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02/05/1998 09:03 AM Senate FIN

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SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                       
5 February, 1998                                                               
9:03 am                                                                        
SFC 98  # 21, Side A (000-576)                                                 
      Side B (576-000)                                                         
CALL TO ORDER                                                                  
Senator Bert Sharp, Co-chair, convened the meeting at                          
approximately 9:03 am.                                                         
In addition to Co-chairman Sharp, Senators Pearce,                             
Torgerson, Adams, Parnell and Phillips were present when the                   
meeting was convened.  Senators arrived Donley arrived                         
Also Attending:  DAN FAUSKE, CEO/Executive Director, Alaska                    
Housing Finance Corporation; JOHN BITNEY and LES CAMPBELL,                     
AHFC; MARIA MOYER, Acting Director, Office of the Ombudsman;                   
MIKE GREANY, Director, Division of Legislative Finance; JIM                    
HAUCK, DAVID TONKOVICH, GINGER PATTON, Fiscal Analysts,DLF;                    
and aides to committee members and other members of the                        
via Teleconference:  JOAN CONNORS, Office of the Ombudsman,                    
SUMMARY INFORMATION                                                            
FY99 OVERVIEW                                                                  
PRESENTED BY:                                                                  
ALASKA HOUSING FINANCE CORPORATION                                             
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 219(JUD)                                                
"An Act relating to establishing an office of crime                            
victims' rights; and amending Rule 16, Alaska Rules of                         
Criminal Procedure, Rule 9, Alaska Delinquency Rules,                          
and Rule 501, Alaska Rules of Evidence."                                       
Senator Rick Halford, sponsor of the bill, presented his                       
statement to the committee.  There was discussion regarding                    
a provision to allow a governor's veto of the appointment to                   
the office in question.  Other discussion focused on funding                   
for the office and the merits of having that position be a                     
political appointment.  The legislation was open for public                    
testimony at this meeting, of which there was none.  No                        
department representatives spoke to the bill at this time.                     
Co-Chair Sharp held the bill in committee pending efforts to                   
resolve the aforementioned concerns.                                           
OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN                                                        
OVERVIEW OF INVESTIGATIONS                                                     
FROM THE PAST YEAR                                                             
SALARY ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS                                                     
PRESENTED BY:                                                                  
LEGISLATIVE FINANCE DIVISION                                                   
The meeting was recorded and handwritten log notes were                        
taken.  A copy of the tape and log notes may be obtained by                    
contacting either the Legislative Finance Division, PO Box                     
113200, Juneau, Alaska 99811-3200 (Phone: (907) 465-3795) or                   
the office of the Senate Finance Committee Secretary (Phone                    
(907) 465-2618).                                                               
Co-Chair Pearce adjourned the meeting at approximately                         
10:55 am.                                                                      
SFC-98 (1) 2/05/98 am                                                          

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