring to, the less expensive type                                                               
     of mask.  Anything with a valve that is allowing the free                                                                
     exhale of air would not be acceptable.                                                                                   
           MS. GEARY:  Thank you for that.                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  That's great to have that                                                              
                Further discussion on the amendment before us?                                                                
   10:32:29 AM                                                                                                              
                If we could then have a roll call vote on the                                                                 
     amendment, Jessica.                                                                                                      
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                       
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                        
                Representative Foster?                                                                                        
                Representative DeLena Johnson?                                                                                
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  No.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Jennifer Johnston?                                                                      
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSTON:  Yes.                                                                                     
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Kopp?                                                                                   
                Representative Thompson?                                                                                      
           REPRESENTATIVE THOMPSON:  Yes.                                                                                     
           MS. GEARY:  Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                     
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  9 yeas, 1 nay.                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  So the motion -- the amendment passes                                                              
     with a vote of 9 to 1.                                                                                                   
                So let's go back to the original motion that                                                                  
   Representative Stutes made to -- well, let's see.  Yes, so I                                                               
     think we're at a point now of going back to the original                                                                 
     motion on the Mask Policy.                                                                                               
                Any further discussions on that motion?                                                                       
         PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Mr. Chairman, this is Senator                                                                    
     Giessel.  I just wanted --                                                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Giessel.                                                                                   
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  -- to add parenthetically I just                                                               
   e-mailed Jessica Geary the words that I used in my amendment                                                               
    so she'll have them, but otherwise I have no other comments                                                               
     about this other than I think it's a good policy.  Thank you.                                                            
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.                                                                        
                Any further comments on this motion, the main                                                                 
     motion before us?                                                                                                        
                Then could we have a roll call, Jessica?                                                                      
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                       
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                        
                Representative Foster?                                                                                        
                Representative DeLena Johnson?                                                                                
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  No.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Jennifer Johnston?                                                                      
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSTON:  Yes.                                                                                     
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Kopp?                                                                                   
                Representative Thompson?                                                                                      
           REPRESENTATIVE THOMPSON:  Yes.                                                                                     
           MS. GEARY:  Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                     
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  9 nays, 1 -- 9 yeas, 1 nay.                                                                            
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  So the motion passes with 9                                                            
     votes to 1.                                                                                                              
                Let's then move on to the next issue, which is the                                                            
     Screening Policy.  Representative Stutes, could I have a                                                                 
   10:36:31 AM                                                                                                              
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Certainly, Mr. Chair.  I move the                                                              
     Leg Council approve the Capitol  COVID-19 Screening Process                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  And then I will object at                                                              
     this point for purposes of discussion and ask Jessica to                                                                 
     discuss this matter, the screening process with us.  Jessica.                                                            
           MS. GEARY:  Thank you.  Again, for the record, Jessica                                                             
     Geary, executive director, Legislative Affairs Agency.                                                                   
                So this policy is expanding on the screening                                                                  
     process that we had at the end  of May, earlier this year.                                                               
     And so the screening is simply  a series of questions and a                                                              
     temperature check.  And whether the temperature check will be                                                            
     through a thermal infrared camera or a no-touch thermometer,                                                             
     I don't think those details don't matter quite as much.                                                                  
                But I think the important thing to note is that                                                               
     we're talking about closing down the entrances to the Capitol                                                            
     with the exception of the ground  floor lobby, which is the                                                              
     proposed screening station location.   And so it's a pretty                                                              
     simple policy.  I'm happy to answer any questions.                                                                       
           CHAIR STEVENS:  So maybe, Jessica, you could talk a                                                                
     little bit about -- we're going to be discussing the RFP,                                                                
     potential of hiring a company to come in that does this                                                                  
     professionally.  Could you go  into a little more detail on                                                              
     what they would be doing if the Leg Council approves that RFP                                                            
     at another meeting?                                                                                                      
           MS. GEARY:  Absolutely.  And thank you for bringing that                                                           
     up.  I briefly mentioned it earlier,  but one of the things                                                              
     that we are looking into is hiring  a third-party contractor                                                             
     to perform the screening.                                                                                                
                And then to Senator Hoffman's question from                                                                   
     earlier, the testing -- we're specifying a rapid                                                                         
     molecular-based test, so I think results within a half an                                                                
   hour.  I am not one-hundred percent on the specifics, but it                                                               
     is the recommended molecular-based test.                                                                                 
                The idea is that the contractor would be a medical                                                            
     professional in full PPE and  would -- after the screening                                                               
     questions, if there were a member  or staff or member of the                                                             
     media who screened positive for symptoms, they would be                                                                  
   escorted to a private room to get a rapid test, and then, if                                                               
     they tested positive, they would be asked to leave the                                                                   
     building, and there are some other discussion points on that.                                                            
     That's sort of the gist of it at this point.                                                                             
                I think there's a statement down at the bottom                                                                
    that's important.  But the screening process may be updated                                                               
     without the need for additional  Legislative Council action in                                                           
     accordance with guidance from  our health officials.  We have                                                            
     the CDC, State of Alaska, and  then our local City and Borough                                                           
    of Juneau.  So we at Legislative Affairs are keeping up on                                                                
     those changes and the most recent guidance available to us.                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Jessica.  Just a couple of                                                              
     comments.  What we found is that, when we were doing this                                                                
    before when we were in session, it took a lot of staff time                                                               
     from legislative staff and not  able to do the jobs they do                                                              
     have to do, their full-time jobs,  and probably best not to                                                              
     have them giving orders to legislators  that they have to do                                                             
     this, they have to do that.   So it seems like it would make                                                             
     sense to have an outside contractor do that.                                                                             
                As I understand it, if someone tests positive when                                                            
     they come in, they'd be whisked away into another place,                                                                 
     tested again.  And then if they are still positive -- and                                                                
     maybe I have this wrong -- but they would be escorted back to                                                            
    their apartment or to a hotel.  These people that we hire,                                                                
   the contractor, then would make sure they are fed, they have                                                               
     meals delivered to them and will take care of them and                                                                   
     including testing as well.  So I think it's a better                                                                     
     situation than the one we experienced earlier in this year.                                                              
                Any comments anyone has on the screening process                                                              
     at this time then?                                                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes, Mr. Chairman, I have a question                                                             
     for consideration.                                                                                                       
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Hoffman.                                                                                   
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  I understand the policy if someone has                                                           
     a fever, to go to a private area  for a rapid test.  I'm                                                                 
     wondering for those that have family down there, if they                                                                 
     subject themselves, such as immediate family members to a                                                                
    rapid test, could they be allowed into the building and not                                                               
     just to do the screening but actually get the rapid test                                                                 
     within 20 minutes for spouses  and maybe immediate family                                                                
     members?  I think that that is  something that should be                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator.  I don't know the                                                              
     answer to that.                                                                                                          
                Jessica, do you have any thoughts?                                                                            
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Senator Hoffman, I think                                                            
     that that is a policy decision whether or not we would expand                                                            
     that to spouses and family members if the Legislature is                                                                 
     paying for the actual test.   I believe since we pay for                                                                 
     spouses and dependents to travel to Juneau to be a family                                                                
     unit, I would think we would expand that or extend the offer                                                             
     for a test to them.  The frequency of which we would offer                                                               
     testing to those who are non-legislators or legislative                                                                  
     employees, that's the piece that I wouldn't be able to answer                                                            
     right now.                                                                                                               
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Under the current policy, if you have                                                            
     a fever and you get a rapid test, then you leave the                                                                     
   building, would that rapid test continue to allow you access                                                               
     to the building under this current policy?                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Senator Hoffman, I'm not                                                            
     sure I fully understand your question.  Would you mind                                                                   
     repeating it?                                                                                                            
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  So under the second paragraph, where                                                             
   individuals have a fever, they go to a private area and have                                                               
     a rapid test.  Then they're allowed  into the building.  Then                                                            
     they leave to do some errands  outside the building and they                                                             
     come back into the building.  Does that first rapid test                                                                 
     allow them access to the building again, or are they required                                                            
     to have another rapid test?                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Senator Hoffman, that                                                               
    negative test would allow them access to the building.  The                                                               
     idea for the screening is upon first entry each day of the                                                               
   Capitol, and it isn't envisioned that legislators would have                                                               
     to go through the screening multiple times throughout the                                                                
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  So I guess my question is to the                                                                 
    members of the council, is it asking too much to have your                                                                
    spouses or family members come into the building as long as                                                               
     they inconvenience themselves to admit to have a rapid test?                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Representative Stutes.                                                                             
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  So, Senator Hoffman, is it whether                                                             
     or not the legislator tests positive?  Even if they test                                                                 
     negative, then you want the family tested as well?                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  No, they would have to be testing                                                                
     negative with the rapid test in order to access the building.                                                            
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Could I comment, Senator Stevens?                                                              
     This is Senator Giessel.                                                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, is that Senator Giessel?                                                                      
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes, this is Senator Giessel.  These                                                           
     rapids tests -- first of all, as Jessica pointed out, this is                                                            
     going to be the issue of the council determining how                                                                     
     much -- I'll be blunt -- how much they want to invest in it.                                                             
     These rapid tests are not free.  They detect active                                                                      
                And so the question of family members submitting                                                              
    to this and then being allowed free access to the building,                                                               
     that active infection could develop over several days and                                                                
     crop up at any time.  I guess the fundamental question we                                                                
    have to ask is, how much free entrance and egress do family                                                               
     members need to have in the building -- so that's a                                                                      
     fundamental philosophical question -- and how much we're                                                                 
     going to invest in testing lots  of family members.  You know,                                                           
    kids come into the building selling Girl Scout cookies and                                                                
     all the rest of that.  So just a comment.  Thank you.                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  So just a little story here.  We had a                                                             
     principal of our high school  who was exposed to it, a father                                                            
    and a child -- a child, I think, who were positive.  He was                                                               
     tested immediately and was negative, tested again and was                                                                
     negative, tested again and was  positive.  So these tests can                                                            
     change pretty quickly.                                                                                                   
                And, Senator Giessel, that's your field.  Do you                                                              
     have any comments on that?  It seems like it's a little                                                                  
     difficult when you depend so  much on one test which could be                                                            
     inaccurate and could change in time.                                                                                     
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  You're absolutely correct, Senator                                                             
     Stevens.  It's not that those  first two tests were erroneous;                                                           
    it's that the level of the viral infection had not reached                                                                
     the point that the rapid test  will detect it and that it has                                                            
     become an active infection.                                                                                              
                The common thought now, of course, is that the                                                                
    person, even with that negative test, is actually shedding                                                                
     some virus, but we can't assume  that.  But you're right; it                                                             
     has to be an active infection,  and it could take several days                                                           
     to develop.                                                                                                              
                So if the legislator tests positive, that spouse                                                              
     is probably going to test positive in a few days.  Vice                                                                  
     versa.  If the spouse tests positive,  that legislator should                                                            
     be tested every day thereafter.  Thank you.                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, thank you.                                                                                   
          REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  Chair Stevens, this is                                                                     
     Representative Johnson.  I have a couple questions, if I                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please go ahead, Representative                                                               
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  So I just wanted to make note,                                                            
     first of all, that the governor  has staff in the building as                                                            
     well, that we shouldn't forget about that piece.  And it                                                                 
     would be something I would be interested in hearing more                                                                 
     about, what the governor's --  the Executive Branch's plan is                                                            
     for their policy as far as being  in the building.  That would                                                           
     be helpful, I think, somewhat.                                                                                           
                And then the other question I have is, if you have                                                            
    a legislator that does test positive -- and we just talked                                                                
     about the desk that legislator has to vote from, could we                                                                
     have a different place either  in the building or --if someone                                                           
     tests positive, could we have someplace that has full A/V                                                                
    communications so they could speak on the floor, they could                                                               
     vote from, but they could still  -- even if they're positive,                                                            
     be there and participate?                                                                                                
                I mean, the idea of excluding someone from the                                                                
     floor, I still have concerns with that.  I recognize that                                                                
     we're getting into -- this could  be -- any reasonable person                                                            
     wouldn't go to the floor if they  are known to have an actual                                                            
     infection.  But how do we actually  enforce that?  Obviously                                                             
     once they're organized with the rules chair and so on, but                                                               
     this is my question for Legislative Affairs and for the                                                                  
     council in general:  Is there  a way to have an assigned place                                                           
     that could be an alternative for someone that tested                                                                     
     positive, that they would not  get excluded from voting, that                                                            
     they could go to?                                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Representative Johnson.  Let                                                            
    me tackle the first part of that question.  The governor's                                                                
     administration, I've been in contact -- close contact with                                                               
     the governor's chief of staff, Ben Stevens, and he                                                                       
     understands that the rules apply to all -- the entire                                                                    
     building, apply to the governor's floor as well.                                                                         
                We did allow the governor's administration to                                                                 
     enter up the stairs and in the back door.  We did that in                                                                
     February and March, and that  seemed to be a reasonable thing                                                            
     to do at the time.                                                                                                       
                Now, I think the things we're considering here                                                                
     would require them to come through the front door with                                                                   
     everyone else so there would  be no access to that building at                                                           
     all without complying with our  rules, with the rules that we                                                            
     decide.  So there's been no objection  to that on the part of                                                            
     the chief of staff.  He understands that we have to make a                                                               
     policy here, and their policy would dovetail with ours.                                                                  
                As for the second question on someone testing                                                                 
     positive, I believe -- and help  me out here, Jessica -- but I                                                           
     believe they would not be allowed in the building if they                                                                
     tested positive; is that right?                                                                                          
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, this kind of gets into the                                                              
     constitutional area we were speaking  about earlier.  And this                                                           
    is really a policy decision whether or not we can set up an                                                               
     area that is designated as the legislator's desk that they                                                               
     can vote from while positive and participate in floor                                                                    
     sessions.  The simple answer -- well, it's not a simple                                                                  
     answer.  The answer is, yes, technically we can make that                                                                
     happen, but it would be a policy call whether or not that                                                                
     would be allowed to happen.                                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  And if we did decide to allow folks to                                                             
    participate online from home, if we should pass that, then                                                                
     they would be allowed to vote.   And if we passed that, they                                                             
     would be allowed to vote from their homes or from their                                                                  
     apartments or from their hotel.                                                                                          
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Senator Stevens, this is Senator                                                               
     Giessel.  Could I comment on that?                                                                                       
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Giessel.                                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  What that's reflecting back on is                                                              
     the Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 that provided for exactly                                                            
     what you just described, a positive-tested  person who is now                                                            
     being either housed in their  own apartment in Juneau, or if                                                             
     we have this second contractor,  that contractor would provide                                                           
     separate housing for the individual.                                                                                     
                So this reflects back on Megan's memorandum that                                                              
    we've talked about earlier.  It would be highly foolish to                                                                
     allow a person who has tested  positive to have access to the                                                            
     building.  That just flies in  the face of reason.  Those are                                                            
     just my comments.  Thank you.                                                                                            
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator.  And as we saw just                                                            
     recently, the athlete whose team won, and he went back on the                                                            
    field testing positive, and there's been no end of comments                                                               
     in the press about that.  So  I would hope that anybody that                                                             
     does test positive would stay out of the building.                                                                       
                Representative Stutes.                                                                                        
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  I was just going to make a comment.                                                            
     You know, I would agree with Senator Giessel, because even if                                                            
     there were a spot set up in the Capitol, you could not                                                                   
     restrict these people, say, from using the restroom, you                                                                 
     know, they would be in the hallways.  There would be a degree                                                            
     of exposure no matter how cautious we were.                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Right.                                                                                             
         SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Mr. Chairman, I have a question                                                                    
     regarding Joint Resolution 16.                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Hoffman.                                                                              
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  The question is, did we adopt that for                                                           
   the 31st Alaska Legislature -- or does that apply to all the                                                               
     31st, as well as all future Legislatures?                                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, of course, it did not pass the                                                                
     House.  It passed the Senate; it did not pass the House.  We                                                             
    are the 31st Legislature.  We can have rules for ourselves,                                                               
     but we can't force a 32nd Legislature, once they are                                                                     
   organized, to follow those rules.  I think -- any reasonable                                                               
     person I think would.                                                                                                    
                But, Jessica, am I right there, or maybe, Megan?                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  I would say you are correct.  If Megan wants                                                           
     to comment, she can.                                                                                                     
           MS. WALLACE:  Yes, again, for the record, Megan Wallace,                                                           
     legal services director.                                                                                                 
                That's correct, reference to SCR 16 at this point                                                             
    is more, even just for discussion purposes, to highlight a                                                                
    resolution that was drafted and considered by at least one                                                                
    body.  And it highlights that new details can be considered                                                               
     via resolution and are policy decisions for the incoming                                                                 
                At this point it would only be Leg Council's                                                                  
     recommendation to the incoming Legislature as to what                                                                    
   procedures -- procedural changes to make, but that certainly                                                               
     is a decision that when this committee is ready could make                                                               
     those recommendations for the incoming Legislature.                                                                      
           REPRESENTATIVE THOMPSON:  Mr. Chairman, this is                                                                    
    Representative Thompson.  I'm going to have to go offline.                                                                
     This was a scheduled appointment.  I'm sorry.                                                                            
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Thanks so much for being with us.                                                           
     I appreciate your time.                                                                                                  
                All right.  So I'm ready to move on.  We have the                                                             
    motion on the screening policy ahead of us, in front of us.                                                               
     Any further discussion?                                                                                                  
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Senator Stevens, this is Senator                                                               
         SENATOR HOFFMAN:  This is Senator Hoffman again.                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Hoffman.                                                                                   
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  I think that the Leg Council should                                                              
     deal with the preview that we have.  Whatever the Legislature                                                            
     decides on voting procedures, whether someone has COVID or                                                               
     not -- that had been raised by Representative                                                                            
     Johnson -- should be decided by the Legislature.  And                                                                    
   whatever recommendations we have I think are inconsequential                                                               
   because the Legislature for the 32nd Legislature is going to                                                               
     be completely different than the one that we're currently                                                                
     presiding over.                                                                                                          
                So my recommendation is leave all recommendations                                                             
     to the 32nd Legislature at their discretion, and we decide                                                               
     what we want to make for the remainder of this year and stick                                                            
     to that for our safety purposes.                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Well, thank you, Senator Hoffman.                                                           
     Yes, I understand what you're saying.  So we'll stick with                                                               
     these decisions we make, but  I think it's good to let the                                                               
     32nd know what we have done and  have a good, solid policy,                                                              
   well thought out.  If they choose not to follow any of those                                                               
   issues, they certainly have that right.  It's a long process                                                               
     here, but at least the 32nd Legislature will know what                                                                   
     we -- what this Leg Council and this Legislature feels should                                                            
     be done.                                                                                                                 
                Further discussion on the matter of screening                                                                 
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Senator Stevens, this is Senator                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Giessel.                                                                                   
         PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  I'm looking at the screening                                                                     
    process.  There's a middle section of bullets, and they're                                                                
     hollow bullets, they're just circles.  It's pertaining to                                                                
     "Notification will occur as follows: legislator, appropriate                                                             
     presiding officer, partisan staff."  It says, "Legislator and                                                            
     appropriate presiding officer."                                                                                          
                I would recommend adding the rules chair to that                                                              
     list for partisan staff as well.  Since it is under the                                                                  
     purview of the rules chair for hiring authority for partisan                                                             
     staff during session, I think they should be included.  Thank                                                            
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.  That's a                                                              
     reasonable thing to add.                                                                                                 
                Is there any objection to changing "partisan                                                                  
     staff" by adding "the rules chair" along with -- it says                                                                 
    "legislator and appropriate presiding officer and the rules                                                               
     chair."  Any objection to that?  Okay.  Very well.  Thank you                                                            
     for that.                                                                                                                
                Any further comments on screening process?                                                                    
                All right.  Then I call for a vote -- first, I'll                                                             
     remove my objection and ask Jessica to take a roll call,                                                                 
     please, on the screening process.                                                                                        
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, do we need to have a motion                                                             
     to approve the amendment or --                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  We can if we want just to make sure                                                                
     everything is done properly.                                                                                             
                Then, Senator Giessel, that is your amendment                                                                 
     then; is that true?                                                                                                      
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes, Mr. Chairman, I make that                                                                 
         CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Thank you.  Then let's go                                                                     
     ahead -- any discussion on that?                                                                                         
                Let's move ahead then to a vote on that amendment,                                                            
     which is to add the rules chair.                                                                                         
               And roll call vote, please, Jessica.                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                       
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                        
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Yes.                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Foster?                                                                                 
           REPRESENTATIVE FOSTER:  Yes.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative DeLena Johnson?                                                                         
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  No.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Jennifer Johnston?                                                                      
                Representative Kopp?                                                                                          
                Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                            
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  9 yeas, 1 nay.                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  For a vote of 9 to 1, then                                                             
     the amendment passes.                                                                                                    
   11:46:48 AM                                                                                                              
                We have the amended motion in front of us then for                                                            
   the discussion on that amended motion.  And let's go to roll                                                               
    call vote on the screening process, Capitol COVID Screening                                                               
                A roll call vote, please, Jessica.                                                                            
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                       
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  No.                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                        
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Yes.                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Foster?                                                                                 
           REPRESENTATIVE FOSTER:  Yes.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative DeLena Johnson?                                                                         
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  No.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Johnston?                                                                               
                Representative Kopp?                                                                                          
                Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                            
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  8 yeas, 2 nays.                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  And by a vote of 8 to 2, the motion                                                                
                And I will move on to the next item, which is the                                                             
     Legislative Council Pandemic Code of Conduct Policy.                                                                     
   11:46:48 AM                                                                                                              
                Representative Stutes, a motion, please.                                                                      
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Certainly, Mr. Chair.  I move the                                                              
     Legislative Council approve the Legislative Council Pandemic                                                             
     Code of Conduct Policy.                                                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  And I'll object for purposes                                                           
     of discussion.                                                                                                           
                And, Jessica, would you talk about this issue with                                                            
     us, please.                                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Again, for the record, Jessica Geary.  This                                                            
     Pandemic Code of Conduct Policy is for those who interact                                                                
     with the legislative bubble within the Capitol, basically                                                                
   you're just stating you will follow best practices, you will                                                               
     complete the daily health screening, you'll take                                                                         
     responsibility for your own health, the health of your staff,                                                            
   and the health of others, you will isolate in the event of a                                                               
     COVID-19 positive test, be tested frequently as offered.                                                                 
                And then the one other thing is make every effort                                                             
     to quarantine in place for 14 days before your intended                                                                  
   arrival in Juneau -- that's been recommended by local health                                                               
    officials, as quarantine is still our best defense against                                                                
   this virus -- and then arrive in Juneau with a negative test                                                               
     or test upon arrival and isolate pending results.                                                                        
                I think the rest of it's pretty self-explanatory.                                                             
    It's socialize in small groups, comply with enhanced social                                                               
    event management policies, and avoid all nonessential trips                                                               
     out of the capital city.  With that I will open it up to                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Thank you very much.                                                                        
                Jessica, any questions or comments at this point?                                                             
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  This is Representative Johnson.                                                           
     Mr. Chair, I've got a question.                                                                                          
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator von Imhof.                                                                                 
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Thank you.  I appreciate having this                                                           
     ready to go at this point, but I don't feel comfortable                                                                  
    voting on this today, kind of what Senator Hoffman said.  I                                                               
     get that I'm sort of sending  a mixed message, but this is a                                                             
     lot more extensive about going  in and out of the capital.  It                                                           
     was one thing to talk about masks and screening, but it's                                                                
     another thing to start talking about travel, what you can and                                                            
     cannot do and whatnot.  This is pretty extensive at this                                                                 
     point, and I'm not really ready to vote on this.  I think                                                                
     there's a lot more conversation -- it's okay to have a                                                                   
     conversation about it today and listen to everybody's                                                                    
                Is that what your intention is, Senator Stevens,                                                              
     is talk about it or are we voting on something?                                                                          
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Unless there's a general disagreement,                                                             
     my intention is to put it to a vote.                                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Okay.  Senator Stevens, with all due                                                           
   respect, I think this is pretty extensive, and I'm not happy                                                               
     about voting on this today.                                                                                              
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, thank you.  I understand that.  It                                                           
    is a big issue we've been dealing with for some time.  This                                                               
     has not been a secret at all.  But I understand your                                                                     
     discomfort, and I'd appreciate knowing what others feel about                                                            
                If anybody has a comment?                                                                                     
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  Mr. Chair, I have a question.                                                             
     This is Representative Johnson.                                                                                          
         CHAIR STEVENS:  Representative Johnson, go ahead,                                                                    
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  So I was just looking at this,                                                            
     and it talks a lot about people traveling into Juneau, but it                                                            
     also occurs to me that if we're going to talk about the                                                                  
    Capitol bubble, that we need to have all the staff, whether                                                               
     they resided in Juneau or legislators that are in Juneau,                                                                
     need to be tested too.  There's no guarantee that just                                                                   
    because we're incoming, that we're the only ones that might                                                               
     test positive.                                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Thank you for that.                                                                         
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, can I respond to that?                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Representative Johnson,                                                             
     this policy states as a condition of working and being                                                                   
     present in the Capitol Complex  and all other legislative                                                                
     spaces, legislators and legislative staff shall -- so the                                                                
     intent is that people that live in Juneau as well.  Anyone                                                               
   that has business to conduct in the Capitol Complex would be                                                               
    subject to the same rules as those traveling from outside.                                                                
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  So they would be tested?  So                                                              
    the Juneau legislators and the Juneau legislative staff and                                                               
     so on would also be tested?                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Representative Johnson,                                                             
     that is the intent, yes.                                                                                                 
           REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  Thank you.                                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  So anybody coming into the                                                             
   building would be tested.  And in our discussions, you know,                                                               
     depending on how bad things get, it could be closed.  The                                                                
   building could be closed, and only the legislative staff and                                                               
     media would be allowed in the building, I think general                                                                  
     discussion about whether lobbyists and the public would be                                                               
     allowed, but that all depends on how bad things get.                                                                     
                Any further discussions on this code of conduct?                                                              
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Mr. Chairman, this is Senator Hoffman.                                                           
     I would also request that we  take time to review this and not                                                           
     vote on it today.                                                                                                        
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                    
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Stedman.                                                                              
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes, I think we need to talk about the                                                           
     time frame -- we've got three  months until we start up.  I'd                                                            
    like to hear a little bit about the pros and cons of taking                                                               
     action today versus working with this policy with several                                                                
     people concerned about implementation  today.  What's the time                                                           
     sensitivity of this issue?                                                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, I'm not sure that there is a great                                                           
     need to decide this now.  We can decide it later.  We can                                                                
     look at it and bring it back  and massage it a little bit and                                                            
     have everyone have more input into it.                                                                                   
                Jessica, do you see this as a big concern in                                                                  
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, I think we definitely have                                                              
     some time, this needs to be taken care of prior to the                                                                   
     convening of the 32nd Legislature.   I would say as long as we                                                           
     have some policy decisions in  place by December, I think that                                                           
     should be just fine.                                                                                                     
                What we might run into an issue with is some of                                                               
     these items in this Code of Conduct Policy dovetail with the                                                             
     RFP and the contractor.  So that's the only thing I                                                                      
    might mention.  If there was an aversion to the testing or                                                                
     the screening, those are the  types of things that I think are                                                           
     important to note.                                                                                                       
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                     
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.  Is that the speaker, Mr. Speaker?                                                            
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Yes, it is.  Thank you.  I'm looking at                                                           
    this page of this conduct policy, and maybe it's because I                                                                
     live in a community that's been pretty strict with its                                                                   
    restrictions -- in fact, I was just talking to city council                                                               
     folks this morning on doing something similar to this.  I                                                                
    think we're one of the first communities, if not the first                                                                
     community to have restrictions in the entire state.                                                                      
                I'm pretty comfortable with what I read here, and                                                             
     I don't see anything that would change if we were to vote on                                                             
     this later, although I'm certainly not averse to giving                                                                  
     people more time to digest things here in front of us.                                                                   
                I do know that we're in the process of considering                                                            
     a third-party contractor, which  I think is really important.                                                            
     I'll raise my hand and say put me down as a yes vote on this                                                             
     today and not waiting until later.                                                                                       
                I think it's also important that we make a                                                                    
    statement that we're taking things very seriously, and the                                                                
     fact is that we're going into  the session that's going to be,                                                           
    by all accounts, abbreviated because of COVID.  And, again,                                                               
     I'm willing to wait to vote on  this -- my preference would be                                                           
     to vote on it now.  Thank you.                                                                                           
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Representative Edgmon.  I                                                               
     appreciate your comments.                                                                                                
                So I have heard from four folks who are                                                                       
     uncomfortable with moving this  forward.  Is there anyone else                                                           
    who is uncomfortable with taking action on this now at this                                                               
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Senator Giessel, please.                                                                           
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  First of all, I would support what                                                             
     the speaker, just said.  I also suggest that it's possible                                                               
     something could arise prior to the convening of the 32nd                                                                 
    Legislature.  Of course, I'm referring to the headline, the                                                               
     front page story in the ADN today  about the governor and the                                                            
     extension of this emergency declaration.                                                                                 
                The speaker and I have talked with Megan about                                                                
     this.  We have a legal opinion on it.  That disaster                                                                     
     declaration can only be extended  by the Legislature.  I think                                                           
     that having something like a Code of Conduct Policy -- it's                                                              
     before us -- suggested is prudent  to do sooner than later.  I                                                           
     agree with the speaker.  There's  nothing in here that's new.                                                            
                I do have a couple comments on a couple pieces,                                                               
     just some nuances, but we're not talking about that right                                                                
     now.  I do want to get those in before we finish talking                                                                 
     about this, though.  But I don't  think we should kick the can                                                           
     down the road very far.  If we  are going to delay it -- today                                                           
    is Thursday -- I would suggest we meet again no later than                                                                
     Monday to put this in place because I think it might be                                                                  
     needed prior to the mid-January date.  Thank you.                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.  My job is                                                             
     to count noses, and at this point, this motion would not                                                                 
     pass, I don't believe.  I think there is great sense as to                                                               
    what everyone has said:  take a little more time to look at                                                               
     it carefully to study the issue  and we can easily handle this                                                           
     at our very next meeting.  So unless there's a serious                                                                   
     objection, my intention is to remove this from the agenda at                                                             
     this time.                                                                                                               
                Any objection to that?                                                                                        
           SENATOR COGHILL:  No objection, Mr. Chairman, but I do                                                             
     have a question that may clarify something for me.                                                                       
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, please, Senator Coghill.                                                                      
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Arriving in Juneau, can you get a test                                                           
     at the airport like we do here in Fairbanks when you come                                                                
     into town?                                                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair --                                                                                   
           CHAIR STEVENS:  I believe you can.                                                                                 
                Do we have an answer from Jessica on that?                                                                    
           MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Senator Coghill, yes, you                                                           
     can get tested upon arrival at the airport.                                                                              
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes, I still think it requires some                                                              
    quarantining until you get the results, but I just want to                                                                
     make sure that that was clear.  I think this will help us                                                                
     when we get back to the issue.  Thank you.                                                                               
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Coghill.                                                                        
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Mr. Chairman.                                                                                  
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  I think Senator Coghill's question                                                             
    needs fleshing out a bit more.  So the idea of the test is                                                                
     it's not a guarantee that you don't have the virus.  A                                                                   
     negative test says that your viral load is negative for a                                                                
     threshold of diagnosis.  It doesn't mean that tomorrow or                                                                
     next day you would not reach that threshold of viral                                                                     
     infection and now have an active case.                                                                                   
                That's the purpose of No. 2 policy, second bullet,                                                            
     "Make every effort to quarantine in place before your                                                                    
     intended arrival in Juneau."  That way, if you have                                                                      
     isolated -- and I argue with the 14 days, it should actually                                                             
    be 10, but we'll talk about that later.  Regardless, you've                                                               
     isolated, you get to Juneau.   Sure, you have a test at the                                                              
     airport then and it's negative,  it's probably substantial,                                                              
     it's probably a valid response.   But to not have done some                                                              
     kind of isolation, take a test in Juneau and say, "Okay.  I'm                                                            
     good" is false.                                                                                                          
                Thank you, Mr. Chairman.                                                                                      
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Giessel.                                                                        
                I, too, was questioning that 14 days, and so we                                                               
     need to review that issue and then figure out where we're                                                                
     going there.  I realize I've asked a lot of you to go through                                                            
    all of these.  But it's an enormous amount of things for us                                                               
     to cover.                                                                                                                
                Jessica, just a question, maybe a little off the                                                              
     subject.  Have we had any legislators or staff test positive?                                                            
     That you know of?                                                                                                        
         MS. GEARY:  Yes, we have.  I am not aware of any                                                                     
    legislators.  We have had staff that have tested positive.                                                                
           CHAIR STEVENS:  All right.  So it is among us, and the                                                             
     imperative is that we deal with this fairly shortly.  My                                                                 
   intention then is to remove this from our agenda and to deal                                                               
     with it very quickly in the future.                                                                                      
                Everyone spend as much time as they can reviewing                                                             
    this, figuring out what you require, what you demand, what                                                                
     your needs are before we consider it at our next meeting.                                                                
             C. LEGISLATURE LITIGATION UPDATE                                                                                 
           CHAIR STEVENS:  So we'll move on then -- I've asked                                                                
     Megan to give us an update on litigation.                                                                                
                Megan, are you prepared for that?                                                                             
         MS. WALLACE:  Yes.  Again, for the record, Megan                                                                     
     Wallace, legal services director.                                                                                        
                My update will be fairly brief.  As everyone                                                                  
    should recall, the only active piece of litigation that is                                                                
     still ongoing right now concerning the Legislature is a                                                                  
     forward-funding lawsuit that  the Legislature brought against                                                            
     the governor regarding the failure to appropriate the                                                                    
     forward-funded education appropriations made in 2018.                                                                    
                You'll also recall that the Legislature was                                                                   
     successful at the superior court  level and received an order                                                            
     of summary judgment in favor  of the Legislature.  That order                                                            
     was appealed by the governor,  and the case is now sitting in                                                            
     the Alaska Supreme Court.                                                                                                
                Our briefing schedule did get a little delayed as                                                             
     a result of the pandemic.  Initially,  our briefs were due in                                                            
     early 2020, but, as a result  of many mitigation orders issued                                                           
     by the Alaska Supreme Court as it relates to court                                                                       
    operations, our deadlines got extended.  But throughout the                                                               
     summer and early fall briefing  in the case is now complete,                                                             
     and there is a request for oral  argument that is before the                                                             
     court, but we have not yet received  a date for oral argument                                                            
                And generally, I think -- sometimes I've heard                                                                
     predictions of decisions six  months to a year after a case is                                                           
     briefed.  It's difficult to predict,  though, in light of the                                                            
     pandemic and the changes to court procedures and election                                                                
     cases and other urgent matters that might come before the                                                                
     Supreme Court whether or not our case will get bumped.                                                                   
                So as it stands right now, we don't have dates,                                                               
     and it's difficult to predict  a decision.  I would be hopeful                                                           
     that we would get something in  early 2021.  That's certainly                                                            
     not a guarantee.  I'm happy to  take questions if anyone has                                                             
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Well, thank you, Megan.  It's good to                                                              
     know that that's the only piece  of litigation we are dealing                                                            
     with at this point.                                                                                                      
                Any questions of Megan on the forward-funding of                                                              
     education funds?                                                                                                         
                Okay.  Well, thank you so much, Megan.  I                                                                     
     appreciate your time, and I appreciate  everyone spending this                                                           
     time.  It's gotten to be pretty  long here.  I realize that.                                                             
     We have three contracts to approve,  and then I've asked Tim                                                             
     Banaszak to give us an IT update, and then we can conclude                                                               
     this meeting.                                                                                                            
V.      CONTRACT APPROVALS                                                                                                  
        A. RFP 639  ALASKA STATE CAPITOL CHILDCARE PROVIDER                                                                   
             CHAIR STEVENS:  So let's move ahead to the approval                                                              
        of these contracts. Representative Stutes.                                                                            
   11:46:48 AM                                                                                                              
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Thank you, Mr. Chair.  I move that                                                             
     Legislative Council authorize the award of RFP 639 for a                                                                 
     child care provider in the Capitol Complex to Discovery                                                                  
     Preschool for a three-year contract and three optional                                                                   
     two-year renewals.                                                                                                       
         CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  And I will object for                                                                    
     purposes of discussion.                                                                                                  
                JC Kestel, do you have some comments on this                                                                  
     contract?  JC, are you with us?                                                                                          
           MR. KESTEL:  Thank you, Chair Stevens.  Yes, I'm here.                                                             
     For the record, my name is JC Kestel, procurement officer for                                                            
     the Legislative Affairs Agency.                                                                                          
                In August the Legislative Affairs Agency issued                                                               
    RFP 639 to solicit child care providers to operate a child                                                                
     care center in the Thomas Stewart Building here at the                                                                   
    Capitol Complex.  RFP 639 closed on September 18, 2020, and                                                               
     Discovery Preschool's proposal was the only one that was                                                                 
     received for review by the PEC.                                                                                          
                The PEC is a Proposal Evaluation Committee that                                                               
   was comprised of Senator Jesse Kiehl; Katrina Matheny, chief                                                               
     of staff for Senator Stevens; Tyra Smith-MacKinnon, staff for                                                            
    Speaker Edgmon; Greg Smith, staff for Representative Story;                                                               
   Jessica Geary, executive director of the Legislative Affairs                                                               
     Agency; and Sant Lesh, administrative operations manager for                                                             
     Legislative Affairs Agency.                                                                                              
                The PEC individually reviewed Discovery's proposal                                                            
     and met as a group to discuss the results.  The PEC is making                                                            
     a recommendation of an award of RFP 639 to Discovery                                                                     
     Preschool to provide a child care program at the Capitol                                                                 
                I'd be happy to answer any questions about the RFP                                                            
    process, and Jessica Gary is available to answer questions                                                                
     regarding the child care program.                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you very much, JC.  I appreciate                                                             
     all of your efforts and with that RFP process.                                                                           
                Any questions of JC or of Jessica?  Hearing and                                                               
   seeing none, I'd remove my objection and ask Jessica to take                                                               
     a roll call.                                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                       
           SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                              
           PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                       
           SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                             
           MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                     
           SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yeah.                                                                                          
           MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                        
           SPEAKER EDGMON:  Yes.                                                                                              
           MS. GEARY:  Representative Foster?                                                                                 
           REPRESENTATIVE FOSTER:  Yes.                                                                                       
           MS. GEARY:  Representative DeLena Johnson?                                                                         
                Representative Johnston?                                                                                      
                Representative Kopp?                                                                                          
                Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                            
           VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                           
           MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                         
           CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                               
           MS. GEARY:  9 yeas, 0 nays.                                                                                        
           CHAIR STEVENS:  So by vote 9 to 0, that motion passes,                                                             
     and that contract has been approved.                                                                                     
        B. LEASE EXTENSION FOR HOMER OFFICE SPACE                                                                             
             CHAIR STEVENS:  We'll move on to the second contract,                                                            
        which is for the Homer office space.                                                                                  
                   Representative Stutes.                                                                                     
             VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Thank you, Mr. Chair.  I move                                                                
        that the Legislative Council approve the lease extension                                                              
        for Homer office space in the amount of $54,961.92.                                                                   
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you for that motion.  And I'll                                                             
        object for purposes of discussion.                                                                                    
                   And, JC, again, you're up for this one.  Can you                                                           
        tell us what's going on in Homer?                                                                                     
             MR. KESTEL:  Thank you, Chair Stevens.  For the                                                                  
        record, again, my name is JC Kestel, procurement officer                                                              
        for the Legislative Affairs Agency.                                                                                   
                   The current lease agreement between the                                                                    
        Legislative Affairs Agency and Mr. and Mrs. Ellington for                                                             
        office space currently occupied by the Legislature in                                                                 
        Homer, Alaska is due to expire October 31, 2020, with no                                                              
        renewal options available.                                                                                            
                   Under Alaska Statute 36.30.083, there is a                                                                 
        provision where we may extend a real property lease for up                                                            
        to ten years if a minimum cost savings of at least                                                                    
        10 percent below the market rental value can be obtained                                                              
        for the extension.  The market rental value must be                                                                   
        established by a real estate broker's opinion of the rental                                                           
        value or by an appraisal of the rental value.                                                                         
                   The agency contracted with a real estate broker                                                            
        to determine the market value of the property located in                                                              
        Homer.  We received their fair market rental analysis, and                                                            
        it is their opinion that the market rental value for the                                                              
        property, with full service lease, is $1.75 per square foot                                                           
        as of October 1, 2020.                                                                                                
                   Per Alaska Statute 36.30.083, the agency offered                                                           
        Mr. and Mrs. Ellington a rate of $1.56 per square foot for                                                            
      a new five-year lease extension with 5 one-year renewal                                                                 
        options that are at our option to exercise to Mr. and Mrs.                                                            
        Ellington, and they have accepted our offer.                                                                          
                   Based on the above, I recommend approving the                                                              
        lease extension for the Homer office space located at 270                                                             
        Pioneer Avenue in Homer, Alaska for a price of $1.56 per                                                              
      square foot.  The lease extension exceeds 35,000 in one                                                                 
        fiscal year, therefore, Legislative Council's approval is                                                             
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  I appreciate all of your                                                             
        efforts, JC, in getting that.  It looks like a pretty good                                                            
        deal for us.                                                                                                          
                   Any discussion on this motion to approve the                                                               
        Homer office?                                                                                                         
             VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  I have a question.                                                                           
            CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Representative Stutes.                                                                       
             VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Thank you, Mr. Chair.                                                                        
                   What was the previous square footage rate that                                                             
        we were paying for that same space?                                                                                   
             MR. KESTEL:  Through the Chair, Representative                                                                   
        Stutes, the previous price per square foot was rounded to                                                             
        $1.72 per square foot.                                                                                                
             VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Okay.  Thank you.                                                                            
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Representative Stutes.                                                                
                   Again, well done, JC.  Appreciate your efforts                                                             
                   Any further discussion?                                                                                    
                   I will then remove my objection and ask for a                                                              
        roll call, Jessica.                                                                                                   
             MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                     
             SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                           
             MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                            
             PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                         
             MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                     
             SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes.                                                                                           
             MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                     
             SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                           
             MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                   
             SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yes.                                                                                         
             MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                      
             SPEAKER EDGMON:  Yes.                                                                                            
             MS. GEARY:  Representative Foster?                                                                               
             REPRESENTATIVE FOSTER:  Yes.                                                                                     
             MS. GEARY:  Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                   
             VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                         
             MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                       
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                             
             MS. GEARY:  9 yeas, 0 nays.                                                                                      
             CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  By a vote of 9 to 0 then,                                                            
        we have approved the lease of the Homer office space.                                                                 
           C. RENEWAL NO. 2 OF THE SUBLEASE FOR UTQIAGVIK OFFICE                                                              
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Moving on to the sublease, renewal                                                            
          No. 2 of the sublease for Utqiagvik office space.                                                                   
                     Representative Stutes, a motion, please.                                                                 
                VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Certainly, Mr. Chair.  I move                                                             
          that Legislative Council approve renewal No. 2 of the                                                               
          sublease for Utqiagvik office space in the amount of                                                                
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.  And I'll object for                                                               
          purposes of the discussion, and, again, ask JC to give                                                              
          us a brief explanation and answer any questions that may                                                            
          come up.                                                                                                            
                MR. KESTEL:  Thank you, Chair Stevens.  The current                                                           
          sublease renewal agreement between the Legislative                                                                  
          Affairs Agency and Arctic Slope Telephone Association                                                               
          Cooperative for office space  in Utqiagvik terminates                                                               
          December 31, 2020.                                                                                                  
                     There are two sublease renewal options                                                                   
          available under the sublease agreement, each for a                                                                  
          one-year period.  We have exercised one of those renewal                                                            
          options.  Legislative Affairs Agency would like approval                                                            
          to proceed with renewal No. 2 for the period of                                                                     
          January 1st, 2021, through December 31, 2021.                                                                       
                     If Legislative Council approves renewal No.                                                              
          2, this will be one more renewal of the sublease option                                                             
          available for the agency.  The renewal period exceeds                                                               
         35,000 in one fiscal year, therefore, Legislative                                                                    
          Council's approval is required.                                                                                     
                     I'll be happy to answer any questions you may                                                            
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, JC.                                                                                
                     Any questions on this sublease?                                                                          
                SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Senator Stevens, this is                                                                  
          Senator von Imhof.                                                                                                  
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator von Imhof.                                                                       
                SENATOR VON IMHOF:  So is this for a legislator to                                                            
          use, like legislative offices, or is this for an LIO for                                                            
          citizens to come and testify and so forth?                                                                          
                MR. KESTEL:  Through the Chair, Senator von Imhof,                                                            
        the space in question is a Legislative Information                                                                    
         Office.  There are no legislators located there.                                                                     
                SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Okay.  Thank you.  So, Senator                                                            
         Stevens, follow-up, I'm assuming then there's not                                                                    
        necessarily offices, per se, it's just a space for                                                                    
          citizens to come and speak and testify for committee                                                                
          hearings; is that correct?                                                                                          
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Let's ask Jessica to comment on                                                               
                     Do you have any thoughts, Jessica, on that                                                               
          issue of who's in that space and what it's used for?                                                                
                MS. GEARY:  Through the Chair, Senator von Imhof,                                                             
          we have a an Utqiagvik LIO  officer that works out of                                                               
          that office, and then the public can come and testify                                                               
          for legislative hearings, and it's a way for them to                                                                
          interact with their Legislature.                                                                                    
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.                                                                                    
                     Any follow-up, Senator von Imhof?                                                                        
                SENATOR VON IMHOF:  No.  Thank you.                                                                           
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Okay.  Thank you very much.  Any                                                              
          further discussion on the issue of this office space?                                                               
                     I'll remove my objection and ask for a roll                                                              
          call vote, please.                                                                                                  
                MS. GEARY:  Senator Coghill?                                                                                  
                SENATOR COGHILL:  Yes.                                                                                        
               MS. GEARY:  Senate President Giessel?                                                                          
                PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes.                                                                                      
                MS. GEARY:  Senator Hoffman?                                                                                  
                SENATOR HOFFMAN:  Yes.                                                                                        
                MS. GEARY:  Senator Stedman?                                                                                  
                SENATOR STEDMAN:  Yes.                                                                                        
                MS. GEARY:  Senator von Imhof?                                                                                
                SENATOR VON IMHOF:  Yeah.  Yes.                                                                               
                MS. GEARY:  Speaker Edgmon?                                                                                   
                SPEAKER EDGMON:  Yes.                                                                                         
                MS. GEARY:  Representative Foster?                                                                            
                REPRESENTATIVE FOSTER:  Yes.                                                                                  
                MS. GEARY:  Vice-Chair Stutes?                                                                                
                VICE-CHAIR STUTES:  Yes.                                                                                      
                MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens?                                                                                    
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                          
                MS. GEARY:  9 yeas, 0 nays.                                                                                   
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Jessica.                                                                           
                     By a vote of 9 to 0, that office space has                                                               
          been approved.                                                                                                      
                MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens --                                                                                  
                CHAIR STEVENS:  So I was asked to add a last-minute                                                           
          update on --                                                                                                        
                MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens --                                                                                  
                CHAIR STEVENS:  -- what's happening here in our                                                               
          various LIOs and how we're going to be dealing with                                                                 
          working together in this way.                                                                                       
                     Tim, are you with us, Tim Banaszak?                                                                      
                MS. GEARY:  Chair Stevens, Tim is here, but I                                                                 
          skipped Representative DeLena Johnson on that roll call.                                                            
          I would like her vote on those issues, if that's okay.                                                              
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes.                                                                                          
                     Representative Johnson, are you with us?                                                                 
                REPRESENTATIVE JOHNSON:  Yes, sorry.  It took me a                                                            
          minute to get to my mute button.  I would be a yes vote                                                             
          on the last two votes, or it sounds like they passed, so                                                            
          I wanted to let you know that I'm here for the next one.                                                            
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Sorry we missed you on that.  We'll                                                           
          add your name in the positive side on those last two                                                                
          votes then.  Thank you.                                                                                             
                     And that's what you needed to add, Jessica?                                                              
                MS. GEARY:  Yes.  I apologize for that.  Thank you.                                                           
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you.                                                                                    
           IT UPDATE - TIM BANASZAK                                                                                           
                CHAIR STEVENS:  And, Tim, if you could give us an                                                             
          update, Tim Banaszak.                                                                                               
                MR. BANASZAK:  Certainly.  Mr. Chairman and                                                                   
          committee members, Tim Banaszak, for the record, IT                                                                 
        manager for the Legislative Affairs Agency for the                                                                    
                     So I think we were talking a little bit about                                                            
          maybe some of the videoconferencing here.  I have a                                                                 
          couple of points and want to be respectful of everyone's                                                            
         time with a lot of folks around the table today.                                                                     
                   So just a quick recap on the                                                                               
          videoconferencing.  We're obviously using it today.                                                                 
         There's a lot of folks that have been involved in                                                                    
          testing this.  There's a state contract that allows us                                                              
          to take advantage of this videoconferencing.  We also                                                               
          have kind of the older, traditional videoconferencing                                                               
          that has been used.  That contract and technology is                                                                
          really being phased out,  and so this is really timely.                                                             
                     I think that the COVID social distancing and                                                             
          folks having to work more remotely has really                                                                       
          accelerated the pace of  adoption of this technology, and                                                           
          so far we're fairly pleased with what we're seeing.                                                                 
                     We have spent quite a bit of time this summer                                                            
          with our counterparts across  the 50 states, through the                                                            
          NCSL organization, what's working, what isn't working,                                                              
          where are there the gotchas, where are the problematic                                                              
          issues, the technology issues,  the logistical issues.                                                              
                     There's no perfect solution, but we're pretty                                                            
          adept and nimble, I think, in Alaska because of the                                                                 
          nature of our remote environment  that we have to operate                                                           
          in.  So we're already ahead,  I think, quite a bit with a                                                           
          lot of the technologies  that the Legislative Information                                                           
        Office, under Tim Powers' leadership, has provided                                                                    
          throughout the LIOs throughout the state.                                                                           
                     Really we're looking at trying to supplement                                                             
          some of those technologies.   It has taken a fair amount                                                            
          of resources and equipment and investigation, but I                                                                 
          think that we do have some options available to us.                                                                 
                     The Senate president mentioned earlier -- I                                                              
          think there was a brief  discussion on these technologies                                                           
          that we're using here.  Early on, at the behest of some                                                             
          of the leadership, we wanted to explore these                                                                       
          technologies.  So we've  had the opportunity to test, and                                                           
          going into session will be really important that we can                                                             
          support different scenarios  that may face us.  How many                                                            
          can be together?  Do we have to have people remotely?                                                               
         There's logistical issues, the policy issues, the                                                                    
          constitutional issues with that.  But we want to make                                                               
          sure that we've got some  offerings and some technologies                                                           
          that are available, and I think you're seeing a little                                                              
          bit of that today.                                                                                                  
                     There's certainly a cost associated with                                                                 
          that.  There's resource overhead in order to maintain                                                               
          that.  We have quite a few  people on the line today just                                                           
          to make sure that this technology works.  We had one                                                                
          hiccup in the middle of  this and had to bring on our                                                               
          Chair back into the meeting through Kodiak.  So those                                                               
          are just things to be aware of.  They're not                                                                        
          show-stoppers, but it's just the nature of what we're                                                               
                     Most of us -- I think probably all of us have                                                            
          been involved with videoconferencing throughout the                                                                 
         summer and the different platforms.  This is the                                                                     
          platform that's been adopted  for governments to use.  So                                                           
          it meets our security criteria,  our requirements, and                                                              
          our due diligence.  While  there's other technologies out                                                           
          there, certainly it's not  something that we would want                                                             
          to use and assure both the  public and our organization                                                             
          that would suffice for our environments.                                                                            
                     There's a couple of other technologies and                                                               
          projects that have been  underway.  You may recall the                                                              
          Capitol Camera Project that  we had to really enhance.                                                              
          It's a blending of efforts  between for Gavel to Gavel                                                              
        and AK Leg TV.  That project is moving along quite                                                                    
          nicely, on time and on budget.   That's going to give us                                                            
          some improved camera capabilities  for both on-the-floor                                                            
          sessions, during the floor  sessions, as well as out in                                                             
          the committee rooms as well.   So that effort is going                                                              
          forward on time and on budget,  and we fully anticipate                                                             
          that to be available in time for session.                                                                           
                     And it will also help -- given that we can                                                               
          remote control some of that equipment, it will also                                                                 
          further support social distancing,  where if we get into                                                            
          a situation where we need  to limit the number of people                                                            
          on the floor in a committee  room, it still will support                                                            
          and ensure that we've got the public well-connected                                                                 
          through the tools and technologies  for audio and video,                                                            
          which will be really important, and, as the speaker                                                                 
          brought up, really important issues coming up this year.                                                            
                     We're trying to do everything we can,                                                                    
          exploring the different  technologies, but I think we're                                                            
          going to be pretty well  positioned to address what we                                                              
          need to and just stay close  with the council here.  And                                                            
          if you have a quick panic  request or something coming                                                              
          through, we're trying to  be nimble.  We want to be ready                                                           
          and be prepared.  But just  know that the 50 states are                                                             
          working together and no  one has this figured out one-                                                              
          hundred percent, but I believe  we can be proud of where                                                            
          we are in the Legislature here and what we're doing                                                                 
          across Alaska.                                                                                                      
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you very much, Tim.  Could                                                              
          you discuss the security issues?  I'm hearing things                                                                
         about Zoom, that anybody can get on and interrupt                                                                    
          meetings.  Do we have that  security in this platform                                                               
          that keeps that from happening?                                                                                     
                MR. BANASZAK:  Mr. Chairman, so security is really                                                            
          a risk management approach.  That's how you have to                                                                 
          treat security.  There's  no one-hundred percent.  Any                                                              
          system could be hacked and  attacked and breached; with                                                             
          enough time and enough money  and enough persistence, you                                                           
          can do that.                                                                                                        
                     At the outset of the comments here, what I                                                               
          will say for this videoconferencing  technology is that                                                             
          it has been certified for  government use at the federal                                                            
          level, the individual state  level.  And what that means                                                            
          to us is we can have the  assurances and the confidence                                                             
          that the reasonable level  of investment to protect the                                                             
          platform has been done,  and we've done our due diligence                                                           
          and our research on it,  and it avoids things like people                                                           
          just coming into meetings or people getting access to                                                               
          your accounts or things like that.                                                                                  
                     And the technology that we use, no technology                                                            
          can come into our environment  unless it's been approved                                                            
          for government.  And when I speak of "government," I                                                                
          mean government at the federal  and the state level.  And                                                           
          we benefit from that as  well.  So we're trying to keep                                                             
          that safe border around  there so that we can address the                                                           
          obvious things.                                                                                                     
                     As an IT professional, I would never sit here                                                            
          and say we're one-hundred  percent, but I think that the                                                            
          council can be assured that  we have made the investments                                                           
          and that this is a good platform.                                                                                   
                     When you hear these other platforms that come                                                            
          along, sure, they're usable.   Sometimes easier to use in                                                           
          some cases, but we really want to make sure we use a                                                                
          platform that we can have  the confidence is appropriate                                                            
          for legislative business.                                                                                           
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you, Tim.  Any questions?                                                               
          Any further questions?                                                                                              
                PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Yes, I have a question --                                                                 
                CHAIR STEVENS:  So, Tim, it does seem like a little                                                           
          training would be effective.  I mean, I've used Zoom                                                                
          this summer a lot, and it  is pretty easy to raise your                                                             
          hand and make sure everyone  is taken care of.  If things                                                           
          get worse and there's a  larger outbreak by the time we                                                             
          come together, if we pass the ability to meet at a                                                                  
        distance, we have the capabilities, and do we need                                                                    
          further training individually  to know how to use this                                                              
                MR. BANASZAK:  The two short answers are yes and                                                              
          yes.  Training is always helpful, and then more                                                                     
          capabilities and capacity also would be really                                                                      
                     You know, there was the recent additional                                                                
          bandwidth being allocated  out to set up across Alaska.                                                             
          So things like just the resources, capability.  This                                                                
          call has been fairly stable.  The video streams have                                                                
          been good.  But, yes, training,  resources -- this is a                                                             
          few of us that are on a  call today.  Imagine this scaled                                                           
          out through multiple committee meetings going on at                                                                 
          once, floor sessions going on at once.  You don't want                                                              
          to be moving this technology all around.  It needs to be                                                            
          in place.  We need to have  the resources and the                                                                   
          staffing to be able to have  multiple technologies                                                                  
          effective so that when you  gavel into a committee                                                                  
          meeting, you know that folks can conduct business and                                                               
          then have a good meeting and close out.                                                                             
                     And, Mr. Chairman, I think there may have                                                                
          been another question in there.                                                                                     
                PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Senator Stevens.                                                                          
               CHAIR STEVENS:  Yes, Senator Giessel.                                                                          
                PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Thank you.  That is one of the                                                            
          challenges is we can't raise  our hand.  I'm on a phone,                                                            
                     My question is for Tim regarding the                                                                     
          cameras -- did you say what  LIOs you have them deployed                                                            
          in and are they functional?                                                                                         
                MR. BANASZAK:  Through the Chair, Madam President,                                                            
          I didn't list those here  today, but we did get a half a                                                            
         dozen of those.  So today we have Mat-Su, Kodiak,                                                                    
          Fairbanks on line, Anchorage  is on line, we have Kenai                                                             
          Peninsula, and we have one more I think.  And then we --                                                            
               PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Is it Ketchikan?                                                                           
                MR. BANASZAK:  Yes.  Thank you very much,                                                                     
          Ketchikan.  So to the first  part of your question where                                                            
          we have those installed, we have them at those                                                                      
          locations; and then, secondly, we've tested those there.                                                            
                     We have -- with the success of this, we have                                                             
          purchased -- anticipating  that we may need some of these                                                           
          units around in different  perhaps rooms in the Capitol,                                                            
          perhaps ad hoc in different  locations, if we have to go                                                            
          off-site for some reason,  we've purchased a handful of                                                             
          these so that potentially,  if this platform seems to be                                                            
          successful, we could perhaps include the rest of the                                                                
          LIOs as well, depending  if that's a decision we want to                                                            
          make going forward.                                                                                                 
                PRESIDENT GIESSEL:  Thank you.                                                                                
                CHAIR STEVENS:  Thank you Senator Giessel.  Thank                                                             
          you, Tim.  Any further questions?  So thank you very                                                                
          much, Tim.  I appreciate that update.                                                                               
VI.     ADJOURN                                                                                                             
         CHAIR STEVENS:  I appreciate everyone's steadfastness here                                                           
      in sitting through this very, very long meeting.  We've                                                                 
        accomplished our agenda.  If there's nothing further for this                                                         
        meeting, then we are adjourned at 12:37pm.                                                                            

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