Legislature(2019 - 2020)BY TELECONFERENCE

12/29/2020 02:30 PM House REDISTRICTING BOARD

* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
+ Discussion: Procurement Code Options, TELECONFERENCED
Legislative vs. Administrative
Available for Questions:
- Emily Nauman, Attorney, Legislative Legal Svcs.
- Rachel Witty, Attorney, Dept. of Law
- JC Kestel, Procurement Officer, LAA
Adoption of Procurement Code
Discussion: RFPs for Proposals for Independent
Legal Services
- Review of 2011 RFP
- Timeline for publishing RFP & selection of firm
- Review options to proceed
- Provide direction to Executive Director
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2020-Dec-29-Packet.pdf JRDB 12/29/2020 2:30:00 PM
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