Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/16/1993 04:12 PM TRA

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  The only order of business to  come before the committee was                 
  SHARP asked the Commissioner of DOT/PF to explain the bill.                  
  COMMISSIONER  BRUCE  CAMPBELL, DOT/PF,  said  the bill  is a                 
  housekeeping  bill.   Legislation  for  the State  of Alaska                 
  allows certain fees  at all airports to  be set by  order of                 
  the commissioner.   This procedure  has been followed  since                 
  1960  by all  administrations.   All fees  at all  airports,                 
  especially the international airports, have  been set by the                 
  commissioner.  He said a  couple of years ago a  program was                 
  initiated to  put landing  fees on  rural  airports.   Those                 
  landing fees  were  also  determined  by  the  commissioner.                 
  Commissioner Campbell said three airlines that use the rural                 
  airports  filed  a law  suit saying  that  the order  of the                 
  commissioner  should  be  adopted under  the  Administrative                 
  Procedures Act.   The courts found  that it was correct  for                 
  the commissioner to do so for  the rural airports.  The fees                 
  at the two international  airports, Anchorage and Fairbanks,                 
  have been  determined by order of the  commissioner for over                 
  30  years.  The  state is in  jeopardy of loosing  all those                 
  fees and  having to adopt  minor fees by  the Administrative                 
  Act.    Commissioner  Campbell  said   SB  198  exempts  the                 
  international  airport   fees   from   going   through   the                 
  Administrative Procedures Act  and allows them to be  set by                 
  the commissioner in the same manner  that they have been set                 
  over the past 33 years.                                                      
  There being  no further  testimony on  the measure,  SENATOR                 
  KERTTULA moved  and asked unanimous  consent to pass  SB 198                 
  out of  the Senate Transportation Committee  with individual                 
  recommendations. Hearing no objection, the motion carried.                   

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