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02/25/1993 01:40 PM House FIN

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                     HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                   
                        February 25, 1993                                      
                            1:40 P.M.                                          
  TAPE HFC 93 - 32, Side 1, #000 - end.                                        
  TAPE HFC 93 - 32, Side 2, #000 - #275.                                       
  CALL TO ORDER                                                                
  Co-Chair Ron Larson called the  meeting of the House Finance                 
  Committee to order at 1:40 P.M.                                              
  Co-Chair Larson                    Representative Brown                      
  Co-Chair MacLean                   Representative Foster                     
  Vice-Chair Hanley                  Representative                            
  Representative Hoffman             Representative Therriault                 
  Representative Navarre             Representative Parnell                    
  Representative Martin was not present for the meeting.                       
  ALSO PRESENT                                                                 
  C. E. Swackhammer, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Public                 
  Safety;    Kenneth    Bischoff,   Director,    Division   of                 
  Administrative Services, Department of Public Safety;  Bruce                 
  Geraghty, Deputy  Commissioner, Department of  Community and                 
  Regional Affairs;  Remond Henderson,  Director, Division  of                 
  Administrative Service, Department of Community and Regional                 
  Affairs; John  Walsh, Deputy  Director, Community  and Rural                 
  Development Division, Department  of Community and  Regional                 
  SUMMARY INFORMATION                                                          
  HB 60     FY 94 CAPITAL BUDGET                                               
            OVERVIEWS:     Public Safety                                       
                           Community and Regional Affairs                      
  Co-Chair Larson provided  the Committee  with a letter  from                 
  the Board of Public Accountancy.  [Attachment #1].  He asked                 
  that the members review it for a future meeting.                             
  DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY                                                  
  SAFETY, introduced the Department of Public Safety (DPS) CIP                 
       *    Motor vehicles public service enhancements request                 
            for  $235.5  thousand dollars.  The  components of                 
            this request consist of:                                           
            A.   Anchorage office public  service enhancements                 
                 - $64.5 thousand  dollars.  The goal  will be                 
                 achieved  by  the   implementation  of   four                 
                      Lobby directional control  -  $7.0                       
                      Line control system        -  $7.5                       
                      Message signs              - $28.0                       
                      Telephone system           - $22.0                       
            B.   Business  workflow/technology  assessment   -                 
                 $100.0 thousand  dollars.  This  is a request                 
                 for funding to perform a requirement analysis                 
                 and  develop a general design of how business                 
                 workflow should be approached in the future.                  
            C.   Driver  improvement/AFO  LAN request  - $71.0                 
                 thousand dollars.   These fund  would provide                 
                 for the purchase  of the equipment  necessary                 
                 to establish a local area network and connect                 
                 to the DPS wide area network.                                 
  Co-Chair MacLean inquired  as to  the $220 thousand  dollars                 
  allocated last year.   She pointed  out it had  to date  not                 
  been used.                                                                   
  SERVICES,  DEPARTMENT  OF  PUBLIC  SAFETY,  replied  that  a                 
  portion  of  last  years  DMV  allocations  were  held in  a                 
  separate  section  of the  capital  bill and  needed further                 
  review.   It has recently been  approved and   DMV does have                 
  plans for those funds.  He continued with the Department CIP                 
       *    Aircraft  equipment/overhaul  repairs  request for                 
            $459.8 thousand dollars.  This  project allows for                 
            the yearly purchase of equipment needed to replace                 
            worn out  or  obsolete equipment  such as  radios,                 
            landing gear and engines on  an annual schedule as                 
            well as establish replacement dollars for aircraft                 
            determined  to be  beyond  economic  repair.   Mr.                 
            Swackhammer  noted this  work would  be contracted                 
       *    FWP  enforcement vessel  repairs  CIP request  for                 
            $570.4  thousand  dollars.     The  request  would                 
            accomplish  repairs,  conversions,  servicing, and                 
            maintenance  for  the  patrol   vessels  Woldstad,                 
            Trooper, Enforcer, Burton  and the smaller vessels                 
            to  ensure  their  safe  and dependable  operation                 
            during FY  94.  He pointed out that experience has                 
            shown  that regular  scheduled maintenance  is the                 
            most cost efficient for the State.                                 
       *    Fish & Wildlife  protection equipment  replacement                 
            request for $273.2 thousand  dollars.  The project                 
            purchases and  replaces equipment such  as skiffs,                 
            outboard  motors  and  snow machines.  All-Terrain                 
            Vehicles  and  other   equipment  the   day-to-day                 
            enforcement activity of this division.                             
       *    Statewide law enforcement systems request for $1.8                 
            million  dollars.    The   capital  request  is  a                 
            consolidation  of  projects  required  to  support                 
            State,  local  and  federal  law  enforcement  and                 
            criminal  justice agencies in Alaska.  The request                 
            targets  maintenance  of critical  law enforcement                 
            information projects essential to:                                 
            A.   Detection,  identification, apprehension  and                 
                 arrest of criminals;                                          
            B.   Screening  of  criminal   justice  employees;                 
                 potential  foster  parents,  school teachers,                 
                 school bus drivers and  others who come  into                 
                 contact  with  children  and other  protected                 
            C.   Decisions involving sentencing, probation and                 
                 parole of persons convicted of a crime;                       
            D.   Continuation  of  access to  natural criminal                 
                 justice   and   motor   vehicle   information                 
            E.   Issuing  of  driver licenses,  vehicle titles                 
                 and registrations;                                            
            F.   Acquisition, maintenance and reporting of law                 
                 enforcement   management    information   and                 
                 statewide crime statistics.                                   
  Mr.  Bischoff   provided  the   Committee  with   a  handout                 
  addressing  the Alaska  Public  Safety Information  Network.                 
  [Attachment #2].                                                             
  Co-Chair MacLean recommended that the $100.0 thousand dollar                 
  line request for  Wide Area Network Central  site management                 
  tools be  moved  to  the operating  budget.    Mr.  Bischoff                 
  replied  the  expenditure  is a  one  time  cost  and it  is                 
  expensive.  He  stressed it  should be kept  in the  capital                 
       *    Alaska State Trooper replacement equipment request                 
            for $500.0 thousand dollars.   Deputy Commissioner                 
            Swackhammer stated the appropriation  will provide                 
            funding  for the replacement  of various  items of                 
            equipment needed throughout  the Division of  AST.                 
            AST has  historically relied upon  CIP funding for                 
            these types of replacement items due to  a lack of                 
            replacement equipment funding in the AST operating                 
            budget.  The primary purpose of this project is to                 
            generate operating productivity and  efficiency by                 
            providing the equipment necessary  for Troopers to                 
            perform    their    law    enforcement   functions                 
            effectively.  The project provides equipment basic                 
            to the law enforcement  functions of the Troopers.                 
  Representative  Therriault  questioned   the  $12   thousand                 
  dollars  in training cost.   Deputy Commissioner Swackhammer                 
  noted  that  the Fish  and  Wildlife section  have converted                 
  their  guns  to hand  held pistols.   The  training requires                 
  compliance with  pistol policy  and procedures  for revolver                 
  and semi automatics.  Representative Therriault asked if the                 
  costs could be  contracted out.   Mr. Swackhammer stated  it                 
  would be handled by the Department.                                          
  Representative  Navarre  asked  how  the  the old  guns  are                 
  disposed.  Mr. Swackhammer stated they would be sold through                 
  Co-Chair  MacLean  pointed  out  last  year  the  Department                 
  requested $400 thousand dollars for  semi automatic pistols.                 
  There remains  a balance  in that account  of $369  thousand                 
  dollars.  Mr. Bischoff stated, the bid was received February                 
  23, 1993, at which time those funds were freed up for use.                   
       *    Fish  and  wildlife protection  bulk  fuel storage                 
            tank replacement for $236.6 thousand dollars.  Mr.                 
            Swackhammer  explained  that  the   project  would                 
            purchase  five  replacement  aircraft   bulk  fuel                 
            storage  tanks   to   meet   new   Department   of                 
            Environmental  Conservation  (DEC),  Environmental                 
            Protection Agency (EPA), and  airport requirements                 
            in  Aniak,   King  Salmon,   Bethel,  Kodiak   and                 
            Soldotna.  The project will also purchase the site                 
            assessment  and  removal of  two  underground bulk                 
            fuel storage tanks located in Kodiak.                              
       *    Training  Academy  equipment  request   for  $37.0                 
            thousand dollars  which would  acquire a  training                 
            device for  teaching automobile skid  recovery and                 
            control   techniques.     When  the   Academy  was                 
            originally constructed, there were plans developed                 
            to eventually  have a  dedicated drivers  training                 
            area.     This  was  never  completed  and  recent                 
            estimates  for  building such  a  facility  are in                 
            excess  of one  million  dollars.    Currently,  a                 
            parking   lot  is   used   for  drivers   training                 
            techniques.   However, it  is impossible  to teach                 
            any hands-on skid control or recovery.  A training                 
            device, called a Skid-Car, has been developed that                 
            would allow skid recovery  and control techniques.                 
       *    Facilities   renewal   and    replacement/deferred                 
            maintenance  request  for  $1,5  million  dollars.                 
            Deputy Commissioner Swackhammer noted  the primary                 
            purpose of this project  is to provide maintenance                 
            on  state   owned  facilities   operated  by   the                 
            Department.      The   project  provides   overdue                 
            maintenance to  basic facilities  utilized by  the                 
            law  enforcement officers of  the Department.  All                 
            of the maintenance noted is overdue and can not be                 
            put  off  to  future  years without  substantially                 
            increasing   the   cost   of   the   project    as                 
            deterioration of the facilities accelerates.                       
  Co-Chair MacLean inquired how many phases would be necessary                 
  to  complete  the  DPS  Headquarters   in  Anchorage.    Mr.                 
  Swackhammer replied that project would be completed in three                 
  phases.   He added  that the  building  stores all  criminal                 
  histories  and needs  new heating  and ventilating  systems.                 
  The  total  anticipated cost  for  completion would  be $1.9                 
  million dollars.                                                             
       *    Juneau     Public     Safety     building     code                 
            upgrade/modifications request for  $450.0 thousand                 
            dollars.   The Juneau Public  Safety building  was                 
            constructed  in  1970  as temporary  space.    The                 
            building  is still  occupied by the  Department of                 
            Public Safety as its Juneau Headquarters.  Because                 
            this  structure  was  viewed  as  temporary,  only                 
            minimum   heating,   ventilation,   and  rest-room                 
            requirements  were  included.     Conditions   are                 
            clearly substandard for long-term occupancy.  This                 
            structure is now viewed as permanent office space.                 
            Phase  1 modifications  have been made  to correct                 
            the  most  significant  heating   and  ventilation                 
  Co-Chair   MacLean   questioned   if   the   Department   of                 
  Transportation and Public Facilities (DOTPF) could share the                 
  expense for the  handicapped access.    Mr. Bischoff offered                 
  to provide that information after  consulting with DOTPF and                 
       *    Enforcement  vessel  replacement request  for $1.0                 
            million dollars.  Deputy  Commissioner Swackhammer                 
            concluded  this  project  would  provide  for  the                 
            purchase of two new or used 50' - 58' limit seiner                 
            class  patrol  vessels  for  commercial  fisheries                 
            patrols search  and rescue missions.   The vessels                 
            would be  purchased as replacements for  aging and                 
            less  effective  38-foot  vessels   in  Homer  and                 
  Co-Chair  MacLean  asked  if  one  of the  illegally  seized                 
  fishing boats could be used for search and  rescue missions.                 
  Mr. Swackhammer  stated if  a vessel  was found  and was  in                 
  satisfactory condition, it would be used.                                    
  Representative  Hanley questioned  choosing seiners  for the                 
  outside waters.  He thought they were  too big and slow.  He                 
  suggested using a surplus Coast Guard boat.                                  
  (Tape HFC 93-32, Side 2).                                                    
  DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AND REGIONAL AFFAIRS                                 
  AND REGIONAL AFFAIRS  (DCRA), provided the Committee  with a                 
  handout, "Capital Project Description".  [Attachment #3].                    
       *    Organizational Block Grants CIP request for $600.0                 
            thousand  dollars in general funds.  AS 29.05.180-                 
            190 provides that each new municipal government is                 
            entitled to multiyear organizational  grants which                 
            are meant to  defray costs of transition to a city                 
            or borough  government and to provide  for interim                 
  Co-Chair  MacLean asked  for detail  to be provided  for the                 
  "unspecified new cities"  component.  Mr. Geraghty  replied,                 
  in  the  past,  this  component  was addressed  through  the                 
  supplemental budget.  Placing it in the capital  budget will                 
  make those funds  available this  year, rather than  waiting                 
  for the next  legislative session.  Mr. Geraghty noted  that                 
  this will help in forming new boroughs and cities.                           
       *    Community  Block  Grants  CIP   request  for  $4.0                 
            million dollars in federal  funds.  The  Community                 
            Block  Grant  programs  are exclusively  federally                 
            funded.  Each  year the  State must prepare  plans                 
            for  each of the programs,  and submit them to the                 
            federal  agencies  for  approval   and  subsequent                 
            funding.  The  plans are subject to  public review                 
            and  input  prior  to  submission  to  the federal                 
            government.  Funding projections are based on past                 
            history  of  program  funding  as  well  as  input                 
            received  from  the federal  agencies at  the time                 
            budgets are prepared.                                              
  noted  that the Community  Block Grants  are for  small city                 
  developments.  Most of  the funds allocated in this  item go                 
  to  the  small  communities throughout  the  State  with the                 
  exception  of Anchorage  which directly  contracts  with the                 
  Housing and Urban Development (HUD) office.                                  
  Co-Chair MacLean asked  that a detailed list of  projects be                 
  provided to the Committee.                                                   
       *    DP  Equipment  Purchase  CIP  request  for  $600.0                 
            thousand dollars in general fund.   This line item                 
            will   replace   the  Department's   current  WANG                 
            equipment.  The request is  an estimate based on a                 
            preliminary figure received from the Department of                 
            Administration, Division of  Information Services.                 
            DIS is in the process  of providing the Department                 
            with information which will  enable the completion                 
            required on the CP1 and CP2 forms.                                 
  noted that a  CP1 form could be  provided.  He added  the DP                 
  equipment  purchase request would replace the WANG computers                 
  in all DCRA offices.  The new system will allow DCRA to save                 
  $80  thousand dollars  a year  in  maintenance costs  on the                 
  Representative Hoffman  questioned the $50  thousand dollars                 
  operational costs.   Mr. Henderson  replied that cost  would                 
  include  $20 thousand  dollars for repairs  and maintenance.                 
  Currently,  those  costs  are $100  thousand  dollars.   The                 
  remaining   $30   thousand   dollars   would   address   the                 
  telecommunication costs.   Everyone  at DCRA  will be  using                 
  micro computers.                                                             
  The meeting adjourned at 2:35 P.M.                                           

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